KFC Menu and Price List 2024

KFC menu is a bulk of fried and chicken recipes with an exceptional taste you might not be getting anywhere else. KFC in terms of quality and taste needs no introduction as it’s one of the oldest and experienced fried chicken brand started many decades back in USA.

Now KFC is successfully running its more than 300 branches in Philippines, the special thing about this is all their recipes are not same as in other countries, they completely designed their recipes according to Filipino taste. This brand isn’t a cheap brand, but you can enjoy this in affordable prices.

KFC items prices may be changed at the time you visiting them due to changing economical conditions of Philippines.

KFC Super Platter Meals Menu

Famous Super Platter Bowl272 PHP
Coleslaw Super Salad Platter272 PHP
Macaroni Super Salad Platter272 PHP
Super Platter Buttered Corn228 PHP
Super Platter Mashed Potato228 PHP
Super Platter Spaghettis 160 PHP

KFC Group Meals Menu

Variety Bucket Meal (3pcs) + 1.5 Drink 611 PHP
Bucket Meal (3pcs) + Chicken Chops541 PHP
Bucket Meal (6pcs)565 PHP
Bucket Meal (4pcs) + Chicken Chops586 PHP
Bucket Meal (6pcs) + Rice Bowl + Drinks + Spaghettis660 PHP
Variety Bucket  (4pcs) Meal + 1.5 Drink 795 PHP
Bucket Meal (8pcs) + Rice Bowl + Drinks + Spaghettis879 PHP
Bucket Meal (8pcs)725 PHP
Bucket Meal (8pcs) + Rice Bowl + Fixins Drinks + Browny Cakes825 PHP
Bucket Meal (6pcs) + Rice Bowl + Fixins Drinks + Browny Cakes640 PHP
Bucket Meal (8pcs) + Rice Bowl + Drinks659 PHP
Bucket Meal (6pcs) + Rice Bowl + Drinks495 PHP
Chicken (4pcs) + 1 Box Zinger Steak 725 PHP
Chicken (3pcs) + 1 Box Zinger Steak 565 PHP

KFC All-Chicken Variety Bucket Menu

Crispy Strips Bucket308 PHP
All-Chicken Variety Bucket (3pcs)474 PHP
All-Chicken Variety Bucket (4pcs)678 PHP
Variety Bucket (6pcs)439 PHP
Chicken Bucket (6pcs) + Spaghetti Platter559 PHP
Chicken Bucket (6pcs) + Fixin Super Platter644 PHP
Chicken Bucket (8pcs)579 PHP
Chicken Bucket (8pcs) + Fixin Super Platter 768 PHP
Chicken Bucket (10pcs) + Super Platter1116 PHP
Chicken Bucket (10pcs)720 PHP
Chicken Bucket (20 pcs)1329 PHP
Chicken Bucket (15pcs)1008 PHP

KFC Fully-Loaded Chicken Meals

Fully Loaded Korean Barbeque Flavored Meal164 PHP
Fully Loaded Meal (2pcs)215 PHP
Fully Loaded Meal (1pc)147 PHP
Fully loaded Chicken Chop Meal 174 PHP
Fully loaded Chicken Shot Meal205 PHP
Fully loaded Famous bowl Meal184 PHP

KFC Signature Chicken Meals Menu

Chicken Chops Meal85 PHP
Chicken Chops Ala Carte64 PHP
Combo Rice + Crispy Chicken Strips 130 PHP
Chicken Chops Combo105 PHP
Crispy Chicken Strips + Rice Bowl 105 PHP
Barbeque Flavoured Korean Combo Flaveshots 98 PHP
Mashed Potatio + Chicken Meal (1pc)130 PHP
Soup Bowl + Chicken Meal (1pc)130 PHP
Chicken Meal + Fixin (2pcs)205 PHP
Chicken Meal (1pc)105 PHP
Chicken Meal (2pcs)187 PHP
Buttered Corn + Zinger Steak Meal147 PHP
Crispy Chicken Strips + Rice Bowl89 PHP
Ala King Zinger Steak Ala Carte110 PHP
Barbequed Flaveshots Krean Ala Carte59 PHP
Chicken Ala Carte (2pcs)168 PHP
Chicken Ala Carte (1pc)89 PHP

KFC Bowls and Pasta Menu

Ala King Rice Bowl Meal 142 PHP
Crispy Chicken Strips Spaghettis 135 PHP
Famous Meal Bowl85 PHP
Sisig Rice Meal Bowl142 PHP
Ala King  Rice Meal 115 PHP
Chicken Spaghettis Meal135 PHP
KFC’s Reg Spaghettis55 PHP
Crispy Chikcken Strips Spaghetti118 PHP
Sisig Rice Bowl115 PHP
Famous Meal Bowl70 PHP

KFC Hot Shots Menu

Combo Hot Shots115 PHP
Large Combo Hot Shots 170 PHP
Hot Shots (Reg)70 PHP
Hot Shots (L)120 PHP

KFC Twisters and Burgers and Menu

Zinger Burger (Reg)125 PHP
Combo Zinger Burger 160 PHP
Combo Twister Burger157 PHP
Californian Twister Maki 112 PHP

KFC Breakfast Meals Menu

Hash Browns Meal37 PHP
Pandesal/A.M83 PHP
Pandesal Combo/A.M  112 PHP
Egg Pandesal/AM Egg42 PHP
Arroz Caldo (Reg)53 PHP
Combo Egg Pandesal AM68 PHP
Ham Pandesal AM70 PHP
Combo Ham Pandesal AM99 PHP
Special Arroz Caldo 94 PHP
AM Chicken Ala Carte (1pc)109 PHP
AM. Chicken Rice BowlMeal (1pc)131 PHP
AM Flaveshots Ala Carte85 PHP
Arroz Caldo Meal120 PHP
AM. Flavershots Rice Bowl Meal85 PHP
AM. Steak Rice Meal105 PHP
AM Flavershots Rice Meal105 PHP
AM Cheesy Shausage Rice Bowl  105 PHP
AM Combo Steak Rice Meal130 PHP
AM Combo Cheesy Sausage Rice Meal 130 PHP

KFC Extras and Fixins Menu

Mac N’ Cheese (Reg)51 PHP
Mac N’ Cheese (L)72 PHP
Crispy Brown Potato Fries (Reg)45 PHP
Crispy Brown Potato Fries (L)62 PHP
Junior Fries Bucket85 PHP
Coleslaw (Re)51 PHP
Coleslaw (L)72 PHP
Chickenated Macaronis (Reg)51 PHP
Chickenated Macaronis (L)72 PHP
Mashed Potatoes45 PHP
Macaroni (L)62 PHP
Buttered Corn45 PHP
Large Buttered Corn62 PHP
Mushroom Milkish Soup39 PHP
Gravy (L)18 PHP
Extra Rice25 PHP

KFC Drinks and Desserts Menu

Strawberry Flavoured Panna Cotta35 PHP
Chocolate Flavoured Panna Cotta35 PHP
Kreamery Super Platter121 PHP
KFC’s Brewed Coffee35 PHP
Chocolate Flavoured Sundae30 PHP
Caramel Flavoured Sundae30 PHP
Strawberry Flavoured Sundae30 PHP
Black Iced Coffe45 PHP
Creamy Iced Coffee55 PHP
Iced Tea (Reg)59 PHP
Iced Tea (M)64 PHP
Iced Cold Tea (L)70 PHP
Coca Cola (Reg)49 PHP
Coca Cola (M)61 PHP
Coca Cola (L)68 PHP
Coke Zero (non sugar) (Reg)49 PHP
Coc Cola Zero  (non sugar) (M)61 PHP
Coca Cola Zero  (non sugar) (L)68 PHP
Royal (Reg)49 PHP
Royal (M)61 PHP
Royal (L)68 PHP
Sprite (Reg)49 PHP
Sprite (M)61 PHP
Sprite (L)68 PHP
Brownies25 PHP
Coke Float37 PHP
Coke Float Zer (non sugar)37 PHP
Royal Float37 PHP
Sprite Float37 PHP

In case you are interested in eating similar in taste to KFC but in more affordable cost, try Jollibee as a local brand and also Max’s Chicken which will give you not exactly buy matching mealing experience.

KFC, the Kentucky Fried Chicken needs no introduction because of its long-term popularity and success in winning the taste buds of their customers including me. I am a KFS lover too and I know you are too for which you are here. KFC is the most popular and one of the classic chicken brands worldwide.

The focus of KFC is to provide healthy and cost-effective international-level chicken in a very pleasant manner. The long-term success cause of this food brand is its all-time high-quality friend chicken stuff provision in a quick way. This is the brand not using any third-party raw chicken and growing its own chicken in dedicated broiler farmhouses. All their chickens feed on a special feed that decided the actual taste of the fried chicken after it gets baked.

KFC is my all-time favorite and very popularly eaten by Filipinos not matter if they have the budget for this or not. In my whole life as a Filipino, I almost visited KFC outlets hundreds of times for cheat-day out purposes.

This is not only among the oldest brands in the Philippines but also in the whole world. It gained extremely fast popularity when it was launched for the first time back in 1966 in Phillippines. It was for the very first time officially launched in Zamboanga City from where it got a high local customer base in the Philippines.

Let me tell you one thing, KFC comes in the list of those brands for which you won’t have to research thoroughly before going to have a meal. KFC isn’t just limited to a handful of chicken meals, but they are offering a wide range of items at the extreme with a constant launching of their new recipes. No matter whether you go alone or with your family and friends, they are ready to serve you 24/7.

soft drinks make digestion easier

My top favorite picks from KFC

As a fast food lover, I tried KFC uncountable times and I think I can suggest to you some of their best food items (in case you are new to this or confused) that I personally love and enjoy whenever I go there. All these are my all-time favorites and most often exist on my next wishlist.

Bucket meal with chicken chops

KFC’s chicken chop bucket meal is full of chicken shots spicy and yummy with every bite filled with juice. These are crispy and very easy to chew and digest as the chicken used in these is highly pressed and processed for great taste. Every bite you take of it will dissolve instantly in your mouth and within seconds you are going to put it in your stomach for the next bite. Try this if you love to eat chicken with a great deal of easy digestion.

Korean BBQ Flavorshots Fully Loaded Meal

This meal is specially designed for Filipino Kabayans that are fans of Korean tastes like me. Not a all-time fan of Korean flavor, but I specifically love KFC’s Korean Flavoured BBQs. These are juicy chicken BBQs wrapped in a taco with a touch of salad. If you want a spicy KFC dish, order this on your table. 

Zinger Combio

KFC Zinger combo is crispy fried chicken with layered cheese between a bun. Zainger is one of the KFC items that played a great role in making this brand famous one. Try this if you love to bite a crispy chicken between a soft burger bun, and do not forget to take a sola sip with it.

Steak Rice Bowl

KFC Steal rice bowl is full of carbohydrates and lean protein from the steak they used in this. The rice in this meal is cooked along with ginger and garlic which are going to fill you with calories. The steak in this meal is cooked slowly over coal and is a great deal of nutrition.

Buttered corn

This corn is baked with butter and is considered by most people as a side bite or an appetizer. The corn is stuck over a long toothpick and they are going to serve this very hot. This is also full of carbohydrates and dairy fats from the butter. Consider this as an appetizer or after you ate your all meals from KFC.

Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms are the love of my life because it a secondary source of protein and is very much delicious no matter how you eat them. KFC offers mushroom soup that is baked with garlic and little chunks of mushroom. This soup is milky and very delicious like you are eating mushrooms with melted cheese.

Why KFC should be your next stop

  • KFC is a world-class brand, meal here if you want a budgeted fried chicken restaurant.
  • In case you are highly confused as to which food court you should go to for a party meal, go here for no repent.
  • Highly hygienic and customized meals are presented here.
  • Great range of meals to select from including chicken, and non-chicken.
  • You can also have non-veg here in case you are not a meat lover.
  • Have designed spaces for all types of customers including customers that come alone and for mega parties.
  • You will not have to worry about parking your car, all their outlets are having dedicated front-door parking.


Do KFC provide halal food in Phillippines?

Currently KFC isn’t certified for providing halal chicken at their outlets, however, you can have their non-veg items instead.

Is KFC offering home deliveries?

Yes KFC is offering home and office deliveries to only their nearest places.

Is KFC official in Phillippines?

Yes, KFc is the official and authentic brand in Phillippines launched back in 1966.

Is KFC facilitating parties?

KFC is facilitating for both per-head and parties at their large spaces restaurants in Phillippines.

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