Food Businesses are Changing in 2024

Due to advancements in technology, specially in the IT sector food industry has changed at a greater rate and continuously changing as new businesses are adapting new ways of marketing their meals online.

From the rise of AI the whole marketing industry has been completely changed now and particularly food businesses are using internet marketing the way it should be. 

No many food companies are using Facebook and Instagram to market theri new food products. Fast food industry has started collected online reviews from their offline customers which builds a trust factor for new visitors.

Small food businesses that are running by a small group of people are using Chatgpt very smartly, as they ask it to write the script related to their new meals or brand and it quickly produces that for them.

There is a large group using Google’s Bard for generating social media post titles and many more another thing that not only increase the efficiency of their business but also saved a lot of time for people who are solo runners of their small businesses.

If you’re a solo person running a food business, here are some takeaways for you to skyrocket your business in the upcoming days using this new cutting-edge AI technology.

Start making social media posts using good bard, simply prompt it to give you a 100-150 word social media post related to your brand, and it will make it for you in seconds, and copy and post it to your social media brand page.

If you are launching a new recipe or food product in your business, it can also create a nice post for you very much related to your product. 

The main thing here is to keep active your social media pages, in this way your social media pages will be attracting organic likes and followers for you which might be going to your future customers.

Another very important thing is to create a blog or a website of your business and start creating content over it, make sure you choose the right local domain for your website, this will help you attract local customers.

If you become successful in making your brand website, now google will allow you to register your food business on Google My Business platform, which is a completely free platform to register your business online.

When you register your business at GMB, now the people in your local area searching for food online will be under your target audience category, most likely they will will their your business.

If you GMB listing have some positive reviews of your old customers, your new customers will be likely to convert in first spot. 

Initially, to collect reviews for your GMB listing, you can ask your offline customers or customers at your restaurant to give you honest reviews on the listing. Later you have to maintain and improve teh quality of your products to attract organic positive reviews.

You these resources wisely, and you’ll be making more than you can expect by just using such technology tools that are available online and open source.

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