Teriyaki Boy Menu and Prices 2024

Teriyaki Boy menu is full of Japanese food items with a combinational taste of Filipino spices. This is one of the early food startups in Philippines who took the advantage of presenting a unique taste of Japanese-Philippines food at affordable prices with a great range of options.

The Tariyaki got its breakthrough as it started to provide a blend taste of Japanese and Filipino touch to the large audience of Philippines. It actually provided a unique experience to local people made them love its recipes in first sight with an appealing texture and appetizing smell.

The prices of listed items in the menu of Teriyaki might be changed when you’re visiting the restaurant.

Teriyaki Boy Appetizer Menu

Gyoza (5pcs)179 PHP
Gyoza (10pcs)355 PHP
Gyoza (15pcs)535 PHP
teriyaki appetizers

Teriyaki Boy Rolls Menu

Californian Rolls (8pcs)199 PHP
Philly Cheesy Steak Rolls (8pcs)210 PHP
teriyaki rolls

Teriyaki Boy Rice Meals Menu

Tb Special Chicken Rice Bowl Meal159 PHP
Tonkatsu Rice Bowl Meal159 PHP
Tori Karaage Rice Bowl159 PHP
Ebi Furai Rice Bowl159 PHP
teriyaki rice

Teriyaki Boy Ju and Donburi Menu

TB Special Chicken Don355 PHP
Beef Teppanyaki Ju355 PHP
Katsu Ju355 PHP
teriyaki donburi

Teriyaki Boy Katsu Curry

Curry (Reg)255 PHP
Curry (Large)379 PHP

Teriyaki Boy Gyaniku Curry Menu

Gyaniku Curry (Reg)255 PHP
Gyaniku Curry (Large)379 PHP

Teriyaki Boy Rice Menu

Gohan (Rice)65 PHP

Teriyaki Boy Ala Carte Menu

TB Special Chicken Ala Carte349 PHP
Tori Karaage249 PHP
Beef Belly Teppanyaki299 PHP
Ebi Tempura (3pcs)269 PHP
Tonkatsu289 PHP

Teriyaki Boy Sizzling Steak Menu

Beef Strips155 PHP
Chicken Strips155 PHP
Beef Belly Rice269 PHP
Burger Steak239 PHP
Chicken Steak269 PHP
Pork Steak249 PHP

Teriyaki Boy Soft Drinks

Canned Soda 73 PHP
Bottled Mineral Water50 PHP
Japanese Roasted Milk Tea105 PHP
Coco Sugar Milk Tea105 PHP
Black Tea w/ Rock Salt & Cheese105 PHP

Teriyaki Boy’s Max Coner Bakery Items

Caramel Bars Box (18pcs)165 PHP
Bread Loaf85 PHP
Pandesal Pack (6pcs)44 PHP

Teriyaki Boy Ready2Cook Meals

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Meal Kit (Best for 9/10 persons)670 PHP
Tonkatsu Meal Kit699 PHP
Brined Chicken Pack (5pcs)585 PHP
Brined Tonkatsu Pack (5pcs)485 PHP

If you are Teriyaki lover, some thing from Tokyo Tokyo menu is a must try thing.

Teriyaki Boys as the name suggest is a Japanese cuisine restaurant in the Philippines currently owned by Max’s Group Inc. The restaurant’s aim is to serve Japanese cuisine to a Filipino audience who are old fans of Japanese cuisine. There is no doubt in saying that people in the Philippines love Japanese dishes more than their traditional Filipino.

Teriyaki Boy is an old restaurant that is now being operated internationally with hundreds of successful branches in many major tier 2 and tier 3 countries like the USA, Canada, Philippines, and UAE.

The restaurant is keeping its objective clear of providing high-quality tasty Japanese foods. The single-line agenda of this restaurant as a company is to provide extremely tasty Japanese food that is unforgettable in terms of taste with extra fast delivery to the table and at very affordable prices that every pocket can afford easily.

Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest ones in the world
tip: Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest ones in the world

Top Favorite Picks from Teriyaki Boy Menu

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl:

This meal is a healthy meal that includes a combination of white boiled rice and roasted juicy chicken slices of dark brown color. If you are looking for a meal after which you don’t need to eat anything for several hours.

This is a little bit spicy, but you can have a cola drink or any other soft drink of your choice with this. A combinational drink with this meal fits best.

Chicken Steak:

Chicken Steak is another best-selling item from the whole Teriyaki Boy menu. This is simple chicken steak but very juicy and delicious because of all the secret spices. This steak is very beautifully steak over charcoal with olive oil and some special sauces.

You will get some green salads with this package, you can take one steak bit with a salad bite, it will be full of vitamins and lean protein at the same time.

What Special in Teriyaki Boy

  • One of the most loved Japanese restaurants after Tokyo Tokyo, because Filipino are die-hard fans of Japanese cuisine.
  • Exceptional food quality and hygiene, all cooking is held under personalized standards.
  • A total Japanes themed restaurant with exact Japanese taste in all their dishes.
  • One of the coolest restaurants in the Philippines.
  • Have plenty of dishes listed on their menu.
  • Extra high quality and quick delivery service, no matter where you are ordering, whether at dine-in or at your home.
  • Very much professionally operational with all important KPIs under consideration.
  • As smell as taste.
  • The quality of the food delivered is the same as promised.


Is Drive-Thru facility available at Teriyaki Boy?

As the quality and food type of Teriyaki Boy isn’t suitable for quick takeaway using Drive-Thru, so they aren’t yet providing Drive-Thru service due to these circumstances. 

What is the most popular and widely eaten delicacy of Teriyaki Boy?

There are many dishes of Teriyaki Boy favoritely eaten by many Filipino, but the most famous from their menu is their roasted chicken.

Is Teriyaki Boy offering a home delivery service?

Yes, Teriyaki Boy is offering home delivery services to their delivery network areas. 

How many total branches of Teriyaki Boy in the Philippines?

There are currently 35 successful operational branches of Teriyaki Boy in Philippines.

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