Where Jollibee Originated | Jollibee History

Jollibee was originally originated in Philippines back in 1975. It was first started as a typical food brand with some food items of shelf, but later as their customer base grow drastically, they have launched many other items in the market.

At the time when Jollibee was originally started in Manila Philippines, people were very less aware of fast food at that time. Not only in Philippines but in the whole world the food industry wasn’t growing at this.

After the Jollibee sensed the likeness and love of Filipinos for fast food, it turned as a official brand as Jollibee corporation and made a name in the history of Philippines. It was the very first brand in the territory of Philippines who achieved this massive success in food industry. 

Till today Jollibee is considered as one of the best and leading fast food corporation in Philippines as you can see Jollibee menu is fully loaded with a number of fast food items you might not see in any other brand’s menu.

Local Market Capture

Jollibee in the history of Philippines has made debut of acquiring the largest number of food brands. It isn’t now just limited to some local official branches with the same name, but now almost every little to large food brand has been acquired by Jollibee in Philippines.

They not just acquire, but make a unsuccessful brand successful in a very short period of time. Currently Jollibee is operating Chowking, Mang Inasaal, Greenwich, Red RIbbon, Tim Ho Wan, and many more brands like this under its leadership.

This brand also became successful in acquiring food brands that aren’t performing well un the market due to its vast experience in the industry. In every situation or crisis Jollibee has made successful funding raises in the history from investors. Now even most of the investors trust Jollibee in terms of their investments because they are more sure that Jollibee will not drown their hard earned money.

Even their large local customer base is highly loyal to them and don’t think they are spending money while eating their as they know they are getting quality over their money. All such reasons made Jollibee the one and only from the crowd and unbeatable.

Step ahead International Market

The story doesn’t stop here, after as massive success in the local Philippine’s market, Jollibee later started its operations as a multinational food corporation and successfully launched its international branch in Taiwan.

So far Jollibee kept itself successful as a food brand in opening international branches also in Brunei, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Guam, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, China, United States, North Mariana Island, Qatar, Canada, Singapore, Oman, Italy, Macau, UK, Spain, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Jollibee always thinks about their customer or thinks about how can they provide value to their stakeholders. Also they keep on making changes in their operation to improve their quality which can be an indication that this brand will keep on continuing the success ladder in the future. This is a little Jollibee’s history and insight over where Jollibee originated.

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