Tropical Hut Menu and Price List 2024

Tropical Hut menu have included a large range of food items including for snack and full meals with various other sides and drinks. If we talk about their prices, those are very optimal and calculated to affordability as this is a local Philippines’s brand.

They have listed over 40 different items in which you can find items for snacking and mealing with various other sides and soft drinks.

Tropical hut prices of their items might get minor changed when you’re visiting due to changing economic conditions in Philippines.

Tropical Hut Breakfast Menu (until 11 am only)

Big Shot Breakfast (Omelette, Burger Steak (1pc), Chicken Shanghai (3pcs), Garlic Flavored Rice, Del Monte Pineapple Juice (80z), Brewed Coffee (1 extra free refill)176 PHP
Hamburger (Meal)137 PHP
Hotdog (Meal)132 PHP
Ham (Meal)132 PHP
Tapa Meal132 PHP
Daing na Bangus163 PHP
Beef Corned (Meal)132 PHP
Longaniza (Meal)132 PHP
Tocino132 PHP
Hotcakes (Plain)71 PHP
Ham + Hotcakes 93 PHP
Omelette + Coffee + Pineapple Juice104 PHP
tropical breakfast

Tropical Hut Specials

Tagalog Bistek135 PHP
tropical specials

Tropical Hut Rice Meals

Big Shot Combo Meal165 PHP
Burger Steak (1pc)65 PHP
Burger Steak (2pcs)99 PHP
Burger Steak (1pc) + Chicken Shanghai95 PHP
Chicken Shanghai (6pcs)90 PHP
Go Chicken Sopas (addon)30 PHP
Go Large Soft Drink (addon)20 PHP
tropical rice meals

Tropical Hut Chicken Unli Rice Menu

Fried Chicken (1pc ) + 1 Rice79 PHP
Fried Chicken Unli (1pc) + Rice97 PHP
Fried Chicken (2pcs) + 1 Rice145 PHP
Fried Chicken Unli (2pcs) + Rice163 PHP
Spring Chicken + Rice159 PHP
Spring Chicken Unli + Rice177 PHP
Chicken Family Meal + Chicken (8pcs)775 PHP
ChickenBox (6pcs)405 PHP
ChickenBox (8pcs)535 PHP
Go Chicken Sopas (addons)30 PHP
tropical chicken rice

Tropical Hut Special Sandwiches

Clubhouse Sandwich165 PHP
Cheesedog Sandwich104 PHP
Fish Fillets148 PHP
Chicken Basic Sandwich132 PHP
Tuna Sandwich132 PHP
Ham & Egg132 PHP
Go Large Fries (addons)22 PHP
Go Large Softdrink & Fries (addon)44 PHP
tropical special snadwiches

Tropical Hut Burger Menu

Tropical Double Burger192 PHP
Classic Burger181 PHP
Hawaiian Glee Burger148 PHP
Rancho-Ranchero148 PHP
Sili Burger181 PHP
Tropical Cheesy Burger132 PHP
Burger (Reg)93 PHP
Cheesy Burger (Reg)104 PHP
Go Large Fries (addons)22 PHP
GoLarge Softdrink +  Fries (addons)44 PHP
tropical burgers

Tropical Hut Pasta Menu

Chicken Spaghettis137 PHP
Chicken Palabok170 PHP
Spaghettis64 PHP
Tropical Hut Palabok99 PHP
Burger + Spaghetti108 PHP
Go Large Soft Drink (addon)22 PHP
tropical pasta

Tropical Hut Hot Selling

Mais Con Hielo42 PHP
Mais Con Hielo + Ice Cream (1scoop)53 PHP
Halo-Halo53 PHP
Halo-Halo + Ice Cream (1scoop)71 PHP
Halo-Halo + Ice Cream (2scoop)82 PHP
Black Gulaman Float64 PHP
Black Gulaman 38 PHP
Mix Fresh Salad137 PHP
Tuna Green Salad (S)93 PHP
Tuna Green Salad (L)132 PHP
Fruit Salad71 PHP
Macaroni Salad71 PHP
Chicken Sopas44 PHP
French Fries (Reg)38 PHP
French Fries (L)63 PHP
tropical hot sellings

Something similar experience giving brands are The Burger King, Subway, and Shake Shack that you should try whenever you are looking for new experience and haven’t tried these.

tip: share your meal with poor

Top picks from Tropical Hut menu

My personal favorites no matter which brand I am eating will always include some healthy meals as you will find in my favorite food items from Tropical Hut.


Tocino is mostly eaten by local Filipinos, it is a roasted bacon with some special spices used on it. I loved Tropical Hut’s Tocino because of the unique and secret spices used in it. If you order Tocino with any cola or carbonated soft drink, you will forget the world for some minutes and will only be focusing on your Tocino. 

Macaroni Salad:

Macaroni salad is simply macaroni with some fried spicy chicken chunks and salads in it. It will be a healthy plate if you eat, full of vitamins and minerals. In this salad, only macaroni will have carbohydrates, the rest items in this salad will be all healthy and nutritious. If you are confused about its taste, let me tell you you will not be regretting after having this ordered.

Black Gulaman:

It’s a dessert commonly eaten in the Philippines, its recipe includes dried seaweed, also known as carrageenan in some other regions of the Philippines. It is also a healthy item to have. If you try this, it will be a completely different experience for you, because many people don’t even order this to give it one try.

Tropical Cheeseburger:

Tropical Hut’s cheeseburger is a simple-looking burger but actually not, it is an atom bomb of fully loaded cheese and a secret spiced kebab with some salad leaves. After eating this I felt like I had a lot of energy within myself, after which I went on a 5 KM walk which is more than I usually go out for ⅔ Kilometers. So in my opinion, it was delicious with a great deal of calories in it. 

The reason why Tropical Hut is famous today is because of their burgers, they first came to market for selling their burgers.

Tuna Green Salad:

Tuna green salad is a mixture of small sliced salad pieces and tuna fish, the combination is amazing and full of healthy vitamins and first source of lean protein.

Why you should give a try to Tropical Hut

  • Tropical Hut is a Filipino fast food chain, that also comes in the list of oldest food brands in the Philippines.
  • It’s a competing brand and gives tough competition to giant food chains like Jollibee and KFC, but still, it is not as big as these two locally.
  • Has a significant number of food items to be served, and you will have so many mealing options to choose from.
  • It is a Philippine National brand, if you want to support our local economy, this will be for you.
  • Tropical Hut is a premium brand, and all the staff is taking care of the international level of hygiene and all cooking standards to maintain taste and cleanliness.
  • Every time you visit this food chain, you will find the exact same taste of the food item you ate previously. The eating space is large and clean.


Is Tropical Hut a Philippine’s brand?

Yes, Tropical Hut is a Philippines local food chain with years of experience in the local industry.

Can I avail home delivery service of Tropical Hut?

Yes, currently they are offering free home deliveries to their nearest points that come under their delivery network.

What is the specialty dish of Tropical Hut?

The special item of Tropical Hut is their burgers, they are famous for their burgers in the market.

How many total branches of Tropical exist in the Philippines?

As this is a new one, there are around 25 total branches exist in the whole Philippines.

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