Shakey’s Menu and Price List 2024

Shakey’s menu offers you are wide range of meals including pizzas, grouped meals, mojos, pastas, combo meals, salads, and many other side dishes that you will enjoy for sure due to their unique taste in town.

A special thing about Shakey’s is their quality taste in very affordable price and most importantly all their ingredients are taken from Philippines as its a local fast food restaurant taking part in the Philippines economy from long time.

You might face a little bit price difference than now at the time you’re actually visiting Shakey’s, it due to always changing economic conditions in the country.

Shakey’s Pizza Menu

Classic Cheese213 PHP
Garlic & Cheese293 PHP
Hawaiian Delight293 PHP
Pepperoni293 PHP
Pepperoni Crunch303 PHP
Shakey’s Special Pizza303 PHP
Manager’s Choice Pizza303 PHP
Hi-Protein Supreme Pizza303 PHP
Pizza Bianca303 PHP
Truffle Greens Pizza303 PHP
Scallop Primo Pizza365 PHP
Friday Special Pizza365 PHP
Belly Buster365 PHP
Angus Steakhouse Pizza365 PHP
Angus Burger Pizza365 PHP
Firehouse Pizza365 PHP
K-Pizza365 PHP

Shakey’s Grouped Meals Menu with Drinks

Family Meal (Deal 1)1,035 PHP
Family Meal (Deal 2)1,727 PHP
Family Meal (Deal 3)2,288 PHP
Monster Meal (Deal 4)2,999 PHP

Shakey’s Chicken Mojos Menu

Mojos & Dip182 PHP
Solo Pack ( with 3 Chicken pcs)356 PHP
Mojos Supreme483 PHP
Solo Pack ( with 3 Chicke pcs)389 PHP
Buddy Pack (with 5 chicken pcs)605 PHP
Family Pack (with 7 chicken pcs)818 PHP
Party Pack (with 12 chicken pcs)1,364 PHP
Chicken &  Mojos Blowout (with 20 chicken pcs)2,271 PHP

Shakey’s Pastas

Carbonara Supreme240 PHP
Skilletti240 PHP
Bacon & Cheese Pasta245 PHP
Prima Lasagna250 PHP
Shrimp Aglio Olio290 PHP
Seafood Marinara290 PHP
Black Seafood Pasta290 PHP

Shakey’s Combo Meals Menu

Combo MealsPrice
2pc Chicken & Rice200 PHP
Bunch of Lunch Original200 PHP
Super Bunch of Lunch308 PHP
Salad Chicken & Pizza200 PHP
The Gooood Burger185 PHP
The Baaad Burger185 PHP
The Gooood Gooood Burger185 PHP
The Baaad Baaad Burger295 PHP

Shakey’s Starter Menu

Garlic Bread Loaf89 PHP
Salted Skinny Fries222 PHP
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks218 PHP
Calamari Crunch400 PHP
Buffalo Wings289 PHP
Wings &  Rings523 PHP
Captain’s Choice534 PHP

Shakey’s Salads and Soups

Salads & SoupsPrice
Chicken & Corn Soup106 PHP
Creamy Mushroomy Soup106 PHP
Chunky Seafood Chowder106 PHP
Caesar Salad209 PHP
Tuna Caesar Salad209 PHP
American Style Salad209 PHP

Shakey’s Soft Drinks Menu

Coke in Canned65 PHP
Royal in Canned65 PHP
Sprite in Canned65 PHP
Coke (500ml)89 PHP
Regular Coke (1.5L)108 PHP
Bottled House Blend Iced Tea120 PHP

Shakey’s Extras

Extra Rice45 PHP
Extra Gravy17 PHP

Shakey’s Party Packages

Consumable Party Package

30 paxBalloons, Prizes, Games, Mascot, Host, Drinks, and Food17000 PHP
50 pax//21000 PHP
70 pax//28000 PHP

Junior Pizza Package

6 Large Pizza with thin crust, Chicken N Mojos (36pcs), Carbonara Platters (6pcs), Classic Spaghettis (3 platters), Garlic Bread 6pcs, Ice Cream (20pcs), House Blended Iced-Tea (9pcs), Balloons (20pcs), Invitation Cards (20pcs), Party Caps (20pcs), Pizza Maker Kits (20pcs), aprons (20pcs) 17000 PHP

This package is best for 19-20 people, all can eat very easily to full. In case you need anything extra, you will be charged extra for that.

After Jollibee, KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken), and Yellow Cab, Shakey is one of the greatest options for fooding by staying within the territory of Philippines, no doubt there are hundreds of choices, but these brands are almost similar in terms of their food types for their customers.

Let’s look a little bit at the history of Shakey’s. The Shakey’s was originally founded in California by Sherwood Shakey back in 1954 as a beer bar. The owner even doesn’t know that Shakey is going to be in the future. At the starting days, they kept running as a beer bar and some fast food items, this made a confused brand image in the minds of their target customers.

Shakey’s is an old fast-food chain that came to the international market after so many hurdles. This food chain was initially started as a beer seller with background music or as a beer bar. The Shakey’s as a company was flipped to International Family Food Services Inc.

After this huge flipping, the new owner rebranded the brand image of this restaurant as a fast food specializing in Pizza with beer. Due to this massive action, the company started growing at a great pace. Later around 1965, the restaurant got an international brand image and popularity and started giving international revenue.

There is no doubt that the company got this massive success after a large number of ups and downs. Back in 1975 Shakey’s owner decided to launch in Metro Manila Philippines due to the massive demand for fast food and beer, but keep in mind later they excluded beers from their menu in some countries, even in their Philippines branch.

 After its launch, Shakey’s Philippines got quick sales which led the company to brek-even in just a period of 6 months. Even I decided to put Shakey’s menu online due to its huge demand.

eat pizza to break plateau
tip: eat pizza to break your body’s plateau state

My Personal Favorites from Shakey’s Menu

Shakey’s is famous for selling delicious pizzas, in fact, Shakey’s comes at the top among those brands that first adopted the idea of thin-crust pizza, this is the reason why Shakey’s is different from many other Pizza brands in the market, now most of their Pizzas are of thin crust.

Hawaiian Delight:

Hawaiian Delight is Shakey’s special name for their amazing thing crust crunchy pizza that includes some chicken pieces and cheese. The pizza looks very normal but the actual taste of it is in their secret ingredient. This pizza is though of thin crust, but the edges of the crust are bubbled which look very mouth-watering.

Trying this Pizza will be a different experience for you than I had. The pizza never feels like an American, it completely tastes like something from Italy.

Pepperoni Crunch:

This Pizza is again of thin crunchy crust, but it includes some perfectly baked bacon over coals, also the pizza is completely different from Hawaiin Delight in taste. The cheese used in this Pizza is a little bit lower in amount than in Hawaiin but believe me this lower cheese combination with thin crust, and bacon is just wow.

To enjoy this pizza at its fullest, take a sip of cola with every bite you take of it. Don’t forget to dip in Shakey’s special pizza sauce.

Truffle Greens Pizza:

The name of this pizza makes an image of a totally green pizza with green salad pieces and all that, but the story is completely different. The Pizza is called Tuffle Green because of all the vegetables used over it amazingly with cheese. This pizza is also of a thin crust but has not edges, its edges are soft spunchy.

The combination of sliced tomatoes, olives, and green Mexican will just blow your mind. Make sure you don’t forget to take a cold drink with it because this Pizza might taste a little bit spicy.

Carbonara Supreme:

Carbonara Supreme is nothing but a specific name for the spaghetti they make. This pasta includes some spaghetti combined with some secret spices and cheese topped over it. The cheese used over it is white melted which is also a custom-made cheese by Shakey’s.

With this Pasta type, you will get two hand-palm-sized crunchy chicken nuggets. I am a long-time pasta lover because I know it’s a calories bomb, in fact, most of my reviews of restaurants will include pasta. 

Chicken & Corn Shoup:

This soup is a healthy deal of chicken pieces floating in soup liquid with corn and some other stuff. Thai corn soup is very very different from other soup types you take on a regular base.

According to my experience with soup, I felt some melted cheese was also added to this soup, but not really sure about this. Pour the chili sauce over it and enjoy.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks:

According to my observation, almost all large pizza brands sell cheese sticks, this observation might be wrong but I observed that small pizza brands don’t have cheese sticks.

These Mozzarella Cheese Sticks by Shakey’s look very simple in appearance, but they are fully loaded with melted cheese, had a great and very different experience eating these cheese sticks. Normally cheese sticks I saw from other brands are rectangular, but not Shakey’s, these are rolled with a perfect crunch over breadcrumbs.

Best Things About Shakey’s Pizza

  • An international brand leveled up with high-quality foodstuff.
  • Having a great experience in the cuisine industry, all the workforce is highly experienced and qualified in the work.
  • A highly clean and sanitized environment with well-furnished air-conditioned sitting spaces.
  • Very kind and friendly staff.
  • All their food items are regularly running, which is a clear sign that people are enjoying those food brands.
  • Took about 6-7 decades to reach their targetted customers, this can be a clear indication that this brand is having a lot of experience in understanding their customer’s taste buds.
  • One of the top competing fast food chains growing at an exponential pace.
  • All the ingredients are personalized and custom grown and built.


Is Shakey’s offering home delivery service in the Philippines?

Yes, Shakey’s is offering free home deliveries to only their nearest places, but they are also offering to some far places in their delivery network with some extra delivery charges included.

What is Shakey’s famous for?

Shakey’s is famous for their delicious thin-crust pizzas made with quality ingredients and precision.

How can i order Shakey’s Food?

You can order Shakey’s food by using their official smartphone app, or by calling their official hotline number #77-777 or #7777-7777. 

What is the most famous Shakey’s item?

Pizza Bianca and Hawaiin Delight are the most popular items of Shakey’s.

How many Shakey’s branches are operational in the Philippines?

There are around 307 official Shakey’s branches successfully operational in different cities of the Philippines, know more about their store at here

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