Jollibee Menu with Price List 2024

Jollibee menu includes a widest range of chicken and beef items from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Its one of the largest and leading food brand being operational in Philippines and making all their fast food items according to Filipino taste buds. This created history by never compromising on their quality.

Not only this, they are also making healthy items for their customers like in breakfast you have many options to choose. You can even choose their fast food as well as their low processed food for your meals. Jollibee is special because of their long term services in Philippines and giving a competition to some other authority brands in the country by fulfilling their quality promises.

Before you see the menu for Jollibee, note that prices of each menu items keep changing so there are chances you may see a little bit different pricing when you’re visiting the restaurant.

Jollibee Chicken Joy Menu

(Meals include Reg Drinks)

Meal NamePrice
Chickenjoy Mini Meal (1pc)76 PHP
Chickenjoy Meal (1pc) 95 PHP
Chickenjoy with Jolly-Spaghetti (1pc)99 PHP
Chickenjoy with Jolly-Spaghetti Meal (1pc)125 PHP
Chickenjoy with Doubled Rice Meal (1pc)99 PHP
Chickenjoy with Palabok (1pc)160 PHP
Chickenjoy with Palabok Meal (1pc)175 PHP
Chickenjoy with Burger Steak (1pc)125 PHP
Chickenjoy (2pc)152 PHP
Chickenjoy with Fries Meal (1pc)105 PHP
Chickenjoy with Side
+ Choice of Corn Buttered Soup Meal (1pc)
125 PHP
Chickenjoy 6pc Bucket399 PHP
Chickenjoy 6pc Bucket 499 PHP
Jollibee bucket meal

Jollibee Chicken Joy is a broasted chicken piece recipe with a crunchy texture. The chicken in this is dipped in corn batter and deep air-fried giving the final tendered chicken.

Jollibee Jolly Spaghettis Menu

(Meals with Reg Drinks)

Meal NamePrice
Jolly-Spaghetti Bowl50 PHP
Jolly-Spaghetti Meal Bowl65 PHP
Jolly-Spaghetti + Reg. Fries95 PHP
Jolly-Spaghetti + Yumburger 95 PHP
Jolly-Spaghetti + Cheesy Yumburger 110 PHP
Jolly-Spaghetti + Steak Burger99 PHP
Jolly-Spaghetti (Family Pan)200 PHP
jollibee spaghettis

Jollibee spaghettis’s are unique in taste that you might not getting anywhere else e3xcept Jollibee in Philippines. This include spiced chicken flavor with some ketchy topping, mostly people enjoy jollibee’s spaghettis with chicken joy.

Jollibee Yumburger Menu

(Meals with Reg Drinks)

Meal NamePrice
Yumburger (Single)35 PHP
Cheesy Yumburger (Single)49 PHP 
Bacon Cheesy Yum Burger65 PHP
Double Bacon Cheesy Yum Burger170 PHP
Delux Cheesy Yum Burger75 PHP
Delux Bacon Cheesy Yum Burger90 PHP
Amazing Aloha Yum burger135 PHP
Amazing Aloha Yumburger (Double)165 PHP
jollibee yumburger

Jollibee’s yumburger is one of the most basic burgers on the menu. it’s also one of the low prices burgers from their menu that includes a simple burger patty inside with some special sauces. You can enjoy this with a soft drinks that jollibee if offering.

Jollibee Burger Steak Menu

(Meals with Reg Drinks)

Meal NamePrice
Steak Burger (Single)50 PHP
Steak Burger (2 pcs)87 PHP
Burger Steak + Jolly-Spaghetti (1pc)95 PHP
Burger Steak + 3 Shanghai Pieces (1pc)109 PHP
Burger Steak + Reg Fries (1pc)79 PHP
Burger Steak Family Pan (1pc)255 PHP
jollibee burger steaks

Jollibee’s burger steak is a little advanced burger type that is a little bit expensive compared to Yumburger, but the fact it’s a little high in price due to the processing cost of it. The patty inside this burger is steaked iver coal with a completely different making process.

After yumburger, this burger is the hot selling item of Jollibee throughout the year, people enjoy this burger with regular fried and soft drinks at Jollibee.

Jollibee Jolly Hotdog/Sausage Menu

(Meals with Reg Drinks)

Meal NamePrice
Jolly Sausages Reg47 PHP
Classic Cheesy Sausages50 PHP
Cheesy Classic Sausage  + Fries 120 PHP
jollibee sausages

Jollibee hotdogs are very commonly ordered in breakfast meals by the people at restaurants, you can have this alone or can get in abreakfast meal.

Jollibee Super Meals Menu

Meal NamePrice
Chickenjoy + Burger Steak +  ½ Jolly-Spaghetti +  Drink + Rice150 PHP
Chickenjoy + 3 Shanghai Pieces + ½ Jolly-Spaghetti + Drink + Rice145 PHP
Yum Burger + ½  Jolly-Spaghetti, Reg Drink & Fries109 PHP
jollibee meals

Jollibee super meals are not stand alone meals, these meals are specifically desigend for families of medium size or a group of friends with 2/3 people. You can also enjoy this meal alone.

Jollibee Paired Chicken Joy

(Meals include Reg Drink)

Meal NamePrice
Chickenjoy and Fries (1pc)99 PHP
Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti (1pc)99 PHP
Chickenjoy and Soup (1pc)99 PHP
Chickenjoy + Burger Steak125 PHP
jollibee chicken joy meals

This also considered as the basic chicken recipe from Jollibee’s menu due to its affordable price. This meal is a paired meal that includes chickenjoy pieces and spaghettis.

Jollibee Super Family Meals

Meal NamePrice
Super Family Meal A (6 pcs): Chickenjoy Bucket(3 Rice + 3 Sides Appetizers + 3 Mini Sundaes + 3 Reg Drinks)599 PHP
Super Family Meal A (8 pcs): Chickenjoy Bucket(4 Rice + 4 Sides + 4 Mini Sundaes + 4 Reg Drinks)799 PHP
Super Family Meal B  (6 pcs) and Chickenjoy Bucket(3 JollySpaghettis + 3 Rice + 3 Reg Drinks)599 PHP
Super Family Meal B (8 pcs) and Chickenjoy Bucket(4 Jolly-Spaghettis + 4 Rice +  4 Reg Drinks)799 PHP
jollibee family

These are particularly designed for families who want to dine at Jollibee, it will be a complete package that includes edibles and drinks that will be enough for a medium-sized family of 4-5 people.

Jollibee Takeaway Favourites

(Meals include Reg Drink)

Meal NamePrice
Chickenjoy Bucket and Family Jolly Spaghettis (6 pcs)575 PHP
Palabok (Family Meal Pan)320 PHP
Sweet Pies (6 pcs) and  To-Go-Box175 PHP
jollibee drinks

Jollibee categorized takeaway for their customers who are in a hurry and don’t want to dine-in. Such takeaways Jollibee make pre-cooked so it cannot take further processing and cooking or baking time for the custimer.

Jollibee Pies and Desserts

Meal NamePrice
Cone Twirl15 PHP
Sundae Twirl30 PHP
Mini Sundae Twirl26 PHP
Jolly’s Special Fries42 PHP
Mangi Peach Pie30 PHP
Buko Pie30 PHP
Spice Tuna Pie OR Tuna Pie (choice)45 PHP
jollibee desserts

Jollibee’s desserts are very commonly eaten post meals by the people at Jollibee. Due to the higher demand of sweet dishes in the Philippines, these are regularly sold throughout the year. Almost every 1 customer from 3 orders desserts at Jollibee after having a heavy meal.

Toy Paired Jolly Kiddie Meals 

(Meals include Reg Drink)

Meal NamePrice
Jolli’s Yumburger80 PHP
Jolli’s Burger-Steak95 PHP
Spaghetti Pan95 PHP
Regular Chickenjoy127 PHP
Chickenjoy Bucket (6 pcs)649 PHP
jollibee kids meals

Jollibe hasn’t introduced paired kiddie meals, but due high demand of children with their parents at Jollibee, Jollibee started serving children, these are now specially designed for kids so they can enjoy at Jollibee and have no borings.

After launch of kiddie meals, Jollibee has reported an exponential growth in their sales for the first year which is now one of the evergreen items of Jollibee.

Jollibee Breakfast Meals

Meals include Regular Drink

Meal NamePrice
Special Pancakes (2 pcs)49 PHP
Sausages/Hotdog60 PHP
Steak for Breakfast60 PHP
Beef-Tapa90 PHP
Beef Corned90 PHP
Longganisa90 PHP
Beef Bacons +  Egg + Cheese Ccake Sandwich51 PHP
Egg + CheeseCake Reuben35 PHP
jollibee breakfast

Jollibee breakfast meals are designed for people who are getting late from the office or work, such meals you’ll notice will be delivered quickly at your table if you order them, because these are also pre-cooked or baked meals in their menu.

Jollibee Side Meals

Macaroni Creamy Soup40 PHP
Buttered Baked Corn32 PHP
Rice Bowl Extra30 PHP
jollibee sides

Jollibee side meals are relatively cheaper than the desserts that Jollibee offers. but these are very different from desserts as these are not typically sweet.

Jollibee Soft Drinks

Meal NamePrice
CocaCola 37 PHP
Royal Orange Drink37 PHP
Sarsi Canned37 PHP
jollibee soft drinks

softr drinks that Jollibee offers are not special or their custom-made, these are served from thrid party, you can enjoy these drinks with almost every salty or spicy meal.

Jollibee Beverages Menu List

Meal NamePrice
White Milk Tea with  Brown Sugar50 PHP
Brown Sugar White Milked Tea with Pearls75 PHP
Iced Coffee39 PHP
Iced Coffee with Jelly Coffee 59 PHP
Reg Softdrinks45 PHP
Iced-Tea55 PHP
Pineapple Falavoured Juice55 PHP
Brewed Coffee30 PHP
Hot Chocolate Flavoured Drink36 PHP
Bottled Water Reg23 PHP
jollibee beverages

These are custom-made with their special and secret recipes, so if you want a completely different experience of having a dessertful drink, Jollibee beverages will be abest suit for you.

Jollibee’s Virtual Party Plans

HomesSlotsPer Head PriceTotal Price
515767 PHP11500 PHP
1030567 PHP16500 PHP
2060442 PHP26500 PHP
jollibee party packages

Jollibee is no doubt achieved a breakthrough in Philippines, but there is something good like this is also available for you to eat like eating from Popeyes which is a overall great brand in the territory of Philippines.

Jollibee is one the top-rated and old fried chicken chains in the Philippines. Jollibee Foods is a Philippines’ local food chain providing great quality, hygienic, and tasty food since 1978. This company has great authority and trust so many Filipinos also call it KFC or sometimes McDonald’s of the Philippines.

Jollibee is offering a wide range of fast food for their customers of all age including kids, teenagers, adults, mums, and old. Their delicacies including chicken are cooked under a highly maintained and clean environment for better taste.

Their recipes are great in taste with a local touch of flavors that Filipinos love. One of their hot selling items is burger steaks, even I personally love their burger steak, every weekend on my cheat meal, I use to eat their ‘burger steak with spaghetti\ and take an iced regular drink.

For your ease to choose from a range of different food packages while you are at Jollibee, I had chose some top-of-the-list items that I personally tested and in love with them.

do not waste food

Top 3 Jollibee Food Items Favorite of Me

You might be lost in the large range of food items Jollibee is offering on the date, or you might going to be confused when your waiter is going to put the menu in front of you. In case you are confused like I did when I visited Jollibee for the first time in my life, you can choose from my tested items, you will not be regretted. 

Jollibee’s Burger Steak

I fell in love with this when I took the very first bite in my life. They are also offering a spaghetti pan in the meal package with burger steak. Most often I choose a one-person meal with cold drink as I get out on my cheat-day meal. Sometimes I order their spaghetti family plan when I fortnightly go out with my family.

Jollibee’s Breakfast Meals

This one is the most popularly chosen meal among Filipinos including me when going to the office in the morning and do have not much time to make breakfast. Jollibee breakfast package is full of calories that are enough for you to spend a whole day eating no else.

This amazing meal includes hotdogs, beef cutlets, longanissa, boiled rice, fried egg, pancake, and many other items to boost your energy to the next level.

Jollibee’s Crispy Chicken Joy

The time that made Jollibee famous in the country and gave a competitive edge to KFC as a local food brand. Jollibee makes crispy golden brown pressed chicken that will instantly mix up in your mouth. Their chicken is highly processed for easy digestion and smooth bowel movement. 

I often select this meal when I go out with my friends. While eating this you will not identify whether you are eating KFC chicken or a local brand. Not just me but everyone from ten in the Philippines loves to have Jollibee’s chicken joy with iced cola.

Why you should choose Jollibees for your next meal

Jollibee is not just a fast food restaurant, but it’s a class among Filipinos, every young Filipino wants to visit Jollibee every week. 

  • If you want tasty clean fast food that digests easily, you must go to Jollibees’s branch.
  • Jollibee offers a wide range of fast food types, not only junk, but they are offering healthy meals for their valued customers.
  • If you want an international brand’s flavor by just visiting a local food corner, try Jollibee for no regrets over the money spent.
  • Jollibee’s has a number of outlets or branches in the Philippines, you can easily find them in your area.
  • Jollibee is facilitating parties or party meals, this is not the case in many other local brands, so, if you go there, Jollibee’s experienced waiters will facilitate you. Most importantly, the number of food units they have at the backend is huge, they are never seen as an excuse for food supply shortage.
  • All their meals are economical and budget-friendly, and each and every person from pocket money receiver to salary receiver can afford them.
  • If you spend money eating in Jollibee, you are ultimately facilitating your country’s overall economy.
  • In case you don’t want to wait for long after ordering their food, Jollibee has a fast delivery system for their customers, especially if you are ordering breakfast, it will reach you very quickly in a matter of minutes.


Does Jollibee offer home delivery?

Yes, Jollibee is offering home delivery in their all restaurant spokes, but remember not every branch is offering it for some selected remote areas in the Philippines.

Is Jollibee’s offering roadways or a drive-thru?

Yes, it is offering a drive-thru in many of its major branches in the country, their drive-thru delivery in most roadside branches is quick..

How many branches of Jollibees are operating in the Philippines?

It is reposted that Jollibee is currently running 1405 registered branches in Philippine including tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Is Jollibee’s food safe to eat?

Jollinee’s food is 100% safe to eat, and the backend team handling food is highly experienced and qualified in their matter.

Is Jollibee’s offering halal food?

Yes, Jollibee is facilitating all types of local customers in the Philippines, they also have a halal menu for some of their selected customers.

Is Jollibee a Filipino brand?

Yes, Jollibee is a completely Filipino food brand that originally started back in the Philippine market, now serving internationally to its Filipino customer base.

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