Country Chicken Menu and Price List 2024

Country Chicken menu is a chicken oriented menu in which you will mostly find chicken made items. This restaurant is one of the low priced restaurants in Philippines offering a wide range of traditional chicken cuisines in Philippines.

This is also one of the underrated restaurants in Philippines, but this doesn’t means that their food is low quality food. You can enjoy quality delicious food in minimal price range at Country Chicken.

Country chicken item prices might get changed due to always changing economic conditions in Philippines.

Country Chicken menu 

⅛ Chicken + Plain Rice Bowl83 PHP
⅛ Chicken + Plain Rice bowl + 2 pc Siomoi119 PHP
⅛ Chicken + Plain Rice Bowl + Pancit Canton163 PHP

Noodles Lovers Delight Menu

Canton + 1pc Siomoi + 1pc Barbeque133 PHP
Canton + 2pc Siomoi + 1pc Barbeque151 PHP

Chicken, Rice, and Canton with

1pc Barbeque + 2pcs Siomai230 PHP
1pc Barbeque + 3pcs Lumpia Shanghai224 PHP
1pc Barbeque + Goyong254 PHP
2pcs Siomai + 1pc Sukiyaki258 PHP
1pc BBQ + 2pcs Siomai + Kikiam301 PHP

Traditional Chicken Servings

¼ Chicken + Rice Bowl127 PHP
¼ Chicken + Rice + 2pcs siomai163 PHP
¼ Chicken + Rice + 2pcs BBQ187 PHP
¼ Chicken + Rice + 2pcs BBQ + Canton + 2pcs Siomai304 PHP

Siomai Combo Meals Menu

BBQ + 2pcs Siomai + Rice71 PHP
1pc BBQ + 2pcs Siomai + Rice89 PHP
2pc BBQ + 2pcs Siomai + Rice119 PHP
2pcs Siomai + Rice + 1pc Sikuyaki117 PHP
Rice + 2pcs Siomai + 1pc Sikuyaki + 1pc BBQ147 PHP

Country Chicken Roasted Meals Menu

Jumbo Roasted Chicken410 PHP
Jumbo Roasted Chicken half220 PHP
Regular Chicken280 PHP

Rice Toppins Menu

Spl Chicken + Rice Bowl131 PHP
Regular Chicken + Rice Bowl85 PHP
2 Pork Sticks + BBq Rice83 PHP
1 Pork Sticks + BBq Rice53 PHP
Pork Asado Rice102 PHP
Lumpia Shanghai Rice83 PHP
Saucy pork Chop Rice103/121 PHP

Country Chicken Pancit Menu

Loo Mi160 PHP
Loo Misua160 PHP
Loo Bihon160 PHP
Miki Guisado160 PHP
Misua Guisado160 PHP
Sate Miki Guisado168 PHP
Miki Bihon Guisado160 PHP
Bihon Guisado160 PHP
Sotangion Guisado180 PHP
Pancit Canton160 PHP
Birthday Canton / Misua210 PHP
Maki / Maki Mi160/180 PHP

Country Chicken Soups

Bihon Soup132 PHP
Mihua Soup132 PHP
Sotanghan Soup132 PHP
Nido Soup168 PHP
Ma Chui Soup132 PHP
Ma Chui Misua Soup132 PHP
Wanton Soup160 PHP
Siomai Soup (4pcs)160 PHP
Ho To Tai Soup160 PHP
Bola Bola Soup160 PHP
Corn Cream Soup170 PHP
Hot Sour Soup180 PHP
Pot Po Tuaho Soup180 PHP

Country Chicken Gravy Menu

Chicken Curry195 PHP
Butter Chicken 195 PHP

Country Chicken Pork Menu

Goyong 1pc120 PHP
Kikiam Special142 PHP
Pork BBQ 1stick30 PHP
Fried Pork Chop80 PHP
Pork Chop with Sauce98 PHP
Pork Torta170 PHP
Lumpia Shanghai 24pcs240 PHP
Asado ¼ KG235 PHP
Sweet & Sour Pork198 PHP
Pork Sisig195 PHP
Lechon Kawali215 PHP
Crispy Pata 1pc 620 PHP
Pata Tim 1pc680 PHP
Pork Steak195 PHP
Spicy Pork Ribs195 PHP
Tausi Spare Ribs195 PHP
Mapo’s Bean Curd160 PHP
Sweet & Sour Meatballs195 PHP
Lo Tauho 1pc40 PHP
Torta Tailong 85 PHP

There are dozens of similar chicken brands operational in Philippines including Jo’s Chicken and Mang Inasaal which you can try.

finish you full meal

My Personal Top Picks from Country Chicken

Most Filipino loves only their roasted Chicken and it is the one hot-selling items from their whole menu.

Chicken Specilaity:

I personally enjoyed their specially-made whole chicken roast. It was very delicious and juicy and very easy to chew. Every bite I took was very easy to break from the whole chicken piece because it was very beautifully marinated.

Butter Chicken:

Their butter chicken gravy is very tasty and spicy. I loved this because of its beautiful orange color and Chinese taste. Every bite of butter chicken tastes homogenized. The chicken in their butter chicken is also roasted but kind of different taste than their regular chicken roast. You can enjoy their butter chicken with pita bread or any type of chapati you like. They normally offer Indian-type roti with this which is an amazing combination to taste.

Why you should try country chicken for your next meal

  • Country chicken is one of the low-cost whole chicken providers which is cooked according to their super delicious Chinese cuisine recipe.
  • You can have a lot of things to eat in each menu set.
  • Must go for it if you want to be full at a very affordable cost with your family and friends.
  • Their sitting spaces are limited but not to their taste.
  • If you want a chicken restaurant that doesn’t close on weekend holidays, then go for it any time of the week.
  • This is a small fast-food brand but their home delivery is extra fast.
  • If you love to have fully cooked chicken to brown color, then try this.


Can I have a home delivery service for Country Chicken?

Yes, you can benefit from their home delivery service if your home comes under their home delivery network.

Is Country Chicken facilitating parties?

Country Chicken is a kind of new fast food chain in the Philippines that’s why in some of their branches they are not facilitating parties.

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