Jo’s Chicken Inato Menu and Price List 2024

Jo’s Chicken Inato menu as the brand name suggest is a full a menu full of chicken items that are not only delicious but also healthy for you if you are on a keto diet and want to break your body’s plateau state. Their specialty is their wide range of fast food items, desserts, and a large range of drinks their offer.

You can afford eating foo at Jo’s Chicken in a very good budget, their prices are competitive and are low compared to other local food brands in Philippines that offer same type of food to Filipinos.

Jo’s chicken item prices might be changed a little when you’re visiting them due to changing economic of Philippines.

Jo’s Chicken Inato Assorted Food Items

Barbequed Pork Belly128 PHP
Barbequed Bangus128 PHP
Barbequed Squid145 PHP
Sizzling Sisig138 PHP
Sizzling Bangus138 PHP
Sizzling Gambas138 PHP
Sizzling Squid145 PHP
Sizzling Pochero360 PHP
Squid Adobo145 PHP
Binalot na Isda155 PHP
Bicol Express100 PHP
1 Plate Pancit Guisado128 PHP
1 Plate Bihon Guisado128 PHP
1 Plate Sotanghon Guisado128 PHP
1 Plate Chopsuey Guisado128 PHP
1 Chickenated Curry Plate128 PHP
1 liver/Gizzard Adobo Plate99 PHP
1 Shanghai Lumpia99 PHP
1 Adobong Kangkong78 PHP
1 Adobong Talong78 PHP
1 Burger Steak + Rice Bow90 PHP
1 Hamburger100 PHP
jos inato menu

Jo’s Chicken Inato Soups

Sinigang Isda155 PHP
Sinigang Hipon145 PHP
Sinigang Baboy145 PHP
Tinolang Isda155 PHP
Lomi Noodles128 PHP
Sotanghon Soup128 PHP

Jo’s Chicken Inato Rice Bowls

Plain Rice (as much as you can)32 PHP
Garlic Rice Bowl32 PHP
Fried Rice Bowl88 PHP

Jo’s Chicken Appetizers

Filipino Style Calamares145 PHP
Brown Baked Scallops128 PHP
Camaron Rebosado128 PHP
Kinilaw na Isda155 PHP
Chicharon Bulaklak110 PHP
Mangga +  Hipon50 PHP
Chicken Chicharon60 PHP
French Fries38 PHP

Jo’s Chicken Fresh Fruit Shakes and Blends

Mango Milk Shake60 PHP
Green Mango Shake60 PHP
Buko Shake60 PHP
Tropicalala Shake (Pineapple and Papaya)60 PHP
Mocha Shake60 PHP
Papaya Shake60 PHP
Melon Shake60 PHP
Avocado Blend60 PHP
Banana Chocnut Blend60 PHP
Strawberry Blend78 PHP
Strawberry Banana Blend78 PHP

Jo’s Chicken Inato Reg Desserts

Buko Halo120 PHP
Halo Halo Shake85 PHP
Halo Solo55 PHP
Mango Float Drink58 PHP
Puto Flan (3pcs)45 PHP
Leche Flan45 PHP
Buko Pandan40 PHP
Tapioca Salad Plate40 PHP
Ice Cream (Ube, Strawberry)22 PHP

Jo’s Chicken Inato Soft Drinks

Softdrinks (Reg)30 PHP
Soft drinks (2 Lr)45 PHP
Softdrinks (2 Lr)90 PHP
Canned Fruit Juices  (Pineapple, Orange, Mix) 45 PHP
Fresh Buko Juice Shake45 PHP
Iced Tea Drink30 PHP
Iced Tea Pitcher (1 Liter Drink)68 PHP
Calamansi Juice32 PHP
Brown and Creamy Coffe 32 PHP
Bottled Mineral Water (500mL)30 PHP

Jo’s Chicken Inato Specifics

Jo’s Chicken Inato (Paa)105 PHP
Jo’s Chicken Inato (Pecho)115 PHP
Jo’s Pork  Piece (Barebqued)90 PHP
Tangiuige Steak Piece155 PHP
Macao Canton105 PHP
Manok sa Buko140 PHP
Pochero Soup (3 people)330 PHP
Buko Halo120 PHP

Also Try Tokyo Tokyo for Japanese Chinese experience and North Park for Chinese taste in Philippines.

Jo’s Chicken Inato also known as Jo’s Chicken is a popular fast-food chicken brand among lovely Kabayans. This brand is serving a class for decades locally in the Philippines. Their specialty is their taste which is much like Thai foods.

This is a tier-2 local food brand with several branches and high-quality food items and quality maintenance. They are offering chicken items to beef, and pork items for their valued consumers. They are serving  Their specificity lies in their unique selling and serving style of a Filipino taste wrapped in Thai serving style.

As I am a die-hard traveler to different cities of the Philippines, so I tried this brand as my first experience back in 2022 when I was at Jalandoni Ilioli City, but in total, I ate here three times in the whole year. I ordered their BBQ with a garlic rice bowl, chicken curry, and mineral water only. I personally enjoyed their garlic rice only with a BBQ chunk. It would not be wrong saying that their BBQ is made perfectly and it is juicy with a touch of mint and lemon.

If I give a 5-star rating to this brand, I will give it 4 stars from five. What is loved the most about this restaurant is the background music and theme in the restaurant and their good behavior with their customers. 

don't sleep instantly after a meal

Top 3 Food picks you should try

All the food picks I mentioned, are personally tested and I would love to share with you that you might enjoy them as I did, or maybe we have some kind of the same taste for food. You will notice no veg is harmed in my favorite food items (joking haha) but this time you will notice a fruit is being harmed by me which is papaya.

Jo’s Chicken Inato

Jo’s chicken BBQ with garlic rice bowl is the meal plan that I loved in my whole experience with this restaurant. Their brownish juicy bbq chicken is very tasty and something looks like you are eating Thai-flavoured chicken. As a chicken lover, I would recommend you try this if you are confused about choosing what top eat there.

Don’t forget to take the garlic rice bike with a bbq bite, this will add a crisp in your rice bite which you will enjoy.

Baked Scallops

As a foodie, I love to try different meat items than chicken and beef. Jo’s Bakes scallops is the unique thing that I tried and literally enjoyed. If you are like me then must try their baked scallops which are exactly as you are eating Chinese or Thai.

According to my personal suggestion, try their bakes scallops you will not regret it. Scallops are high in proteins, healthy fats, and overall calories. If you want to charge up yourself, must eat baked scallops. With this, i would recommend you not only stay on chicken, beef, and pork but rather try some different foodstuff to increase your taste experience and give your body distinct sources of nutrients.

Health Tip: providing your body same nutrients from different or uncommon food sources enhances your body’s immunity against health-related problems.

Papaya Shak

As a traveler, I sometimes used to eat healthily. At this restaurant, after eating my meal i ordered their papaya shake which was amazing in taste and overall cleanliness. Their papaya shake is greenish and a little bit creamy which will quickly digest the food you ate.

If you ever plan to take a papaya shake, I would suggest you order it after you eat your whole meal. The anti-microbial nutrients in papaya will make your meaty meal more healthy and nutritious, papaya is high in potassium will kill harmful microbes present in your stomach, and make your digestion and bowel movement easy.

Why you should eat at Jo’s Chicken Inato Next

  • If you love to eat not much processed but restaurant-style cooked food like a buffet with your friends, try this once.
  • In case you want to support only local restaurants that take all the food items locally and sell them locally, you should also try Joe’ Chicken.
  • Their foods are not much processed but healthy as its a regular restaurant, not a fried chicken bar, so if you love to eat at restaurant space, you must try.
  • You should take your girlfriend here if you want a candlelight dinner, the overall look of this restaurant is the same as you are doing a candlelight dinner with your loved ones.
  • They offer a wide range of local food items, so if you love to choose from dozens of different options, this is for you.
  • Most of the food items they offer are not junk food, try this if you like to have something different than fast-food.
  • This is an old local restaurant and they have a great experience of years in their specific industry, so if you want to be served by experienced restaurant staff, Jo’s Chicken is waiting for you.
  • The Chicken Inato means homely made chicken, if you are looking for a homemade chicken taste, you should try their coal-roasted chicken items for which they are experts. 
  • If you are a local tourist and have a vehicle with you, they are having a large dedicated parking space for their customer, If you don’t want the parking hustle, go here for a meal with your car or motorbike.
  • If you do have not much time to go out for food, Jo’s Chicken is having a fast order-fulfilling service at their restaurant, if you go here, you will not have to wait for long in queues for your turn.


Is Jo’s Chicken Inato offering home deliveries?

They are offering home deliveries to only their nearby areas in Ilioli City including homes and offices. If you are from any local remote area in Phillippines, you might not be able to benefit from their home delivery services.

Are they offering halal food items?

They are not offering halal meat items so far, only you can have their fruits and veg items including rice if you want halal food at there.

How many branches of Jo’s Chicken Inato are in the Philippines?

Didnt hear much about this, but you will find only 1 or 2 branches of Jo’s Chicken Inato in Ilio City as its a highly location-specific restaurant.

Is Jo’s Chicken Inato facilitating Parties?

Yes, they are facilitating parties and buffets within their restaurant. They have the capacity to serve their consumers in bulk.

Is Jo’s Chicken providing burgers and fries?

Nt at all, this is offering totally homely taste foods in their restaurant.

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