Conti’s Bakeshop Menu and Price list 2024

Conti’s bakeshop menu includes a wide range of bakery items that can be eaten in breakfast or can be packed for parties. Their item prices are affordable but comparatively higher than some other bakeshops in Philippines.

From croissants to cakes and pastas all they make with extremely high precision and quality methods proved from food industry. Due to its precision in making and product taste, they are getting popular day by day within the country as a local brand.

Their prices might be changed when you’re visiting them due to changing local economics of Philippines.

Conti’s Bakeshop Cakes Menu

Almond Choco Sans Rival Cake795 PHP
Dream Cake (Banana Flavor)895 PHP
Black Velvet Cake Mmini)625 PHP
Black Velvet Cake (Reg)1195 PHP
Cheesecake (Blueberry Flavor)675 PHP
Choco Overload Cake (Mini)635 PHP
Choco Overload Cake (Reg)995 PHP
Chocolate Obsession Cake (Mini)815 PHP
Chocolate Obsession Cake (Mini)1315 PHP
Cookieccino Cake1195 PHP
Limoncello Torte1145 PHP
Bravo Slice (Mango Flavor)245 PHP
Mango Bravo (Mini)895 PHP
Mango Bravo (Reg)1490 PHP
Cheesecake (Mangio Flavor)645 PHP
Mango Tart (Mini)725 PHP
Mango Tart (Reg)1050 PHP
Mocha Tiramisu855 PHP
Moist Chocolate (Mini)385 PHP
Moist Chocolate (Reg)695 PHP
Caramel Salted895 PHP
Sans Rival795 PHP
Shortcake (Strawberry Flavor)975 PHP
Turtle Pie795 PHP
Ube Custard935 PHP
conti cakes

Conti’s Bakeshop Breakfast Menu

American Style Breakfast225 PHP
Bacon Bagnet295 PHP
Bangus Belly Adobo220 PHP
Batangas Pork Adobo230 PHP
Chicken Tocino210 PHP
Classic Longganisa Skinless220 PHP
Daing na Bangus220 PHP
Homemade Beefed Tapa Strips240 PHP
Kimchi Rice with Beef Tapa260 PHP
Mom’s Garlic Longganisa240 PHP
Pork Tocino210 PHP
Olive Oil Baked Salom Belly260 PHP
Boneless Bangus Smoked240 PHP
conti breakfasts

Conti’s Bakeshop Appetizer

Buffalo Wings220 PHP
Calamari195 PHP
Chicken Lollies220 PHP
Crispy Squidlets205 PHP
Gambas y Champiñon al Ajillo205 PHP
Vegetable Topped Poppers275 PHP
conti appetizers

Conti Bakeshop’s Healthy Salad Menu

Apple & Potato Salad Mix165 PHP
Caesar Salad (Solo)145 PHP
Caesar Salad To (Shareable)280 PHP
Chicken Garden Salad Solo155 PHP
Chicken Garden Salad To Share290 PHP
Chicken Potato Salad165 PHP
Crab Salad155 PHP
Mango Royale Salad Solo155 PHP
Mango Royale Salad To Share290 PHP
Pineapple Macaroni Salad150 PHP
Russian Potato Salad160 PHP
Symphony Salad Solo155 PHP
Symphony Salad To Share290 PHP
conti salads

Contis Seafood Menu

Baked Prawns415 PHP
Conti’s Baked Salmon425 PHP
Fish & Chips with Honey Mustard Sauce325 PHP
Herb Crusted Fillet of Fish285 PHP
Parmesan Fish Fillet with Parsley Sauce285 PHP
Salmon Salpicao365 PHP
conti seafoods

Conti’s Pork Items 

American Grilled Ribs395 PHP
Barbequed Spare Ribs285 PHP
Grilled Porkchops395 PHP
Lechon Kawali395 PHP
conti porks

Conti’s Chicken Menu

Chicken ala Kiev365 PHP
Chicken Barbeque285 PHP
Chicken Roulade285 PHP
conti chicken

Conti’s Beefed Items menu

Callos285 PHP
Lengua Estofado380 PHP
Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce395 PHP
USDA Beef Salpicao465 PHP
USDA Roasted Beef Belly425 PHP

Conti’s Pasta Mix Menu

Angel Hair Puttanesca215 PHP
Cheesy Baked Macaroni205 PHP
Italian Supreme260 PHP
Lasagna255 PHP
Linguine in Pesto Sauce245 PHP
Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Seafood345 PHP
New Zealand Mussels and Mushroom250 PHP
Pasta Carbonara335 PHP
Pasta con Gambas275 PHP
Spinach Cannelloni295 PHP
conti pasta

Conti’s Bakeshop Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Salad Sandwich195 PHP
Hearty Club Sandwich320 PHP
conti sandwiches

Conti’s Regular Snacks

Chicken Arroz Caldo140 PHP
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (2 pcs)115 PHP
Garlic Sotanghon135 PHP
Molo Soup85 PHP
Pancit Palabok135 PHP
conti snacks

Conti’s Bakeshop SoftDrinks

Bottled Water45 PHP
Coke in Can75 PHP
Coke Zero in Can75 PHP
Granola Avoberry175 PHP
Mango Passion Fruit175 PHP
Sprite in Can75 PHP
conti drinks

There is a huge number of quality bakeshops within Philippines that deliver quality and taste together, Goldilocks, The JD Bakeshop, and Red Ribbon are among the list you can choose for best experience.

Conti’s Bakeshop menu possesses all healthy and safe-to-eat bakery and other fast food items. This bakeshop is having extensive experience in the market in making all the food items for local Filipino customers. This bakery shop is particularly famous for making healthy tasty cakes.

Cakes are one of their most regular and host-selling group of bakery items but this doesn’t mean their other products are not selling like hot cakes, all their other products than cakes are brilliantly cooked under the supervision of highly professional cooks and safety inspection officers.

This bakeshop is giving tough competition to some other local bookshops. The reason why this bakeshop is standing at this level is because of consistently gives value for money,  delicious, and affordable foods to its clients. There is higher chance that this bakery shop soon comes at a multinational level to serve Filipino customers in other countries than the Philippines.

bakery items are high in carbohydrates
health tip

My Personal Favourites from Conti’s Bakeshop Menu

Following are some of the items that I personally tried on my first visit to Conti Bakeshop. To be honest, I tried only the following listed food items, and also I visited this bakery only one time in my life. Mosfet of the items I tried will include cakes because when I ordered food there, I was really in need of quick energy doze and I thought cake to be the best suit for me at that time.

Banana Dream Cake

Banana Dream cake was nothing but a simpe banana-flavored cake of off-white color. It was healthy because of the banana in it, the banana flavor they used was not artificial but fresh banana. In my opinion, it was full of healthy ingredients like potassium that kill harmful bacteria in your gut by allowing healthy bacteria to survive at full potential.

The cream used on this cake was whipped and creamy which touched my heart in my first bite. It was full of sugar, Don’t forget to have a cut of green tea after having this cake if you’re diabetic.

Black Velvet Cake

Black velvet cake is one of their most popular and regularly selling sweet items. It was a great deal of deliciousness topped with white vanilla whipped cream and dark cake puff layers. On the top of it, there was a perfectly designed spider net with fruit plain jam which increased its beauty and also attracted my taste buds.

What I experienced is: it was delicious but there wasn’t any natural thing used in it like they are used in dream banana cake. All the toppings used in making this cake were totally processed, but it was amazing to eat.

Beef  Tapa Strips

Beef tapa strips were perfectly fried with organic cooking oil as they were made specifically for breakfast meals. They specifically named this item as homemade beef tapa strips because they are cooked for the homemade taste of Filipinos.

They are perfectly making it homemade because most people in the Philippines prefer to eat beef for breakfast. It was crispy, juicy, and normally spicy as we most Filipinos make at home.

Grilled Ribs

Grilled ribs were beef ribs that were grilled on original coals with a touch of butter and vegetable oil. These were homogenously grilled to dark brown with perfect flavor and the same taste from all sides.

The brown color was very appealing, I ate this with a soft drink chilled cola and after eating this, I was completely full.

Why You Should Give a Try to Conti’s Bakeshop

  • It’s not only a regular bakery shop but a branded restaurant that serves class.
  • Extra fast service, you will also be served with their unique desserts and appetizers.
  • They are serving through different branches in different cities, also the eating space is not so crowded if you go here in your car, you will easily get space for parking in the parking yard.
  • Specialized in cakes, if you want high quality perfectly made mouthwatering cakes, this will be the best place.
  • Last but not least, it’s a local Philippine bakery brand, if you are a true patriotic and always supportive of your local brands, then try this.
  • All their baking standards are of international hygiene quality.
  • Value for money is being served here.
  • If you are interested in eating from those food brands that serve the same taste each time you have a meal, then this is for you.
  • Mainly focused on regular breakfast items like cakes, pastries. and puffs.
  • You will have a wide range of cakes to choose from here.
  • The sanitization and cleanliness in their production area are up to mark.


Is Conti’s Bakeshop offering a home delivery service?

Yes, Conti’s Bakeshop is for sure offering free home delivery services to only specific regions near their official branches.

Is Conti’s Bakeshop having sitting spaces in their shops?

Yes, all their officially operating branches are sitting spaces where you can have your meals.

How long does conti’s cake last?

Conti’s cake last for 10 hours roughly in at room temperature in summer season, but last 2-3 days at lower temperature in refrigerator as they are made from all fresh ingredients.

Is Conti’s Bakeshop a Filipino bakery shop?

Yes, it’s a total Filipino brand specifically making its products according to Filipino taste buds.

What is the hot-selling item of Conti’s Bakeshop?

Cakes are their most popular and regularly selling item, Cake is the number one dessert in their menu they are mainly famous for.

How many contr’s bakeshop branches are there in Philippines?

There are around 40 branches of Conti’s bakeshop exist in all over Philippines.

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