Yellow Cab Pizza Menu and Prices 2024

Yellow cab pizza menu includes a great range pizza flavors as this is one of the top pizza brands within Philippines constantly giving tough market competition to other pizza giants. Yellow cab is famous for its wide range pizza sizes and flavors that are like other international pizza brands.

You will not deny the beauty of Yellow Cab Pizza when you see their prices ranges, all type of people can afford their delicious pizzas. They are specialized in just making quality pizzas and this is the reason they are improving their quality day by day.

The prices of the food items listed in the menu of Yellow Cab menu might get changed from the time you’re seeing this and when you’re visiting their restaurant.


2 Pizzas499PHP
2-in-1 Welcome to ’21!899PHP
Citi Fine Delight: (2 Pizzas)449PHP
Delivery Exclusive: (3 Pizzas)699PHP

New York Style Original Crust Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza315 PHP525 PHP735 PHP945 PHP
Hawaiian Pizza 315PHP525PHP735PHP945PHP
BBQ Chicken Pizza420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP
Garden Special Pizza 420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP
Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza 420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP
Roasted Garlic & Shrimp Pizza 420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP
Cheese Pizza 420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP
Patty Melt Pizza420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP
Four Seasons All Meat Pizza 735PHP945PHP1,155PHP
Four Seasons Original Pizza 735PHP945PHP1,155PHP
New York`s Finest Pizza 735PHP945PHP1,155PHP

New York Style Thin Crust Pizza

Pepperoni Thin-Crust Pizza 265PHP475PHP685PHP
Hawaiian Thin-Crust Pizza265PHP265PHP685PHP
BBQ Chicken Thin-Crust Pizza 370PHP580PHP790PHP
Garden Special Thin-Crust Pizza370PHP580PHP790PHP
Manhattan Meatlovers Thin-Crust Pizza 370PHP580PHP790PHP
Roasted Garlic & Shrimp Thin-Crust Pizza 370PHP580PHP790PHP
Cheese Thin-Crust Pizza370PHP580PHP790PHP
Patty Melted Thin-Crust Pizza 370PHP580PHP790PHP

Dear Darl Pizza Menu

Original Darla Pizza 420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP
Roasted Garlic & Ricotta Pizza 420PHP630PHP840PHP1,050PHP

Yellow Cap Chicken Menu

Poppers (Sriracha, Sweet Soy, Garlic Parmesan, Hot Chicks)  (Reg)220PHP
Poppers (Sriracha, Sweet Soy, Garlic Parmesan, Hot Chicks) (Large)450PHP
Wings (Sriracha, Sweet Soy, Garlic Parmesan, Hot Chicks)  (1/2 Pound)450PHP
Wings (Sriracha, Sweet Soy, Garlic Parmesan, Hot Chicks)  (1 Pound)785PHP

Yellow Cab Pastas

Chicken Alfredo Pasta380PHP
Charlie Chan Pasta210PHP
Spaghetti and Meatballs210PHP
Shrimp Alfredo Pasta245PHP
Shrimp Aglio Olio Pasta420PHP
Prima Lasagna250PHP

Yellow Cab Group Bundles Menu

Squad Stuff (L)1,050PHP
Squad Stuff (XL)1,995PHP
Squad Stuff (XXL)2,940PHP

Yellow Cab Party Menu

Baked Mac Party-Tray800PHP
Mac and Cheese Party-Tray800PHP

Yellow cab’s Snacks/Solo Menu


Yellow Cab Ready2Cook Menu

YOU DO YOUr Own Pizza Basic Kit (Pepperoni & Ham or Garlic & Cheese)210PHP

Yellow Cab Desserts and Beverages Menu

ICE CREAM (Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Nutty Pistachio, Strawberry Fields, Chunky Cheese, Cookies & Cream, or Creamy Avocado)145PHP
Sola Tea Iced 75PHP
House Blend Tea Iced 85PHP
Mountain Dew or Pepsi (Reg)135PHP
Canned soda (330ml) (Mountain Dew, Pepsi (Reg), Pepsi Black, Mug Root Beer, or 7-Up)75PHP
Bottled Water45PHP

If you want a replacement, or something that is competitive to Yello Cab, you can check Angel’s Pizza menu, Papa Johns menu, and S&R Pizza menu for best pizza tastes.

Yellow Cab Pizza hi9story: it’s a pizza chain founded back in 2001 in Makati Philippines by Henry Lee, Erin Puno, and Albert Tan. Yes, its a Philippines local brand that falls under Max’s group. Yellow cab is just a 2 decade old pizza brand. From its launch to so far, this brand have reached to about 130 official operational branches with around 1600 employees helping in its operations.

This organization as a fast food chain, struggled a lot in its initial days of launch, but got to a stable position after some years with a huge satisfied customer base. In the starting days of operations, they onely launch 2-3 flavors of Pizza which were very typically, but their consistent hardwork has made this an exceptional food brand which now use only  high quality ingredients.

There are so much to choose from the menu of Yellow Cab, but keep in mind this brand is famous because of its delish pizza with a wide range of flavors. The brand is actively launching new pizza flavors in competition to some other locally operating Pizza brands in Philippines.

beef contains the same healthy fat type found in avocados and olive oil
tip: beef contains the same healthy fat type found in avocados and olive oil

My Top 3 Picks from Yellow Cab Menu

As there are so much options to select from menu of this brand, but some tested items are here for your ease in choosing if you ever get confused of choosing. As this is popular for making pizzas, even i tried this brand for having delicious pizzas there with my daughter and sometimes with my college friends which are still in touch with me.

BBQ Pizza:

Yellow Cab’s BBQ pizza is very much normal in terms of flavor, the uniqueness I found was in the base crust, it was thing and crispy which is not the case in some other brand’s barbeque flavor. Another plus point is the cheese was heavy on it, it was fully loaded with mozzarella and cheddar cheese blend.

The taste of this barbequed chicken pizza was just exceptional and very different from BBQ pizza that some other brands make in Philippines due to their uniqueness in baking style.

Garden Special Pizza:

You might be thinking why this pizza is named as garden special, its because of rush of many different toppings over it, with all these different toppings, mexican as a topping look very eyecatchy, this is the reason they named this pizza as garden special.

In terms of taste it tastes like barbeque pizza but little bit spicy because of chilli and jalapeno as a topping used over it.

Manhattan Meatlovers:

Manhattan Meatlovers is a specialized pizza launched by Yello Cab o huge favortism for meat in Philippines which is very obvious. It is a rule of thumb that if you launch any food item made of meat in Philippines it will get massive popularity and lovers in very small amount of time.

Manhattan meatlover includes toppings of beef bacon and other normal roasted beef pieces over with alot of cheese melted over. This pizza is delicious as well as loaded with rem meat calories, remembr red meat is full of iron and other healthy nutrients. We all know fast food in excess amount isnt good, but its important to have once in a while to boost your body’s metabolism.

Best Things About Yellow Cab

  • Its a middle price range pizza company with competitive prices.
  • The pizza company is not yet very famous, because of this reason they are actively working on improving their taste and quality.
  • Very friendly and kind to their customers, even Yellow Cab gives gift cards to their customers.
  • All high quality ingredients used in food items and all professional and qualified ways of baking are in utlization.
  • The overall staff is very educated and professional in their section of work.
  • Plenty of parking space infront odf almost all branches in Philippines.
  • Local but serving international qualify food and all other services.
  • The staff is very helpful in choosing the best food item for your meal.
  • All food items are exactly the same as mentioned on the menu list, the quantity, the flavor, and the promised addons.
  • Very peaceful dining spaces and even can handle large number of people.
  • Clean and hygiene food, safe to to consume, all made according to food safety practices.
  • Approved to operate from authorities.
  • Fast delivery to your door step.
  • Multiple food ordering options.


How many Yellow Cab Pizza flavors are there?

The Yellow Cab Pizza menu have around 20 different pizza flavors Yellow Cab is offering in their menu list.

For how many people Yellow Cab’s 9 inch pizza is for?

Two people can easily eat Yellow Cab’s 9 inch pizza without any shortage, but if any of you is obese and the thigh might be not enough.

Who is Yellow Cab Pizza owner in Philippines?

There is not a single founder of this brand as a company, Eric Puno, Henry Lee, and Albert Tan are the three share-holders of this fast food chain.

What are Yellow Cab pizza sizes?

Currently there are only 3 pizza sizes YC is offering, 9, 12, and 15 inches.

Where did Yellow Cab Pizza originated?

It was originally originated in Makati Philippines back in 2001.

Do Yellow Cab Pizza offers home delivery service?

Yes they do offer free home delivery service to only places come under their free delivery network, you might have to pay some extra charges if you are far from their branch of service, know about there delivery at here.

Is Yellow Cab Pizza halal in Philippines?

Currently yellow Cab pizza isnt certified for serving halal food in Philip opines.

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