About Us

Menu Meal is a private help website that publishes Restaurant Menu Lists OR Fast Food Menu with their current prices in the Philippines. We are two people behind this site Rio and Carmelita we both are Husband & Wife who love to visit different food brands to try different food types available across the Philippines.

The idea behind Menu Meal

Rio and I both have a passion of traveling and eating at different places or restaurants in the Philippines. As we use to eat at different branded restaurants that are local or international, we both decided to why not make our experiences live on our website, so we decided to make MenuMeal to share our personal experience and also share restaurants’ menus with their prices so you can budget your meal or decide to which food brand you should go.

Why Menu Meal

  • We only write about the food brands that we personally tasted by visiting.
  • All the meal prices we tell on our site are current and up-to-date, still, there can be a little bit of up down in the price when you are visiting the restaurant.
  • We don’t write about brands that are not offering quality services and are not kind to their customers.
  • With all this, we are also reminding you by sharing some health tips in our articles that health is important and fast food can be unhealthy if eaten in access. Each review or price page you visit on our site will also have a health tip in the image form after prices.

Restaurants we visited yet

We have visited hundreds of local and international restaurants in Philippines so far, but the following are the best we choose to write about. Also we are actively visiting many other new and old restaurants we haven’t tried yet. Following are the brands we actually visited.

As we visit any new restaurant new to us, we will update soon on our site within 3/4 days. For quicks links of food menus, you can also check out quick links section.

Lets talk about our educational background

We both Rio and Carmelita completed our bachelor’s in culinary arts and nutrition from Lyceum of the Philippines back in 2015. After our education, we decided to travel the whole Philippines and taste different foods. Other than this we are doing many charity work. We are currently facilitating students within the Philippines who aren’t able to pay their educational feeses, and we are actively working to increase the number.

Get in touch with us

Suggest us things to improve your experience on our website and in case you have any type of query, don’t hesitate to contact us by using the following email address we provided. We will take your suggestions and other queries very seriously.

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