Mang Insasal Menu and Prices 2024

Mang Inasaal menu include mostly popular, traditional and very favorite dishes of Filipinos. The very good thing about Mang is it delivers quality food, cleanliness and precisely cooked meals in very amazing prices.

Mang Inasaal with its traditional menu items for local people of Philippines got a huge popularity in the country from the time when they’ve started improving their taste for all listed items, Mang is keep working towards improvement.

The actual prices for Mang Inasal menu items might be slightly different when you’re visiting the restaurant, bear this in mind.

Chicken Inasal Menu

Chicken Inasal Regular Solo89 PHP
Chicken Inasal Regular With Drink104 PHP
Paa Large (PM1)-1 Rice105 PHP
Paa Large (PM1)- Unli Rice (dine-in only)120 PHP
Pecho Large (PM2)-1 Rice121 PHP
Pecho Large (PM2)- Unli Rice (dine-in only)136 PHP
mang inasal chicken

Mang Inasal BBQ Pork Menu

Barbequed Solor Pork (1stick)50 PHP
Barbequed Solor Pork (1stick)65 PHP
Barbequed Solor Pork (2sticks)85 PHP
Barbequed Solor Pork (2sticks)99 PHP
mang inasal bbq pork

Mang Inasal Sisg Menu

Pork Sisig Solo85 PHP
Pork Sisig + Drink99 PHP
Bangus Sisig Solo99 PHP
Bangus Sisig + Drink114 PHP
mang inasaal sisig

Mang Inasal Todo Solb Mel Menu

Paa Solo (L)129 PHP
Paa + Drink (L)144 PHP
Pecho Solo (L)145 PHP
Pecho + Drink (L)160 PHP

Mang Halo Halo Menu

Pinoy Halo-Halo (Small)56 PHP
Pinoy Halo-Halo (Reg)76 PHP
Pinoy Halo-Halo Add-on for every meal (Small)50 PHP
Crema de Leche Halo-Halo (Small)65 PHP
Crema de Leche Halo-Halo (Reg)85 PHP
Crema de Leche Halo-Halo Add-on for every meal (Small)60 PHP
Buko Pandan Halo-Halo (Small)65 PHP
Buko Pandan Halo-Halo (Reg)85 PHP
Buko Pandan Halo-Halo Add-on for every meal (Small)60 PHP

Mang Inasal Family Meals Menu

Chicken Inasal Regular (6pcs)399 PHP
Chicken Inasal Regular (8pcs)499 PHP
Chicken Inasal 2pcs Paa (L)180 PHP
Chicken Inasal 2pcs Spicy Paa (L)186 PHP
Chicken Inasal 4pcs Paa (L)355 PHP
Chicken Inasal 4pcs Spicy Paa (L)365 PHP
Chicken Inasal 2pcs Pecho (L)205 PHP
Chicken Inasal 2pcs Spicy Pecho (L)211 PHP
Chicken Inasal 4pcs Pecho (L)400 PHP
Chicken Inasal 4pcs Spicy Pecho (L)415 PHP
Barbequed Pork – (4Sticks)129 PHP
Barbequed Pork – (10Sticks)329 PHP
Palabok199 PHP
Pork Sisig309 PHP
Bangus Sisig349 PHP

Mang Palabok ATBP Menu

Palabok A La Carte59 PHP
Palabok + Drink65 PHP
Palabok Combo + Pinoy Halo-Halo (Small)99 PHP
Leche Flan29 PHP

Mang Inasal Drinks

Ice Red Gulaman Small (12 oz.)36 PHP
Ice Red Gulaman Medium (16 oz.)46 PHP
Ice Red Gulaman Drink Upsize (16 oz.)+12 PHP
Softdrinks Small (12 oz.)36 PHP
Softdrinks Medium (473ml)46 PHP
Softdrinks Drink Upsize (355ml)+12 PHP
Iced Tea Small (355ml)36 PHP
Iced Tea Medium (473ml)46 PHP
Iced Tea Drink Upsize (473ml)+12 PHP

If you are looking something similar, popular and affordable in Philippines, you can also check Jollibee menu and prices for best experience.

Mang Inasaal is a famous restaurant in the Philippines which is specific of selling meaty items like grilled chicken, roasted beef, and pork. This restaurant is about 2 decades old and became famous recently for making delicious barbequed meat items according to Filipino taste buds.

The restaurant was founded by Edgar “Injap” J. Sia II in 2003 with the main focus on Filipino cuisines for local People. The restaurant took the initiative to provide Filipino fast food at a reasonable price, the pricing strategy was according to the people of the Philippines.

This fast food brand company was later acquired by Jollibee Food Corporation and gradually reached more successful heights. This brand is consistently delivering high-quality food and hygienic food to its customers. After its acquisition by JFC, it stands in the list of top leading local food brands in the country.

best eating speed is 20 to 30 minutes
tip: best eating speed is 20 to 30 minutes

Top Picks from Mang Inasal Menu

There are very few items we have picked from the menu, we only picked top meals that are very popular and even made famous this food brand across the Philippines.

Chicken Inasaal:

This is the item that made Mang Inasaal famous across the Philippines. This is a roasted chicken piece recipe with an amazing golden brownish color and secret spices used over it. This chicken is extra juicy and very easy to chew, you can eat this with sauce and white rice.

Don’t forget to put some lemon juice over this chicken piece before you take a fish bite. This will be best suited if you take a cola or lemonade with this chicken.

Halo Halo:

This dessert is not only famous in the Philippines but also one of the most favorite desserts of Filipinos the reason why it’s the most loved dessert is because of its high sugary taste and creamy touch.

Most Filipinos including me choose Halo Halo after having a spicy meal at Mang Inasaal. 

Special Things About About Eating at Mang Inasal

  • Filipino taste-specific traditional restaurants you can enjoy at affordable rates.
  • Wide range of meaty items including chicken and pork.
  • Great level of hygiene and cleanliness overall.
  • A brand supervised by the market leader of the Philippines fast food market.
  • All their items are regularly sold with no abandoned items, this is an indication all their dishes are delicious.
  • Great overall environment.
  • All foods at Mang Inasal are processed and easy to digest.
  • Most people in the Philippines prefer Mnag Inasal’s grilled chicken over Jollibee and KFC due to its ethnic taste.


Do Mang Inasaal offer home delivery?

Yes, they do offer but not far places around their outlets, you might be charged more to get home delivery service if your residence is really far from their area of service.

How many total branches of Mang Inasaal are operational in the Philippines?

There are more than 550 successful operations branches of Mang Inasal in the Philippines, and the number is constantly increasing day by day.

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