Top Jollibee Items That are Perfect for Cheat Day

We all know the demand and need of Jollibee foods within the Philippines, as its one of the oldest local fast food chain restaurants in the country. Till no Jollibee have decades of experience in the food industry.

As it’s an experienced shark in the market, it has reached a variety of items offered in their menu targeting each type of customers. Here we have picked some top food items from Jollibee menu you can try for your cheat day.

1. Jollibee Chicken Joy

If you are on keto and willing to lose your wait, keto diets often include a low protein count in them, jollibee chicken joy will keep your lean protein requirements on points with breaking your body’s plateau state. 

This isnt just a regular chicken with some spices on it, this is a complete deal of calories with a wide range of sizes, flavors, and combinations.

2. Chicken Joy Corn Butter Soup

This is one of the chicken joy under the chicken joy category, but with this you will get butter soup as a side dish. This will be full of fat calories which will help break down your body’s plateau.

3. Jollibee Yum Burger

As most of the Filipinos in Philippines, you are too a burger lover, must try jollibee yumburger, this is the level of some international burger brands, but we believe you will end up breaking your body’s plateau in a good mood.

Similar to chicken Joy, Yumburger is one of the famous items from their menu that almost every people have eaten in their lives.

All Jollibee burgers are top notch, if your body is type of mesomorph or ectomorph, you can try jollibee’s  cheesy bacon burger which is a high calory burger and not so expensive.

Similarly if your body is endomorph mean your body is prone to high fat gains, you can try yumburger single which don’t have addons due to which it’s low in calories as compared to other Jollibe burgers.

4. Jollibee Spaghettis

Jollibee’s spaghetti are one of the popular and economical meal among Filipinos of Philippines. Why we added this because of its high calories from carbohydrates.

If you are one weight loss diet, remember this will fill up your body with carbic calories for next day workout and you will hit the gym with extra energy.

5. Steak Burger

Jollibee Steak is another economical and famous meal, in fact all meals of jollibee’s are very famous due to its long term service in the market targeting local taste people.

Steaks are cheaper than yumburgers, but are delicious, we can’s deny the deliciousness of jollibee items, but steak burger are more delish than yumburgers in our experience.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to eat a cheat meal once as per your nutritionist’s prescription, cheat meals are an important part of your health goal journey. Make sure you don’t kept on feeding your body’s plateau with the same low carb or fat meals, cheat meals are an important part of health goals.

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