Subway Menu and Price List 2024

Subway menu is a sandwich specific menu with a wide range of flavor tastes including veg and non veg. Mealing at subway is considered as one of the most affordable mealing at international brand in Philippines due to their competitive prices.

The best thing about Subway is their custom sandwich toppings: if you make a order in Subway, the person at the counter will always ask you that what topping you want to add in your sandwich, this is the only thing that makes Subways different from other brands.

Subway menu prices might get little bit changed when you visit the restaurant due to volatile economic conditions in the country.

Subway Bread Choices Menu

Honey Oat2 PHP
Parmesan Oregano2 PHP
Flatbread11.50 PHP
Italian White2 PHP
Wheat2 PHP
subway breads

Subway Combos

Veggie Delite Meal (Reg)217.55 PHP
Sliced Chicken Meal (Reg)241.70 PHP
Ham Meal (reg)241.70 PHP
Egg Mayonaise Meal (Reg241.70 PHP
B.L.T Meal (Reg)241.70 PHP
Spicy Italian Meal (Reg)263.20 PHP
Chicken Teriyaki Meal (Reg)253.20 PHP
Chicken Roasted Bread Meal (Reg)253.20 PHP
Sliced Chicken Ham Meal (Reg)253.20 PHP
Tuna Meal (Reg)263.20 PHP
Pulled Pork Meal (Reg)263.20 PHP
Italian BLT Meal (Reg)263.20 PHP
Cheese & Steak Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP
Roasted Beef Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP
Melted Subway Meak (Reg)287.70 PHP
Club Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP

Subway Saver Meals

Snack Savers (2 People)2 Pepperoni Delite Pandesal Sliders + 2 Flavoured Cookies + 24 oz Drinks285 PHP
Snack Savers (3 People)3 Pepperoni Delite Pandesal Slider + 36 oz Drinks340 PHP
Snack Savers (4 People)2 Subway Melts 6″ + 2 Pepperoni Delite Pandesal Sliders + 32 oz Drinks + 24 oz Drinks600 PHP
saver meals

Subway LTO 6”

Special Cheesy Chicken Strips181.78 PHP
Ultimate Cheesious B.M.T181.78 PHP
6″ Meatish Stack Ala Catre206.25 PHP
Meat Combo Stack237.50 PHP
subway lto 6

Subway LTO Footlong

Chicken Cheesious Strips352.58 PHP
Ultimate Cheesious BMT352.58 PHP
Meatish Stack Ala Catre400 PHP
lto footlong subway
Subway SubsPrice 6″Price 12″
Smoked Chicken Sub154 PHP307 PHP
Veggie Delite Sub113.85 PHP227.70 PHP
Chicken Sliced Sub138 PHP253 PHP
Ham Sub138 PHP253 PHP
Egg Mayonnaise138 PHP253 PHP
BLT138 PHP264.50 PHP
Italian Spicy159.50 PHP299 PHP
Teriyaki Chicken149.50 PHP276 PHP
Chicken Roaste Breast149.50 PHP276 PHP
Chicken Sliced Ham149.50 PHP276 PHP
Tuna159.50 PHP299 PHP
Pulled Pork Sub159.50 PHP299 PHP
BMT Italian159.50 PHP299 PHP
Cheese & Steak184 PHP 335.50 PHP
Roasted Beef Piece184 PHP335.50 PHP
Melted Subway184 PHP335.50 PHP
Subway Club Stack184 PHP335.50 PHP
Marinara Meatballs 184 PHP335.50 PHP
subway footlong

Subway Meals

Smoked Chicken + Soft Drink195 PHP
Veggie Delite Meal (Reg)217.55 PHP
Chicken Sliced Meal (Reg)241.70 PHP
Ham Meal (Reg)241.70 PHP
Egg Mayonnaise Meal (Reg)241.70 PHP
BLT Meal (Reg)241.70 PHP
Italian Spicy Meal (Reg)263.20 PHP
Teriyaki Chicken Meal (Reg)253.20 PHP
Chicken Roasted Breast (Reg)253.20 PHP
Chicken & Sliced Ham (Reg Meal)253.20 PHP
Tuna Meal (Reg)263.20 PHP
Pulled Pork (Reg Meal)263.20 PHP
Italian BMT Meal (Reg)263.20 PHP
Cheese & Steak Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP
Roasted Beef Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP
Subway Melted Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP
Subway Club Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP
Footlong Ultimate Cheesy BMT456.28 PHP
Ultimate Cheesy Chicken Strips285.48 PHP
Ultimate Cheesy BMT285.48 PHP
Footlong Ultimate Cheesy Chicken Strips456.28 PHP
Cheese & Egg Brekfast207.73 PHP
Bacon + Egg + Cheese Meal (Breakfast)232.13 PHP
Chicken Slices + Egg + Cheese Meal (Breakfast) 232.13 PHP
Pulled Pork + Egg + Cheese Meal (Breakfast)244.33 PHP
Meatballs Marinara Meal (Reg)287.70 PHP
subway meals

Subway Desserts and Sides

Garlic Butter Toasts (2pcs)96.38 PHP
Garlic Butter & Mozza Cheese Toasts (2pcs)108.58 PHP
Pepperoni & Veggie Cheesious Toasts (2pcs)108.58 PHP
Egg + Mayo & Veggie Cheese Toasts (2pcs)108.58 PHP 
Flavored Cookies (6pcs)40.25 PHP
Flaoured Cookies (3pcs)97.75 PHP
Flavored Cookies (12pcs)201.25 PHP
Flavoure Cookies (12pcs)402.50 PHP
Flavored Cookie (1pc)46 PHP 
Hash Browns (4pcs)28.75 PHP
subway sides and desserts

Subway SoftDrinks 

Fountain SoftDrink (16oz)57.50 PHP
Fountain SoftDrink (22oz)70 PHP
Canned Soda51.75 PHP
Wilkins Water Bottle34.50 PHP
Vita Coco80.50 PHP
Juice Drink (Bottle)51.75 PHP
Coffee51.75 PHP
Powerade Mountain Blast Drink57.50 PHP
Hot Tea Cup51.75 PHP
subway drinks

Subway Mini Salads Regular

Veggie Delite Salad213.50 PHP
Sliced Chicken213.50 PHP
Ham213.50 PHP
Egg Mayonnaise213.50 PHP
BLT213.50 PHP
Italian Spicy237.90 PHP
Teriyaki Chicken225.70 PHP
Roasted Chicken225.70 PHP
Chicken & Sliced Ham 225.70 PHP
Tuna237.90 PHP
Italian BMT237.90 PHP
Cheese & Steak262.30 PHP
Roasted Beef Piece262.30 PHP
Melted Subway262.30 PHP
Subway Club Stack262.30 PHP
Mini Veggie Delite88.40 PHP
Sliced Chicken Mini103.70 PHP
Ham Mini103.70 PHP
Egg Mayo Mini103.70 PHP
Tuna Mini103.70 PHP
subway salads
Ala Carte Sandwiches for BreakfastPrice 6″Price 12″
Cheese Bread + Egg132.98 PHP253.76 PHP
Bacon +  Egg +  Cheese Bread157.38 PHP302.56 PHP
Ham + Egg + Cheese Bread157.38 PHP302.56 PHP
Sliced Chicken +  Egg + Cheese Bread157.38 PHP302.56 PHP
Pulled Pork + Egg + Cheese169.58 PHP326.96 PHP
subway sandwiches

Subway Mart

Cheesious Slices (50pcs)354 PHP
Pepperoni Slices (30 pcs)165 PHP
Pepperoni (1kg)885 PHP
Slices Salami (30pcs)177 PHP
Salami (1kg)1,003 PHP
Roasted Chicken Breast (7pcs)336 PHP
Roasted Chicken Breast (1kg)708 PHP
Sliced Chicken (30pcs)301 PHP
Bacon Strips (30pcs)649 PHP
Tuna (250g)224 PHP
Olives (100g)94 PHP
Jalapeno (100g)94 PHP
Mayo Bottle 779 PHP
Thousand Island Bottle295 PHP
Bread (10pcs)413 PHP
Bread (15pcs)620 PHP
Bread (20pcs)826 PHP
Cheesious Slices (40pcs)2,655 PHP
Slices Ham (30pcs)448 PHP
Ham (1kg)1,003 PHP
Sliced Chicken (1.04kg)1,003 PHP
Bacon (1kg)1,274 PHP
Steak (250g)295 PHP
Steak (500g)708 PHP
Sausage (6pcs)177 PHP
Sausage (350g)330 PHP
Meatballs (12pcs)155 PHP
Meatballs (400g)417 PHP
Pulled Pork (250g)189 PHP
Pulled Pork (500g)413 PHP
Roast Beef (250g)354 PHP
Roast Beef (1.04kg) 1,475 PHP
Tuna (1.22kg)1,121 PHP
Cucumber53 PHP
Shredded Lettuce130 PHP
Capsicums153 PHP
Red Onions59 PHP
Tomatoes59 PHP
Mixed Pickles94 PHP
Marinara Sauce460 PHP
Honey Mustard Sauce266 PHP
Sweet Onion Sauce248 PHP
Teriyaki Sauce277 PHP
Ranch Sauce295 PHP
Chipotle Sauce366 PHP
Mustard Sauce885 PHP
Sauce (BBQ flavor)313 PHP
Cookies (1dozen)413 PHP
Cookies (2dozen)767 PHP
Cookies (3dozen)1,121 PHP
Subway MEDV Combos (Subs + Water Bottle) Price 4″Price 6″Price 12″
Veggie Delite123.75 PHP136.25 PHP261.25 PHP
Pepperoni Delite123.75 PHP136.25 PHP261.25 PHP
Egg Mayo123.75 PHP 148.75 PHP273.75 PHP
Pulled Pork123.75 PHP161.25 PHP286.25 PHP
subway combos

Subway Soup

Soup102.35 PHP
subway soups

Family Bundle Packs

Chicken Delite3,068 PHP
Ham & Sliced Chicken3,422 PHP
Italian3,540 PHP
subway family packs

You also have the option to try something from Peri Peri and very famous but underrated Teriyaki Boys in Philippines.

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tip: fast food maintains metabolism

My favorite top picks from the Subway menu

Subway is no doubt famous for delivering their personalized delicious sandwiches which is not the case in many other sandwich brands, you can even create your own custom sandwich by using their showcased toppings and fillers. Most of my favorite top picks will be sandwiches here because I personally love Subway only for having sandwiches.

Chicken Sliced Egg & Cheese Sandwich:

Chicken sliced egg sandwich is filled with cheese and sliced eggs. The chicken slices used in this Subway sandwich are like bacon and taste very similar to a hotdog. This sandwich is pretty much healthy and full of proteins. I can’t even describe its taste in words, but I am sure if you eat this, you will for sure enjoy it.

Spicy Italian:

Spicy Italian is like a chicken role in which you will get chicken cutlet, cheese, salad, and many more other things to add calories in your diet. You can have this with a soft drink cola which suits you best with this.

Sausage Sandwich:

Sausage sandwich is very simple like we have in other food courts, but the secret spices used in their sausages make the very different and tasty from others. Take this sausages sandwich with a little bit of green salad in it, and try to add less salad to enjoy the original taste of it. If you are health conscious, you can separately eat green salad after this sandwich or after every bite.

Why you should be mealing at Subway

There is not any rocket science in their items, but yes there is food science in their secret ingredients which made them unique from other brands of all time. The reason why Subway comes to the top list of fast food brands is their maintained taste and quality over the period of years. One of their unique quality preposition is, you will experience the same taste in every subway branch, no matter in which country you are eating this.

  • In my opinion, you should try Subway for healthy mealing for sandwiches. If you are a lean protein lover, you will see most of their food items are filled with lean protein sources like eggs, sausage, bacon, and other meaty items.
  • Subway is an international food brand, you can visit this if you are a classy lover.
  • One of the special things about Subway is, you can even make your own sandwich by visiting their, their team behind the counter will always be asking you about your choice, you can select according to your taste buds and they will simply put that in your sandwich.
  • If you are bored of eating burgers and pizzas, try Subway for a unique sandwich taste that will not be getting at any other brand.
  • The hygiene level of this brand is always on the top and according to international standards.
  • They are also offering sitting spaces for mealing, you can also takeaways and enjoy the outdoors.


Is Subway a sandwich-specific brand?

Yes, Subway is specialized in making delicious, healthy, hygienic, and safe sandwiches to eat.

Is Subway offering Hala food in the Philippines?

Subway is serving Halal meat items in their sandwiches for a specific group of Filipino people.

Is Subway offering free home deliveries?

Yes it is, they are only delivering to their nearest homes and offices under their free delivery network.

From which country Subway belongs?

Subway is a US American multi-national sandwich brand founded back in 1965 by Doctor’s Associates Inc.

Is Subway a Filipino brand?

No, its a US brand originally started with the idea of custom sandwiches.

How many branches of Subway in the Philippines?

More than 45 Subway branches are reported to be operational in Philippines.

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