Army Navy Menu and Price List 2024

Army Navy menu is armed with a great range of meaty items including different flavor burgers, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, Quesadillas, pasta, and many other chicken items in a great price range.

Army Navy is special for Filipinos in Philippines as its one of the rarest food brands that offers delicious tacos in the country. Not only they are making delicious food, but they are keeping in mind quality and cleanliness standards always due to which they are growing every year.

The price for all Army Navy menu items might be different partially or completely due to changing economic conditions of Philippines.

Army Navy Birria Menu

Beef Birria (Taco)350 PHP
Beef Birria Quesadilla375 PHP
Beef Birria Naked Burrito315 PHP
army birria

Army Navy Plant-Based Burgers

Veg-Based Burger295 PHP
Double Burger (plant-base)415 PHP
Bully Boy Burger (plant-base)520 PHP
Burrito (plant-base)280 PHP
Breakfast Burrito (plant-base)270 PHP
Naked Burrito (plant-base)290 PHP
Soft Taco (plant-base)260 PHP
Quesadilla (plant-base)270 PHP
army veg burgers

Army Navy Meat Burgers Menu

Double Meat Burger310 PHP
Classic Meat Burger230 PHP
California Burger (single)310 PHP
California Burger (double)410 PHP
Bully Boy Burger (Reg)385 PHP
army meat burgers

Army Navy Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Sandwich Classic175 PHP
Chipotle Chicke Crispy Sandwich230 PHP
Starving Sailor Steak325 PHP
Chipotle Chicken Crispy Sandwich275 PHP
army sandwiches

Army Navy Burrito Menu

Burritos Price
Steak Burrito270 PHP
Chicken Burrito230 PHP
Carnitas (Pork) Burrito250 PHP
P.I. Burrito (Adobo Flakes)255 PHP
P.I. Burrito (Sisig Baboy)255 PHP
Vegan Burrito240 PHP
Breakfast Steak Burrito 275 PHP
Breakfast Longganisa Burrito 260 PHP
Naked Chorizo Burrito 270 PHP
Naked Chicken Burrito 270 PHP
Naked Carnitas Pork Burrito 270 PHP
Naked Burrito (Adobo Flakes)270 PHP
Naked Sisig Baboy Burrito270 PHP
army burrito

Army Navy Tacos Menu

Soft Steak Tacos 240 PHP
Crunchy Tacos200 PHP
Soft Chicken Taco 200 PHP
Soft Carnitas Pork Tacos 210 PHP
Soft Sisig Baboy Taco240 PHP
army tacos

Army Navy Quesadillas Menu

Steaked Quesadilla250 PHP
Cheesious Quesadilla145 PHP
Chickenated Quesadilla220 PHP
army Quesadillas

Army Navy Querida Mia Menu

Plain Querida170 PHP
Baja Querida190 PHP
Baja Chicken230 PHP
Charlie Bravo240 PHP
Querida Mia Verde270 PHP
army Querida Mia

Army Navy Chicken Menu

Fearless Sauteed Chicken235 PHP
Classic Buffalo (4pcs)235 PHP
Classic Buffalo (6pcs)340 PHP
Chipotle Barbecue (4pcs)235 PHP
Chipotle Barbecue (6pcs)340 PHP
Babrbequed Chipotle (3pcs) + Classic Buffalo (3pcs)340 PHP
army chicken

Army Navy Pasta Menu

Carbonara Pasta215 PHP
Meatballs & Pasta215 PHP
army pasta

Army Navy Whole-Day Breakfast Meals

Tapa255 PHP
Longganisa255 PHP
Adobo Flakes220 PHP
Hungarian Sausage220 PHP
Bangus270 PHP
Tocino220 PHP
Bacon220 PHP
Classical Pancake140 PHP
army breakfast

Army Navy Side Dishes

Freedom Fries105 PHP
Onion Rings100 PHP
Nachos115 PHP
Tortilla Chips50 PHP
Tortilla Soup145 PHP
Clam Chowder145 PHP
army sides

Army Navy Desserts Menu

Chocolaty Churros100 PHP
Caramel Churros100 PHP
army desserts

Army Navy Drinks

Cucumber140 PHP
Lychee140 PHP
Mixed Berries140 PHP
Orange Tajin140 PHP
Strawberry140 PHP
Cold Brew145 PHP
Ice Latte Cold Brew145 PHP
Iced Caramel Latte Cold Brew165 PHP
Iced French Vanilla Cold Brew165 PHP
Iced Mocha Cold Brew165 PHP
LiberTea Iced Tea 470ml120 PHP
LiberTea Iced Tea 940ml200 PHP
LiberTea MilkTea 470ml140 PHP
LiberTea MilkTea 940ml250 PHP
Coke Regular65 PHP
Coke Zero65 PHP
Coke Light65 PHP
Sprite65 PHP
Royal65 PHP
Sarsi65 PHP
Minute Maid65 PHP
Bottled Water40 PHP
army drinks

You can try try something from Wendy’s, Shake Shack, and Greenwich.

Army Navy is a Mexican Filipino food brand that is being operated locally in the Philippines. It’s one of the local Philippines food brands that focuses on chicken food items mainly sandwiches and delicious burgers made by using high-quality ingredients with accuracy and precision under qualified chefs.

This food brand was launched in 2009 in the Philippines and to this, it has reached tremendous heights of growth and popularity due to its tasty fast foods and quality service. Army Navy takes customer service very seriously, their workforce is highly trained, professional, and disciplined in their work, because of this this brand got viral popularity in very less time.

Initially, they kept selling only burgers and burritos, but with the period of time and expansion they made, theory added a lot more items to their menu which are not only unique in taste but very much commonly known and loved by Filipinos. Army Navy is making its own specialized buns which they use for burgers, not only buns even all the meat they are using is specially produced. So this is a little history of the Army Navy restaurant which is going to add more information in the future I’m sure.

burgers are high in calories
health tip: burger are high in calories

Top 4 Picks from Army Navy Menu

These top picks are based on my personal experience and choice, these are some of the favorites from the list I enjoyed and loved, and want to try them further when I am visiting the Army Navy.

Beef Birria Taco:

A beef barria taco is a normal taco in which beef minced and chopped onions with various other spices and cheese is filled. You will get 3 sauce cans with this in which one can be of white cheese and mayo sauce, one is ketchup, and one is Army Navy’s special taco liquid sauce. Dip AN’s taco in special sauce and have a bite.

In its overall appearance, it looks like a normal taco, but it’s really not typical as it looks. Its first bite will literally touch your soul. You can have green tea with this or if you want a soft drink, then it will be totally your choice. The reason I took this product on top is because of its delish taste. 

Chipotle Crispy Chicken Sandwich:

It looks like a burger, but it’s a sandwich, as the burger is a modern name for a sandwich. You will get delicious chicken roasted cultures between two beautiful buns, onion rings on top of the chicken cutlets, lettuce leaves, and a little bit of Army Navy sauce.

This burger has many add-ons available with this but only upon your choice. You can select many addons like caracoles, bacon, cheese slices, sauteed onion, spicy jalapeno slices, and onion. Try this burger if you are fed up with eating the same burgers repeatedly.

California Burger:

This burger is an American-style burger in which Army Navy is using shiny potato buns, beef patty, tomato slices, lettuce, and cheese slice. Like many other burgers of this brand, this burger has also many optional addons with it which you can only select if you want.

In optional add-ons, you can have extras including cheese, onion, jalapeno, lettuce, and sauteed onion as you have in Chipotle burger. This burger is another top-notch and very hot selling among all other items Army Navy has. A single bite of this burger is equal to an atom bomb of calories from different sources. In its overall appearance, this burger is little bit high in height and weight than some other regular burgers.

Bully Boy Burger:

This is a triple patty beef burger, and due to its monster look Army Navy named this burger as Bully Boy Burger. The patties used inside this burger are made differently, and very different in taste from all other burgers of Army Navy. 

This burger itself is a healthy deal of a lot of lean meat calories with many other optional add-ons. If you can eat this full burger with a carbonated cold drink, I guarantee that you will not eat anything in your whole day.

Our reviews on Army Navy

  • Army Navy took about ten years to reach this level, so they know what your taste buds will like.
  • It’s a local Filipino brand, and due to this reason, they are making all their items custom to Filipinos.
  • All the other items they use are also customized and not sourced from any third party like all buns for sandwiches they are using are their own made.
  • If you are supportive of your country, try Army Navy.
  • Sooner or later this brand is going multinational to serve Filipino expats in other countries.
  • Their target customer is highly focused which is local Filipino people.
  •  Their customer service is just amazing they are always welcoming and very kind to their customers.
  • Sitting spaces are well furnished and clean, all spaces are air-conditioned. Also, their sitting spaces are wide. If you visit Army Navy in your car, I’m pretty sure that you will not have a parking problem to face.
  • Very professional in their service, and all the stuff they are doing is highly qualified under food safety authorities.
  • The techniques they are using in making their food items are of international level.
  • They are also having self-serve environment in some of their branches, so you don’t have to face a waiter, just order the food of your choice and sit in their sitting area and enjoy.
  • The overall environment is very clean and hygienic, they are actively cleaning their floors and furniture with antiseptic liquids.


Who owns ArmyNavy Philippines?

Eric Puno is the owner and founder of ArmyNavy in the Philippines with various other local food ventures in the Philippines.

How many Army Navy branches are there in the Philippines?

Army Navy is successfully operating around 70 branches within the Philippines in different cities. See all their official and registered branches here

Is Army Navy offering home delivery service?

Yes, Army Navy is for sure offering free home delivery services to places that come under their delivery network. You can other ArmyNavy from here

What is Army Navy famous for?

Army Navy is mainly famous for its delicious burgers, burrito, and sandwiches made with high quality ingredients.

Is Army Navy restaurant providing halal food?

Yes, Army Navy is providing halal food in the form of plant-based burgers and sandwiches to their local Filipino audience.

Is Army Nacvy Filipino brand?

Yes, its a total Filipino brand with a huge fan following in the country Philippines.

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