JD Bakeshop Menu & Prices 2024

JD Bakeshop menu is a great deal of bakery items all made according to Filipino taste buds. JD is a Philippines local bakeshop started for selling traditional delicacies and later scaled to a large range of food items including bakery.

The specialty of JD bakeshop is they are providing breakfast to lunch and dinner meals in different styles. Their prices are also very low compared to other similar food brands in Philippines.

JD bakeshops prices might be changes when you’re actually visiting their restaurants due to volatile local economic conditions in Philippines.

JD Bakeshop Breakfast Menu

Egg, Garlic Rice, Eggs, Longanisa134 PHP
Garlic Rice, Eggs, Tocino134 PHP
Garlic Rice, Eggs, Boneless Bangus238 PHP
JD’s brekfast

JD Bakeshop’s Combo Meal Menu

Callos, Fried Chicks + Rice+ Callos211 PHP
Rice + Salad + Callos158 PHP
Rice + Salad + Froed Chicks139 PHP
Rice + Ensalada + Fried Chicks135 PHP
Fried Chicks + Baked Macaroni158 PHP
Fried Chicks + Special Palabok168 PHP
Fried Chicks + Bihon Guisado170 PHP
jd’s combo meals

JD Bakeshop’s Rice Menu

Fried Chicken (1pc)107 PHP
Fried Chicken (2pcs)192 PHP
Chicken Cordon Bleu140 PHP
Callos127 PHP
Pork Chops132 PHP
jd’s rice menu

JD Bakeshop Pasta Menu

Special Palabok 84 PHP
Bihon Guisado115 PHP
Macaroni (baked)75 PHP
jd’s pasta menu

JD Bakeshop Soups

Pancit Molo100 PHP
Pancit Lomi119 PHP
Mushroomy Soup61 PHP
jd soups

JD Bakeshop’s Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Ala King81 PHP
Club-Sandwich207 PHP
JD’s Special Chicken Sandwich140 PHP
jd snadwiches

JD Bakeshop Addons

Steamed Rice Bowl20 PHP
Garlic Rice Bowl30 PHP
jd addons

JD Bakeshop Bars Menu

Assorted Bars 1 (2 – Choc Revence, 2 – Espresso Bar, 2 – Rocky Road, 2- Butter Chewies)134 PHP
Assorted Bars 2 (Buko Royale + Revel Bar + Choc Revenge + Macapuno Bar + Rocky Road + Choco Fudge + Red Velvet + Oat Caramel Buko Royale156 PHP
Buko Royal Bars (6pcs)147 PHP
Chocolate Chewies (Package of 6)67 PHP
Butter Chewies (Package Of 6)67 PHP
Revel Bar (Package Of 6)114 PHP
Fresh Lumpia (6pcs)174 PHP
jd bars menu

JD Bakeshop Special Bread Menu

Ensaymada Mongo24 PHP
Pina Bar19 PHP
Soft Tuna22 PHP
Asado Roll40 PHP
Chicken Roll36 PHP
Cheese Roll19 PHP
Mongo Bread Small44 PHP
Ube Ensaymada16 PHP
Teren-Teren17 PHP
Soft Ensaymada24 PHP
Ciabatta Bread33 PHP
jd breads

JD Bakeshop’s Packaged Food Items

Garlic Biscocho Small23 PHP
Chicken Chips16 PHP
Egg Crackers Small18 PHP
Galletas12 PHP
Barbeque Sticks15 PHP
Cheese Sticks15 PHP
Garlic Sticks15 PHP
Butter Cookies21 PHP
jd package foods

Canisters Menu

Galletas104 PHP
Lengua133 PHP
Chocolate Chip Biscuits155 PHP
Russian Tea Biscuits147 PHP
Chewy Chocolate Chip Biscuits155 PHP
jd canister

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JD Bakeshop is in Iloilo City one of the popular bakeshops showcasing an amazingly great range of bakery items. This bakeshop is Philippines’ one of the classical bakery shops having decades of experience in the baking industry.

JD is a highly professional and hygiene-wise the most underrated local brand. If you ask me about giving star ratings, then I will without thinking anymore give it a 5-star rating. All bakery items they are producing coming from highly scientific processes. They are very expertly using very calculated food science techniques in their baking process.

They are successfully making best taste sweet and saltish items including cakes, pastries, cookies, patties, and many more than this. The meat they are using is healthy, processed, and safe to consume. The cleanliness guidelines and standards they are following are amazing and of international brand level. 

One amazing property I observed of this brand is, even if you are eating any of their items after a year or two, it will taste exactly the same as you tasted before, this is because they are following even ingredients input standards same each time. The workforce working within this bakery is qualified for the job and most of they are highly educated in culinary arts. This might be their success reason.

Eat bakery items only in breakfast
Eat bakery items only in breakfast

My personal top picks from the bakery item pool

I just picked soft bakery items from their whole bakery range, this does not mean they are not making any type of fast food item. They are also making delicious fast-food items, but these items might not be their specialty.

Butter Cheweis:

Butter chewies are soft square juicy sweet butter bars very amazingly dissolve in the mouth. These are high in calories and very healthy to take in breakfast. These butter chewies are one of their hot-selling items. Most people eat this with a cup of tea as I did. 

Buko Royal Bars

Buko royal bars are named because of their amazing looks like a crown. These are nothing but a dessert with an amazing pool of proteins and calories inside. Buko royal bars are actually cakes made with the mixing of condensed milk, melted butter, eggs, and grinded sugar. All these ingredients make this bakery item unique and very healthy to eat for breakfast.

Club Sandwich

JD Bakeshop’s club sandwich is fully loaded with salad, eggs, chicken, and sauce. It is a great deal of healthy calories and vitamins packed between three slices of bread. This sandwich is very best suited with orange pulp juice which you can also take from JD’s bakeshop. Don’t forget to choose chilled orange juice.

Why you should buy bakery from JD Bakeshop

  • It’s one of the amazing bakeries locally founded and successfully operating within the Philippines. There is a great chunk of support it is making to the local Philippines economy.
  • All bakery items are focused on breakfast, you can go here for shopping bakery items without thinking anymore, you will everything you need here.
  • As this is a totally local shop, due to this reason the prices they are offering are very much affordable and low than many other international bakeries operating in the Philippines.
  • The oil and ghee they are using in producing their items are highly safe for heart health.
  • All items of them are baked with yeast, it makes digestion very easier.
  • If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to take a headache for making breakfast at home, try JD Bakeshop.


Is JD Bakeshop a Filipino brand?

Yes JD Bakeshop is a completely Filipino local bakery brand serving local Filipinos for a long time.

Can I avail home-delivery service of JD Bakeshop?

Yes, they are offering home deliveries online as well as from phone calls.

How old is JD Bakeshop?

JD Bakeshop was founded back in 1975 in the Philippines, it is considered as around 43 years old local bakery shop.

How many JD’s bakeshop branches are there is the Philippines?

There are more than 20 branches of JD’s bakeshop reported in the whole Philippines.

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