Hot Star Menu and Price List 2024

Hot Star menu is a minimalist menu that contains a small range but delicious Taiwanese and Filipino minced taste food items. Hot Star is a local restaurant in Philippines you can enjoy within a very affordable or low price.

Like Jollibee menu it is a great deal of chicken and other combinational recipes you can enjoy with side dishes and also they are offering a range of cold drinks using third party.

Hot Star menu items prices might get changed when you visit them due to volatile economic conditions in Philippines.

Hot Star chicken menu

Chicken Chunkies + Chicharrones230 PHP
Chicken Ala Carte (Taiwan Chicken)230 PHP
XXL Superstar Chicken Ala Carte (herbal flavor)260 PHP
XXL Chicken + Rice Bowl230 PHP
XXL Crispy Chicken Ala Carte + Rice Bowl + Gravy260 PHP
XXL Superstar Chicken Ala Carte (herbal flavour)260 PHP
XXL Superstar Chicken + Rice Bowl + Gravy280 PHP
XXL Superstar Chicken Cheese Bombs280 PHP
XXL Superstar Chicken Combo Cheese Bombs330 PHP
XXL Superstart Chicken Combo Cheese Bomb + Side Dish + Gravy330 PHP
hot chicken

Chicken signature junior menu

Jr Chicken Ala Carte (Taiwan Flavour)145 PHP
Jr Original Chicken + Rice Bowl175 PHP
Jr Crispy Chicken 145 PHP
Crispy Chicken + Rice Bowl + Gravy175 PHP
Crunchy Breaded Chicken (Herbal Flavoured)145 PHP
Superstart Chicken + Rice Bowl + Gravy175 PHP
hot star juniors

Hot Start chicken subwich menu (Sandwich)

Chicken Subwich Ala Carte170 PHP
BBQ Chicken Subwich180 PHP
Chicken Subwich Spicy180 PHP
Chicken Gravy Subwich 180 PHP
Subwich + Fries + Reg Drink240 PHP
BBQ Chicken Subwich + Fries + Reg Drink250 PHP
Spicy Subwich + Fries + Drinks250 PHP
Chicken Gravy Subwich + Reg Drink + Fries250 PHP
hot star sandwiches

Hot Star reg sandwich menu

Chicken Sandwich Ala Carte130 PHP
Chicken Gravy Sandwich Ala Carte130 PHP
Barbequed Chicken Sandwich Ala Carte130 PHP
Chicken Spicy Sandwich Ala Carte130 PHP
Chicken Sandwich + Fries + Drink190 PHP
Chicken Gravy Sandwich + Fries + Drink200 PHP
Barbequed Chicken Sandwich + Fries + Drink200 PHP
Spiced Chicken Sandwich + Fries + Drink200 PHP
Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich Ala Carte195 PHP
Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich + Fries + Drink265 PHP
Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich Ala Carte135 PHP
Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich + Fries + Drink205 PHP
hot reg sandwiches

Hots Star snacks

Spaghettis80 PHP
Barbequed Poppers135 PHP
Poppers (Salt and pepper flavored)135 PHP
Fries Bucket210 PHP
Wedges Bucket210 PHP
hot snacks

Hot Star Side Dishes

French Fries75 PHP
Mashed Potatoes85 PHP
Wedges75 PHP
hot side dishes


Pepsi35 PHP
Mirinda35 PHP
7Up35 PHP
Mountain Dew35 PHP
Blue Lemonade45 PHP
Iced Tea35 PHP
Hot Star Special Mug35 PHP
hot star drinks

Try Shake Shack, Wendy, Kuya J which are being locally operated in Philippines with overall good customer ratings.

Hot Star is not very famous but is a rapidly growing fast food chain in the Philippines, giving constant tough competition to some other local fast food brands. There is no wrong in saying that Hot Star is putting quality food on the table that is being cooked under hygienic practices.

The brand Hot Star is a local Filipino chain working on international quality and safety standards. It is a tier 2 brand but with high quality giving competition to tier 3 food brands in the Philippines. Most of the branches of this chicken brand will be found in Manilla which is the founded city of this fast food chain.

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My Personal favorites from the Hot Star menu

All the following are my personal picks according to my tastebuds, you might not enjoy or maybe we have the same taste in food haha, Pardon if you don’t like my taste (just joking).

Chicken Jalapeno Sandwich

I love spicy jalapenos no matter how I eat whether in a sandwich or in pita bread. I personally enjoyed Hot Star’s jalapeno juicy sandwich fully loaded with salad and many other pickles like black olives.

The very first of this sandwich really touched my heart, the orange sauce used in this was very tasty in which I felt the black pepper taste. Try this sandwich if you are a hot-spicy lover like me. I only tried their spicy jalapeno sandwich, so i can only review about this.

Why you should try Hot Star

  • A clean eating environment with air-conditioned spaces and broad tables and couches.
  • Their delivery to table service was not so fast but very on-time, they promised 20 minutes and they served exactly on 20th minute.
  • The staff is very welcoming and humble, even though they are offering free food to homeless people who can’t afford it.


Is Hot Star a Filipino brand?

Yes, Hot Star is completely a Filipino fast-food chain offering dozens of high-quality cuisines.

Is Hot Star offering home deliveries?

Yes they are offering free home deliveries to only areas that come under their delivery network

Where is the main branch of Hot Star?

This brand was launched very first time in Manilla, there is the main branch.

How many total Hot Star branches are available in the Philippines?

There are 9 branches of Hot Star operational in the Philippines.

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