Monga Fried Chicken Menu List and Prices 2024

Monga Fried Chicken menu is full of chicken meals specially designed for people of Philippines with all fresh and organic ingredients used. Monga is a local Filipino chicken brand offering vey low priced meals

They are offering a trendy traditional taste of Japanese and Filipino combinational food items in Philippines which rare brands do. Also they aren’t having a large range of meals to choose from, you can easily select a meal as Monga.

Monga item prices might get little bit changed when you visit them, its all due to changing economic conditions in Philippines.

Monga menu Chicken/salt & pepper

Talker (Japanese Sauced) + Rice Bowl199 PHP
Hot Chicken + Rice Bowl199 PHP
Talker (Japanes Sauced) + Rice Bowl199 PHP
Cheezy Tomato Sauced + Rice Bowl229 PHP
Moga Special Salt & Pepper Nuggets179 PHP
Crispy Salt & Peppered Chicken169 PHP
monga salt pepper chicken


Taiwan Style Chicken Pops 169 PHP
Signature Fries88 PHP
Monga Special Rice35 PHP
Seaweed Flavoured Fried88 PHP
Fried Brown Broccoli90 PHP
Plum Powder Fries88 PHP
Fried Oyster Mushrooms90 PHP
Monga Special Fried Chicken Wings129 PHP
Chicken Skin Fried89 PHP
monga sides


Black Dragon Drink (Flavoured with brown sugar, Milk, oolong )110 PHP
Green dragon110 PHP
Grapefruit Green tea100 PHP
Orange Green tea100 PHP
Milk Foam Green tea100 PHP
Milk Foam Oolong Tea110 PHP
Jasmine Green Tea100 PHP
Oolong Tea100 PHP
Soda Special55 PHP
monga drinks

Moga is now giving tough competition to its similar brands in Philippines like Jo’s Chicken Inato, and Country Chicken, to get more info about you can visit these brands physically.

soda kills bacteria
Healthy Tip: soda kills bacteria

Why you should try Moga 

Trying Moga was one of the best experiences when I visited this restaurant for the first time. After eating at this restaurant I realized that this is one of the underrated chicken restaurants in the Philippines. If you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out on their delicious chicken bites.

  • The eating environment is very much clean and the staff is very much friendly with their customers.
  • The taste of their food is just amazing, and the chicken they deliver is top-notch due to their cooking style. The chicken they deliver is crispy and very different compared to some other fast-food chicken brands.
  • Their tables and chairs for sitting are wide in size for you to fit easily.
  • All dishes they are cooking will be of same taste in case you are going to visit this restauyrant multiple times.
  • All dishes they are cooking at the international hygiene standards with all calculated materials and spices used.
  • Digestive enzymes are used in their meals as an ingredient to help digestion easier.

My personal favorite picks from Monga

Fried Wings:

Fried hot wings are delicious and my favorite of all time. I personally enjoyed the super crisp and spice they used in making fried chicken wings. The texture was really not so oily and even I felt it was very easily digestible. Don’t know what secret spices they actually used in this chicken, every bite tasted the same and juicy.

Chicken Skin Fried:

It was a unique thing I saw there, but it won my heart. The fried chicken skin tasted very similar to the sausage or hotdogs we eat normally. It was crispy, juicy, and very tasty as you are eating a hot dog. I ordered this without knowing about this, but now in love with this item. 

Orange Green Tea:

I know I am a chicken lover and foodie too, but I keep track of my health and what I am feeding to my body. Orange green tea is a great deal of fat burner. I am a die-hard fan of green tea and caffeinated drinks as these are very good digestors of your food. What I love about green tea is, it stimulates or fastens your metabolism which ultimately helps in better digestion, and even calorie loss by just doing nothing.

Fried Oyster mushroom:

Doesnt matters what type of mushroom I am eating, or how it is cooked, I simply love mushrooms because of their health benefits. Mushrooms are a lean source of healthy proteins. If you are a vegan and want to enjoy protein food, mushrooms will be your best partner.


Does Moga serve Halal food or chicken?

Currently, there is no evidence that this brand really serves Halal food items to its customers.

Is Moga offering home deliveries?

Yes, they are offering home delivery services in their only nearest places. If you come within a radius of about 20 kilometers of their restaurant, you might get the advantage of their free home delivery service in town.

What style is Moga Restaurant?

Moga is a Taiwan-style chicken brand serving fast food items including chicken.

Is Moga offering drive-thru service?

Currently, this brand isn’t an established one specifically in the Philippines, so they are not offering Drive Thru service so far.

How many branche of Monga in the Philippines?

There are 39 Monga branches in the Philippines.

Is Monga a Filipino brand?

Yes, its completely a Filipino branch with main focus on local traditional items of Philippines.

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