Max’s Restaurant Menu and Price List 2024

Max’s Restaurant menu contains almost all trendy chicken items that are popularly eaten by Filipinos in Philippines. This restaurant isn’t a cheap in terms of their prices, but in terms of quality and taste they are producing is just wow.

Most of their menu items are a mimic to items in Jollibee menu as they are stand alone in competition to Jollibee, but it might be hard for them because Max’s is still new compared to Jollibee. This is one of the fastest growing restaurant in Philippines due to high quality clean food they are offering to customer.

Max’s item prices might get slightly changed when you visit them, its all due to changing economic conditions in Philippines.

Max’s Fried Chicken Menu

Max’s Fried Chicken (Half Fried)330 PHP
Max’s Fried Chicken (Whole Fried)575 PHP
Trio Condiments575 PHP
max chicken

Max’s SOLO Meals Menu

Meal A ATBP229 PHP
Meal B ATBP229 PHP
Meal C ATBP229 PHP
SOLO Pork Barbequed Meal298 PHP
Standard Platter344 PHP
Vintage Meal Platter 344 PHP
Regular Meal Platter 344 PHP
Classical Meal Platter367 PHP
Platter Meal378 PHP
Fiesta Plate Meal378 PHP
Basic Meal (Reg)252 PHP
Best Meal Plate (Reg)424 PHP
Super SOLO Meal Platter424 PHP
Sour & Sweet Fish Fillet Rice Bowl217 PHP
Tofu Cooked Rice Bowl217 PHP
Chicken Sisig Rice Bowl217 PHP
Kare-Kare Rice Meal Bowl321 PHP
Seafood Kare-Kare Rice Meal Bowl321 PHP
Pata Rice Meal Bowl344 PHP
Fish Fillet Wookled with Black Beans Sauce Rice Meal217 PHP
max solo meals

Max’s Ruby’s Favorites Menu

Tinapa Spring Roll263 PHP
Barequed Pork252 PHP
Sizzling Tofu344 PHP
Chicken Sisig309 PHP
Sour and Sweet Fish Fillet 332 PHP
Bangus Boneless 413 PHP
Lechon Kawali436 PHP
Chicken Chop Suey320 PHP
Kare-Kare Vegetable 425 PHP
Kare-Kare Beef 919 PHP
Kare-Kare Crispy Oxtail 919 PHP
Crispy Pasta884 PHP
Sinigang Na Tiyan Ng Bangus515 PHP
Sinigang Na Baboy560 PHP
Sinigang Na Hipon560 PHP
Nilagang Bulalo805 PHP
Pinakbet299 PHP
Black Bean Sauced Fish Fillet332 PHP
Pork Adobo + Ensaladang Kangkong551 PHP
Stuffed Tofu with Adobong Kangkong 298 PHP
max ruby favourtites

Max’s Half-Hour Meals Menu

Whole Chicken Halfy 2.0 (Reg)805 PHP
Chicken Pancit Canton Halfy 2.0499 PHP
Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai Halfy 2.0460 PHP
Sizzling Tofu Halfy 2.0539 PHP
Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus Halfy 2.0736 PHP
max half hour meals

Max’s Ready-to-Bake Products Menu

Sour and Sweet Fish Fillet (Ready-to-Bake)219 PHP
Boneless Marinated Bangus (Ready-to-Bake )138 PHP
Mix Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai (Ready-to-Bake)230 PHP
Kare-Kare Kit (Ready-to-Bake)564 PHP
Reg Crispy Pata (Ready-to-Bake )610 PHP
Lechon Kawali (Ready-to-Bake)288 PHP
Beef Caldereta (Ready-to-Bake)334 PHP
Sour & Sweet Sauce (Ready-to-Bake)46 PHP
Bioneless Marinated Bangus (Ready-to-Bake )219 PHP
Max’s Special Bagoong115 PHP
Leche Flan (Ready-to-Bake )176 PHP
max baked products

Max’s Group Meals Menu

Fried Chicken Group Tray2,199 PHP
Lumpiang Shanghai Meal Tray1,385 PHP
Pancit Canton Meal Tray1,099 PHP
Kare Kare Beef Meal Tray3,189 PHP
max group meals

Max’s Lumpia, Rice, and Pancit Menu

Cake A Pancit Lumpia 2,011 PHP
Cake B Pancit Lumpia 1,494 PHP
Chicken Pancit Canton309 PHP
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (Mini)148 PHP
Fried Lumpiang Ubod (Mini)148 PHP
Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai 275 PHP
Fried Lumpiang Ubod137 PHP
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod137 PHP
Plain Rice Bowl45 PHP
Java Rice Bowl252 PHP
max rice meals

Max’s Desserts Menu

Halo Halo Golden 125 PHP
Halo-Halo125 PHP
Mais Con Yelo114 PHP
Buko Pandan79 PHP
Buko Pandan for Sharing344 PHP
Leche Flan100 PHP
max desserts

Max’s Corner Bakery Menu

Caramel Filled Cheesecake Bar 459 PHP
Malagos Dark Chocolate Flavoured Cheesecake459 PHP
Black Forest Cake1,103 PHP
Choco Delight Meringue 1,103 PHP
Caramel Bar263 PHP
Mango Flavoured Cookies217 PHP
Creamed Cookies Cookies 217 PHP
Pandesal79 PHP
Ensaimada126 PHP
Bread Loaf (1/2)63 PHP
Bread Loaf (Whole)114 PHP
Panderosa102 PHP
Chocolate Flavoured Cake Loaf171 PHP
Wheat Plain Bread79 PHP
Cake Roll Slices56 PHP
max bakery

Max’s Drinks and Beverages Menu

Bottled Mineral Water34 PHP
Canned Softdrink114 PHP
Pepsi Bottle (1.5)125 PHP
Calamansi Cucumber Blend183 PHP
Caramel Bar Blend171 PHP
Buko Pandan Blend171 PHP
Pineapple Juice Blend98 PHP
Orange Pulp Juice 98 PHP
Mango Pulp Juice98 PHP
Green Mango Blend137 PHP
Ripe Mango Blend137 PHP
max beverages

You can also try similar in taste international brands including Popeyes and Kenny Roger’s, keep in mind these are just our personal recommendations of our very personal observation and experience, thing s might be different for you.

Max’s Chicken is a Philippines-headquartered multinational friend chicken restaurant with a target market of Gulf countries, the US, and the Phillippines. It was introduced right after World War II in 1945 in Manila city of Phillippines and is considered among the oldest fried chicken restaurant chains locally and multinational as well.

Max’s unique is their years of experience in the industry of food and chicken. The reason why this brand got multi-national just after 1 decade after its launch is its dedication and always putting high quality and clean food on the table of its customers.

This is among the premium budgeted brands in competition with KFC. Max got a huge breakthrough after its launch mainly in Phillippine because it was only putting the taste on the table that Filipinos love, and this is the only reason it got high popularity in no time.

Maxls come ins the category of brands working something similar to international brands like KFC. All the white meat or chicken used in Max’s meals is grown on some special parameters and special feed in their private broiler farmhouses. All chickens are being kept in a high maintained environment where they are scientifically taken care of. 

have fast food only twice a month

My favorite food items at Max’s 

Max’s comes in the list of my favorite fried chicken brands, not because I am supporting my country but the real service and taste of the food they give. 

Max’s Whole Fried Chicken

Whole fried chicken is not a fancy dish but simply a whole chicken piece baked with some of their special secret spices and a handful of fries. This whole fried chicken is extremely delicious juicy and mouth-watering, baked nicely to a little bit of crisp golden brown with margarine. Select this if you want to be fully budget-friendly.

Vintage Platter

Max’s vintage platter is nothing but a combo deal in which you will get a small rice-buttered bowl, with a half chicken broasted piece, some hot-dog cutlets, and some fruit salad pieces nicely cut and decorated on a white plate. I personally enjoyed this because in this meal you have many options in one plate and no doubt it’s a healthy and nutritious plate in my eyes. 

Sizzling Tofu

Tofus are a milky item but not prepared with regular dairy, it is made from soy milk. If you try specifically Max’s tofu at their restaurant, you will find it golden brown with a soft touch of vegetable garlic. These high caloric and something taste like Thai food. If you don’t want to fill yourself up with many different food items, just try sizzling tofu and you will love this.

Golden Halo Halo

Max’s halo halo is a milk shake made by blending shaved ice, beans, and various other secret ingredients. It tastes like you are having an almond shake mixed with thick vanilla ice cream. This is a post-meal sweet item that Max’s is offering for a long time and it is also considered one of the best up-selling items of Max’s that people most often buy after having a great meal there.

Why you should try Max’s 

  • It’s a country-supporting brand, and a great revenue portion of this brand goes into the national finances of the Phillippines. 
  • With country support, it is putting great quality and delicious food on its customer tables.
  • No party ingredient is being used in any of their recipes, all the contents are custom-made specifically to sell at their branches.
  • It’s a professional food brand taking advantage of modern food technology techniques to provide tasty meals.
  • The overall cleanliness in this restaurant is very much competent and hygienic, and at giving competition to some international brands.
  • Offers a great list of combo meals and side dishes.
  • It’s offering fast delivery service in a matter of minutes, and if you go in your car you can also have a takeaway option and can also dine in. 
  • Large space to sit and enjoy your food there.


Is Max’s Phillippine brand?

Yes, MAx’s is a top Philippine brand but now it’s a multinational brand serving dozens of foreign countries.

Is Max offering home deliveries?

Yes, they are offering home deliveries but only to the nearest areas that come under their delivery network. Most probably they are not facilitating home deliveries to far remote areas in Phillippines.

Can I have a party at Max’s restaurant?

Yes, you can, there is a large space for food enjoyment and the sofas and seat in the restaurant are luxurious.

How many Max’s branches are being operated in Phillippines?

There are more than 180 official branches in different regions of Philippines being operated currently.

Is Max’s offering halal food at their restaurants?

Max’s is entertaining all types of their customers and they are offering trusted halal food as well.

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