Kenny Rogers Menu and Price List 2024

Kenny Rogers menu presents you a wide range of fast food items including whole chicken and various other tasty foods. The special thing about Kenny Rogers is their use of organic stuff in their fast food recipes like they are making butter and garlic combinational chicken which rare available in Philippines.

Their items prices are very much affordable, that you can easily afford for a family as well as for a single meal. Not only this, they are also involved in delish barbequed meaty items which you can try in very good price.

Kenny Rogers item prices may be changed at the time you visiting them due to volatile or changing economic conditions of Philippines.

SOLO Kenny Rogers Menu

SOLO-A Garlic Butter Roasted  Chicken 270 PHP
SOLO-B Garlic Butter Roasted Chicken305 PHP
SOLO-A Classical Roasted Chicken253 PHP
SOLO-A Garlic Butter Roasted Chicken 270 PHP
SOLO-B Classical Roasted Chicken286 PHP
SOLO-B Garlic Butter Chicken Roast305 PHP
SOLO-A OMG Unfried-Fried Chicken253 PHP
SLO-B OMG Unfried-Fried Chicken286 PHP
SLO-A Honey Bourbon Juicy Ribs (1 Plate)425 PHP
SLO-B Honey Bourbon Juicy Ribs (1 Plate)460 PHP
Garlic Butter Roasted Chicken and Ribs (1 Plate)570 PHP
Honey Bourbon Juicy Ribs and Chicken (1 Plate)550 PHP
Honey Bourbon juicy Ribs and Garlic Butter Roasted Chicken (1 Plate)570 PHP

Kenny Rogers Healthy Platters Menu

High Fiber Classical Roasted Meal308 PHP
High Fiber Garlic Butter Rosted Meal320 PHP
Classic Healthy Roasted Plate308 PHP
Classical Healthy Garlic Butter Roasted Plate320 PHP
High Protein Classical Roasted Meal308 PHP
High Protein Garlic Butter Roasted Meal320 PHP
Low Carbs and Calories Meal303 PHP
kenny rogers low calorie meal

Kenny Rogers Grilled/Barbequed Plates Menu

American Barbeque + 1 Side Dish259 PHP
American Barbeque + 2 Side Dish292 PHP
Grilled Hotdog + 1 Side Dish237 PHP
Grilled Hotdog Sausage (Single)270 PHP
Rosemary and Thyme + 1 Side Dish259 PHP
Rosemary and Thyme + 2 Side Dish292 PHP
Burger Steak + 1 Side Dish253 PHP
Burger Steak + 2 Side Dish286 PHP
Barbequed Fish + 1 Side Dish270 PHP
Barbequed Fish + 2 Side Dish303 PHP
Premium Grilled Steak550 PHP

Kenny Rogers Group Meals Menu

Garlic Roasted Buttered Meal (group)1060 PHP
Roasted Chicken Meal (group)994 PHP
Garlic Butter Roast Meal (group)1060 PHP
Garlic Butter Roasted + Classical Roasted Meal (group)1060 PHP
Roasted Chicken Meal (group)994 PHP
Chimichurri Roast and OMG Chicken Group Meal
Roasted Chimichurri + OMG Chicken Meal (group)
1005 PHP
Roasted Chimichurri + OMG Chicken Meal (group)994 PHP
OMG Meal (group)1200 PHP
Half Garlic Butter Roast and Half OMG Unfried Fried Chicken Group Meal
Roasted Garlic Butter + OMG Unfried-Fried Chicken Meal (group)
1060 PHP
Honey Bourbon Juicy Ribs + Golden Chicken Platter Meal (group)1185 PHP
Honey Bourbon Juicy Rib + Garlic Butter Roast Platter Meal (group)1200 PHP
All BBQ Grilled Meal (group) 1365 PHP
Spiced Juicy Ribs Meal (group)1685 PHP
Honey Bourbon Juicy Ribs Meal (group)1650 PHP
Spiced Juicy Ribs + Chicken Platter Meal (group)1185 PHP

Kenny Rogers Ala Carte Menu

Classical Quarter Chicken181 PHP
Half Classical Chicken329 PHP
Whole Classical Chicken625 PHP
Classical Quarter Chicken + Roasted Chimichurri 200 PHP
Half Chicken + Roasted Chimichurri 355 PHP
Whole Chicken + Roasted Chimichurri 670 PHP
Quarter Roasted Garlic Butter Chicken200 PHP
Half Garlic Roasted Butter Chicken 365 PHP
Whole Garlic Roasted Butter Chicken700 PHP
OMG Unfried-Fried Chick (2 pcs)181 PHP
OMG Unfried-Fried Chick (4 pcs)329 PHP
OMG Unfried-Fried Chick (8 pcs)625 PHP
Half Honey Bourbon Juicy Ribs405 PHP
Whole Honey Bourbon Juicy Ribs775 PHP
Half Spiced Juicy Ribs415 PHP
Whole Spiced Juicy Ribs800 PHP

Kenny Rogers Pastas Menu

Baked Mac + Cheese Platter470 PHP
Tex Mex Baked Platter470 PHP
Carbonara Spaghetti165 PHP

Kenny Rogers Sandwiches and Combo Menu

OMG Chicken Bun Ala Carte225 PHP
OMG Combo Chicken Bun 264 PHP
Chunky Tuna Ala Carte143 PHP
Combo Chunky Tuna187 PHP
Cheese Burger Ala Carte (⅓ pound)214 PHP
Combo Cheese Burger (⅓ pound)253 PHP
Roasted Chicken Bun Ala Carte176 PHP
Combo Roasted Chicken Bun 220 PHP

Kenny Rogers Snacks Menu

Chicken-Quesadilla198 PHP
Chicken-Burrito215 PHP

Kenny Rogers Small Side Dishes Menu

Side DishPrice
Sampler Side Dish154 PHP
Reg Cauliflower Gratin 55 PHP
Cauliflower Gratin (L)83 PHP
Reg Orzo Salad 55 PHP
Orzo Salad (L)83 PHP
Reg Fresh Fruit Salad 55 PHP
Fresh Fruit Salad (L)83 PHP
Reg Tex Mex Macaroni55 PHP
Tex Mex Macaroni (L)83 PHP
Reg Mac and Cheese 55 PHP
Mac and Cheese (L)83 PHP
Reg Mashed Potato 55 PHP
Mashed Potato (L)83 PHP
Reg Carrots & Corn55 PHP
Carrots & Corn (L)83 PHP
Reg Steamed Vegetables 55 PHP
Steamed Vegetables (L)83 PHP
Reg Chicken Macaronis 55 PHP
Chicken Macaronis (L)83 PHP
Reg Coleslaw 55 PHP
Coleslaw (L)83 PHP
Chives Potato + Sour Cream (Reg)55 PHP
Chives Potato + Sour Cream (L)83 PHP

Kenny Rogers Muffin/Cake Menu

CornMuffin (1pc)20 PHP
1 Box CornMuffin (6 pcs)99 PHP

Kenny Rogers Soups 

Chicken Soupy Noodles 77 PHP

Kenny Rogers Salad Plates Menu

Mango & Kani Salad160 PHP
Caesar Salad160 PHP

Kenny Rogers Add-ons 

Brownie Cake50 PHP
Steamed Rice Bowl33 PHP
Garlic Rice Bowl39 PHP
Java Rice Bowl39 PHP
Potato Fried Chips50 PHP
Gravy14 PHP

Kenny Rogers Soft Drinks Menu

Canned Soda70 PHP
Reg Pineapple 70 PHP
Bottled Mineral Water50 PHP
Mountain Dew (1.5)120 PHP
Pepsi (1.5)120 PHP
7UP (1.5)120 PHP
Mirinda (1.5)120 PHP

You can also eat as Subway and Taco Bell which we consider as similar level food brand in Philippines that are working great in their niche.

Kenny Rogers Sometimes also known as Kenny Rogers Roasters in Phillippines is a fried chicken brand with extremely large chicken varieties offered on their tables. Kenny Roger is one fo the brand offering non-fried fried chicken which means they are offering unfried chicken with an exact taste of fried chicken which is healthy.

There is a vast range of recipes in their menu for you to choose from. Kenny Rogers famous in among Filipino people because it’s a famous American Atlantis chicken brand with great performance history and quality provided to their customers.

Kenny Roger was an American songwriter and singer who launched this chicken brand with his name in America for the first time in 1991. It’s an old brand which means the overall tea running this brand is highly competent in their profession and experienced. Kenny Roger got famous instantly after launch because of the reason that American people are die-hard fans of Kenny Roger’s songs.

If you visit any American Kenny Roger’s branch, you will notice that most of the local US branches are playing Kenny Roger’s songs in their background. 70% of Kenny Roger’s Roaster clientele is Kenny’s fans from their adulthood.

go for walk after fast food meal

Top Kenny Roger’s Meals I Love

Most of the time I eat fast food on my cheat days, but when I do I do extreme. A year back when I was staying at my friend’s place in Metro Manila on my travel out, I tried Kenny Roger’s there when I was on my keto but on cheat day luckily. To be honest, I tried Kenny 3 times in my life not much.

OMG Unfried Fried Chicken (SOLO A)

Loved their unfried fried chicken, because it is the very best thing for people who love to eat chicken without getting much unhealthy body fat. I loved this because as usual, I am health conscious too with a fast foodie animal inside me. Must try this very light spicy but very tasty chicken if you are on diet but still want to enjoy fried chicken 

OMG Group Meal

Kenny’s OMG meal is a combo meal that 3 people can easily eat with a full tummy. If you want to enjoy so many things in one meal like a garlic rice bowl, chicken pieces, pasta, macaroni, and pastries with a cold drink, do not miss this special meal. The most interesting thing about this meal is that they are offering small cakes with this, at the end you will not have to order a sweet dish separately if you order this OMG meal.

Chicken Macaroni

The chicken macaron as an all-time favorite of Filipino offered with chunky chicken bites with cheese layered and a garlic touch are the ones that I love and eat most often even by making at home myself. If you want an unhealthy bowl with different nutritious sources from vegetables to meat Kenny’s chicken macaroni’s waiting to get a bite under your teeth. 

Grilled Sausage

Grilled Sausage aah that is the love of my life even every Kabayan loves this I guarantee. Kenny’s Sausages are large in size, juicy, mildly spicy, and crunchy from the outside. Kenny’s sausages are layered and fully loaded with proteins and calories. If you want to charge yourself up for full-day work, try this.

Why Kenny Roger’s Should Be Your Next Stop

  • International taste from the US in your own country.
  • One of the choke brands with a vast range of chicken recipes and meals.
  • A great deal of hygiene and food safety.
  • Perfectly cooked under the supervision of highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Delivery after order to your table is fast within minutes.
  • A great number of workforce to assist you there.
  • Overall outlet cleanliness is very good.
  • If you are a Kenny Roger fan, try this.
  • Best for family gatherings and parties and the background music is just awesome.


Is Kenny Roger a Filipino brand?

No Kenny Rogger is an International American chicken brand from Atlantis, only franchises are running in Phillippines.

Who is the owner of Kenny Roger’s Rostaer?

Kenny Rogger a famous classic American singer is the owner of this chicken brand who started this as a side business with his singing career.

Is Kenny Roger offering home delivery?

Yes, they are offering home deliveries to only their nearest areas in 30 KMs and also offering takeaways and dine-ins as well.

Can I have a party at Kenny Roger’s with my friends?

Of Course, they are facilitating parties and group dine-ins at their branches.

How many of Kenny’ Roger’s Branches are in Phillippines?

There are more than 100 Kenny Roger’s branch exits in Phillippines including Metro Manila, South Luzone, North Luzone, Visayas, and Mindanao. 

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