Angels Pizza Menu and Prices 2024

Angels pizza menu is another stack of local taste pizzas. Not only this, they are offering other meal items like pasta and burgers too. Their unique selling point lies in their unique flavor putting like they are making American taste pizzas and other items for local Filipinos in Philippines which is love of most of people in Philippines.

Angels is getting popularity locally at larger scale as its main niche is to focus on making their pizzas better, and their is a strong reason behind it, most people of Philippines who love fast food are lovers are pizzas specifically more than anything else.

Angels menu’s prices might get a little bit changed at the time you’re visiting the restaurants.

Angels Pizza Menu

PizzaMedium 9”Family  12″Family+ Size 4”
Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese Pizza355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Halleluia Mozzarella370 PHP515 PHP655 PHP
Angel’s Supreme Pizza355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Angel’s Pepperoni Pizza355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Garlic Shrimp Pizza355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Cheesy Burger Pizza355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Toppings So Bongga Pizza370 PHP515 PHP655 PHP
All Meat Pizza355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Garden of Eden370 PHP515 PHP655 PHP
Buffalo Chicken355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza370 PHP515 PHP655 PHP
Chicken Aloha 370 PHP515 PHP655 PHP
Angels Aloha320 PHP460 PHP540 PHP
Big Kahuna Hawaiian Pizza355 PHP505 PHP610 PHP
Triple Threat PizzaN/A515 PHP655 PHP
All Meat Texas Barbecued Pizza370 PHP515 PHP655 PHP
angels pizza

Angels Pasta Menu

Classic Spaghetti (Reg)95 PHP
Carbonara (Reg)105 PHP
Cheese & Mac115 PHP
Chicken Asian Pasta115 PHP
Cheesy Lasagna165 PHP
Spaghetti Platter with 8 pieces of. Breadsticks315 PHP
Carbonara Platter with 8 pieces of Breadstick355 PHP
Cheese Platter & Mac355 PHP
Asian Chicken Pasta Platter355 PHP
Tomato Cream & Shrimp Penne180 PHP
angels pasta

Angel’s Double Deals Pizza Menu

Double PizzasPricePrice
FlavorsFamily 12”Big Family 4”
All Meat600 PHP790 PHP
Angel’s Aloha600 PHP790 PHP
Garden of Eden600 PHP790 PHP
Angel’s Pepperoni600 PHP790 PHP
Angel’s Supreme600 PHP790 PHP
Buffalo Chicken600 PHP790 PHP
Cheesy Burger600 PHP790 PHP
Chicken Aloha600 PHP790 PHP
Creamy Garlic and 5 cheese600 PHP790 PHP
Creamy Spinach Dip600 PHP790 PHP
Garlic Shrimp600 PHP790 PHP
Toppings So Bongga600 PHP790 PHP
Halleluia Mozzarella600 PHP790 PHP
Big Kahuna Hawaiian600 PHP790 PHP
Triple Threat600 PHP790 PHP
angels double pizza deals

Angel’s Double Deckers Menu

FlavorsBig Family Size Price 14” (Thin Crust)
Cheesy Melt705 PHP
Cheesy Burger705 PHP
1 pc. Chicken & Carbonara155 PHP
1 pc. Chicken & Spaghetti155 PHP
1 pc. Chicken & Rice120 PHP
2 pcs. Chicken & Rice200 PHP
Chicken Bucket (6 pax)585 PHP
Angels Combo Meals 
Angel’s Bucket of 6 served with 4 pcs. rice & 1.5 L Coke735 PHP
Chicken Nuggets with Golden Curls215 PHP
1 pc. Chicken, Rice, & Golden Curls210 PHP
1 pc. Chicken, Pasta, & Golden Curls240 PHP
double deckers

Angel’s Side Dishes Menu

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings279 PHP
Parmesan Hot Chicken Wings279 PHP
Buffalo Wild Wing279 PHP
Tacos70 PHP
Chicken Nuggets (6pcs)130 PHP
Bread Sticks (6pcs)30 PHP
Golden Curls100 PHP
angels sides

Angels Soft Drinks

1.5 Coke95 PHP
Coke in can55 PHP
Sprite in can55 PHP
1.5L Coke Zero95 PHP
Bottled Water35 PHP
Real Leaf Tea55 PHP
Minute Maid50 PHP
Iced Tea (473ml)35 PHP
Iced Tea (355ml)25 PHP
1L Cucumber Lemonade95 PHP
angels drinks

Angels Calzone Menu

Ham, Beef and Mushroom85 PHP
Bacon85 PHP
Tuna85 PHP

Angels Desserts Menu

Halo-Halo105 PHP
Brownies Squares100 PHP
Apple Crumble Turnover55 PHP
Apple Crumble Turnover a la mode135 PHP
Banana Split135 PHP
Triple Chocolate Brownie a la mode135 PHP

Angels Add Ons 

Sour Cream20 PHP
Parmesan Cheese40 PHP
Plain Cheese20 PHP
Tangy Tomato20 PHP

Angels Whole Days Breakfast Meals

Chorizo Rice Bakes140 PHP
Mexican Beef Wrap140 PHP
Rise N Shine140 PHP

Angels SANA OL Menu


Staying within Philippines, you also can try pizzas from Yellow Cab menu, Pizza Hut menu, Papa Johns menu, and S&R Pizza menu.

Angel’s Pizza is a Philippines brand launched by Jerry Liu who is a Filipino-Taiwanese entrepreneur who took the idea of launching a pizza brand with a blend of Taiwanese and Filipino tastes. The idea took launched back in 2009 and had a massive success and customer base within just 5-10 years of the time period. Jerry Liu is the same person who founded Cirtek Holdings back in 1984.

Before this pizza company, there were very few pizza brands which are specifically experts in making pizzas within the territory of the Philippines serving Filipinos. This is another locally operated food chain making thin-crust pizzas with exceptional quality and taste. It is also famous for hand-tossed pizza crust and organically made and used pizza sauces.

This fast food chain took its launching ceremony in Manila Philippines in competition to some other brands which were already operational in Manila Philippines. The competition at that time was at a medium level. Due t Filipinos love of fast food and their supportive nature to their country’s brand, this company got huge success in the industry locally and set a benchmark for other companies working in the same category. 

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My Personal Reviews on Items I Tried from Angels Pizza Menu

This can be an overall review, but Angel’s Pizza is a highly experienced brand in making quality Pizzas with perfectly fermented dough like. Let’s see what I picked from their best-selling after trying them.

Angels Garlic Shrimp Pizza:

This pizza flavor is one of the most underrated pizzas on Angel’s menu. No doubt this pizza is very much different and unique from other pizza types not only from Angel’s pizza menu, but all pizzas from other pizza brands.

If I were asked to give a star rating for this pizza flavor, I will give this pizza 5 stars out of 5 without any thinking further. After the first bite of this pizza, it came to my favorite list of food items that I love. 

Buffalo Chicken Pizza:

Buffalo chicken pizza is named because of the amazing combination of white meat (chicken) and very little quantities of red meat (beef) and dairy cheese. In my life, I also traveled to UAE, Oman, and KSA, but never seen this unique pizza name there.

If we talk about the taste this pizza gives, it is very yummy and delicious, even more than some other regular pizza flavors. It has various other toppings which are very different from other flavors. 

All Meat Texas Barbecued Pizza:

It is like other BBQ flavors of pizza, but the difference is present in its baking style, which is Texas style. This is thin-crust pizza with some amazing chicken and beef toppings. In its overall first impression look, it is darker in color and looks very heavy with its toppings.

Most Filipino people at Angel’s Pizza, who are American-style Filipinos love Texas flavors no matter whether they eat in pizza or whether in a burger. Including me and many of my friends love All Meat Texas.

Pros of Angel’s Pizza as a Fast Food Chain

  • An amazing Pizza brand with a specialization specifically in making amazingly delicious pizzas.
  • If you ever feel confused about choosing which pizza brand to eat, take this company at your prior list.
  • A large number of different types and flavors of Pizzas each made with different baking methods.
  • Angels Pizza is a Taiwanese-Filipino food brand, Visit this to have a combination flavor of Taiwan and the Philippines in your bites.
  • Almost 80% of Filipinos prefer Angel’s Pizza over some other international Pizza companies in the Philippines.
  • Around 80 food items are listed till now in Angel’s Pizza menu, and more new items are regularly being tested and coming in the future.
  • All organically made ingredients are used in each of their food items.
  • The organization is very kind to its employees as well as to its customers.
  • Overall great experience with pizza crust.
  • Extra fast delivery to your home.
  • High-level sitting and dining experience.
  • Clean and peaceful environment.


Do Angels Pizza offer home delivery service?

Yes, Angel’s Pizza is offering free home delivery to selected areas near their branches, but deliveries to some far areas around their branches may cost some delivery charges.

How many total branches of Angels Pizza are operational in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, there are a total of 57 successfully operational Pizza Angle branches.

What is the specialization of Angels Pizza?

Angel’s Pizza is specialized in making quality and yummy pizzas of a wide flavor range.

What type of Angel’s Pizza fall in terms of budget?

Angel’s Pizza is a pocket-friendly budgeted fast food restaurant chain within the Philippines, all products are designed according to Filipinos’ taste buds.

Are Angles Pizza halal?

Angel’s Pizza is currently not serving halal food in the Philippines to its Muslim customers, for more information, visit their website.

What are the most popularly eaten items of Angels Pizza?

Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza are the most popularly eaten pizzas from Angel’s pizza menu.

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