Papa John’s Menu and Prices 2024

Papa Johns menu includes a range of Italian style pizza with a unique flavor which you might not get in any other pizza brand. The quality, cleanliness, and the unique pizza taste Papa Johns is offering is just up to the mark and still won’t be defeated by many other pizza brands of the same level in Philippines as well as in the world.

You’ll not deny that Papa Johns isn’t much famous in Philippines, because there is a large pizza market of Philippines that isn’t virigin anymore. Another reason is that Filipinos have developed their unique taste buds for pizzas, but this isn’t mean its not going famous day by day.

Papa Johns menu prices might be little bit different when you’re visiting this restaurant due to changing economic conditions of the country.

Papa John’s Family Special Pizza Menu

Fam Special PizzasPrice
Cheesy Aloha Blanca658.9 PHP
Papa’s Supremo658.9 PHP
Summer Smoked Barbequed Pizza658.9 PHP
Bacon & Ham Lovers Pizza658.9 PHP
Luscious Tuna Pizza658.9 PHP
papa johns family

Speciality Pizza Menu

Speciaity PizzaPrice
Super Papa 9” (Reg)482.9 PHP
Super Papa 12” (Fam)658.9 PHP
Super Papa 14” (Party)768.9 PHP
All The Meats 9” (Reg)482.9 PHP
All The Meats 12” (Fam)658.9 PHP
All The Meats 14” (Party)768.9 PHP
Texas Heat  9” (Reg405.9 PHP
Texas Heat 12” (Fam)570.9 PHP
Texas Heat (14” (Party)691.9 PHP
papa johns specialty

Papa John’s Classical Pizza Menu

Classical PizzaPrice
Pepperoni 12” (Fam)658.9 PHP
Pepperoni 14” (Party)768.9 PHP
The Hawaiian 12” (Fam)658.9 PHP
The Hawaiian 14” (Party)768.9 PHP
Simply Cheese 12” (Fam)570.9 PHP
Simply Cheese 14” (Party)691.9 PHP
Tuna Hawaiian 12” (Fam)570.9 PHP
Tuna Hawaiian 14” (Party)691.9 PHP
Pepperoni Buffalo 12” (Fam)570.9 PHP
Pepperoni Buffalo 14” (Party)691.9 PHP
Super Hawaiian 12” (Fam)658.9 PHP
Super Hawaiian 14” (Party)691.9 PHP
Pepperoni (9″ Regular)482.9 PHP
The Hawaiian 9” (Reg)482.9 PHP
Simply Cheese 9” (Reg)405.9 PHP
Garden Special 9” (Reg)405.9 PHP
Garden Special 12” (Fam)570.9 PHP
Garden Special 14” (Party)691.9 PHP
Super Hawaiian 9” (Reg)482.9 PHP
Tuna Hawaiian 9” (Reg)405.9 PHP
Pepperoni Buffalo 9” (Reg)405.9 PHP
papa johns classic

Papa John’s Single Pasta Menu

Three Cheese (Solo)108.9 PHP
Carbonara (Solo)108.9 PHP
Oven-Baked Meaty Creamy Crab119.9 PHP
papa johns pasta

Papa john’s Platters Menu

Cheese & Bacon In Red Sauce (Platter)326.7 PHP
Three-Cheese (Platter)326.7 PHP
papa johns platter

Papa Joh’s Regular Addons

Garlic Butter Sauce with Pepperoncini22 PHP
BBQ Sauce with Pepperoncini22 PHP
papa johns addons

papa johns is no doubt a completely different thing than the other in the market, still staying in Philippines you have more options to choose from like Yellow Cab Pizza Menu, Pizza Hut menu, Angel’s Pizza menu specifically if you are Pizza lover.

Papa Jonh’s is an American but Italizan style Pizza specific brand that is now serving in around 49 different countries in the world and more than 5000 locations. This fast food chain as a organization founded back in 1984 by Papa John Schnatter in Jeffersonville Indiana  in the US.

The founder started this brand with very basic baking equipments in the Lounge of his home. Later he decided to upgrade the equipments by selling his Chevrolet Camaro and bought some professional baking ovens but in used conditions. From here the journey actuall started and reached skyrocket in sales.

After this brand came to stable growth and the company legally came public in 1993, it came international in 1996 by opening their new branches after USA in Puerto Rico and Mexico. There were many additions and subtractions from Papa Jonhs menu in their whole journey because they are excesivelt taking care what their customer like and what they don’t.

Arounds thousands of new food items has beedn introduced and abandoned according to some reports from their menu. A speciality about this Pizza brand is, they are mainly focusing on improving their Pizza quality, infact they are only making pizzas and not any other things. The main reason of Papa john;s popularity according to me and some other resources is their sauce.

measure and watch your weight
tip: measure and watch your weight

My Top Picks From Papa Johns Menu

There is no way i visit Papa John’s or any other brand and don’t pick some delicious food for you that i personally experienced over there, lets see what I have eaten and you should too if you get confused about selecting from their menu. No matter what flvor you choose from Papa John’s, their secret taste is in their special butter garlic sauce.

Summer Smoked BBQ Pizza:

Summer smoked pizza have some smoked chicken toppings, Papa Johns specially made cheese, and bacons. This pizza is white thin-crust as other pizzas of Papa Johns. Their special garlic butter sauce is a wonderful comparison with all their Piiza flavors.

You can eat this Pizza with any of your favorite carbonated drink. Don’t forget to dip every pizza bite in their sauce, or you will miss out. 

Super Papa:

This is another thin crust pizza of amazingly used toppings and overall flavor. This pizza has fluffy crust edges but thin base crust. The combination of meat, olives, and mexican with loaded cheese over it increases its beauty and taste. There is not much to say about this, because most of Papa johns pizza toppings are covered with cheese. But if you ask me the taste about this, this was just amazing.

Simply Cheese Pizza:

There is not much toppings rush over this Pizza flavor, but only cheese. They has designed this pizza for theri cheese lover customers. If you are thinking that you will get some extra meat toppings over it then you might be wrong. There is only cheese used over this Pizza and maybe their special of secret spices.

I also have eaten simply cheese in my UAE visit, but i found this with a different name their, it was name cheese sticks there and also slices in rectangles in most of their UAE branches, not sure why.

An important thing to worth mention here is that, all the cheese used over al Papa Johns pizza flavors is specially mad of their own. In its overall looks you will not find a single topping of chicken or beef, but cheese only.

Best Things about Papa John’s

  • A brand primarily focused only on pizzas, so if you want to have a pizza from market, why not from a brand which only specialises in making delicious pizza.
  • If you are bored of eating pizza with typical tomato sauces, try Papa john’s pizza, they offer a completely unique of taste butter sauce with all their pizzas.
  • Italian style delicious  pizzas to eat at here.
  • All ingredients are specially designed and used over all their pizza flavors.
  • A wide range of pizza types and flvors to eat.
  • Safe and healthy to eat, very much professionally working infield brand with all quality approvals from authorities.
  • One of the Filipinos favorites pizza brand.
  • Minimalist pizza types. no bulk with toppings as we see in some other brands.
  • Clean environment for dinin, all the staff is very friendly and supportive.
  • Quick delivery and short order fulffilment time.
  • All pizza served will be of unique taste and very different from each others.
  • Amazing and delicious sauce, can also offer more on demand.
  • Perfect packaging and delivery.


What is the most famous pizza of Papa John’s in Philippines?

Smoked BBQ and Simply Cheese also known as cheese sticks are the most famous and popularly eaten pizzas of Papa John’s.

When Papa Johns was launched in Philippines?

Papa John’s was officially launched in 2011 in Philippines due to its high demand among Filipinos.

How many branches of Papa John’s in Philippines?

There are only 22 branches Papa John’s currently operational in Philippines.

Is Papa John’s halal?

At this time, Papa John’s isn’t offering halal food in Philippines.

Is Papa John’s offering home deliveries?

Yes, Papa John’s do offer home delivery, dine in, and take awats service within Philippines territory, know more about their delivery.

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