Shake Shack Menu and Price List 2024

Shake Shack menu is a combinational menu of large range items that includes burgers, steaks, snacks, and many other small and large items for a great meals. Shake Shack is considered as one of the budgeted local food brand in Philippines.

The specialty of this brand is their high quality ingredients usage in making clean food with a consistent taste. In Shake Shack you will experience same taste food evrytime you meal at as they are copying international cooking standards.

The prices for Shake Shak menu items might be little bit different from now at the time you’re visiting the restaurant due to fluctuations in economics.

Shake Shack Burgers Menu

Shack Burger (Single)275 PHP
Shack Burger (Double)445 PHP
Smoke Shack (Single)385 PHP
Smoke Shack (Double)555 PHP
Shroom Burger470 PHP
Shack Stack575 PHP
Hamburger (Single)265 PHP
Hamburger (Double)420 PHP
shak shack burgers

Shak Shack Chicken Menu

Chicken Shack275 PHP
Chicken Bites (6pcs)195 PHP
Chicken Bites (10pcs)295 PHP
Dark Meat Hot Chicken310 PHP
shack chicken

Shake Shack Flat-Top Dogs Menu

Hot Dog210 PHP
Cheese Dog265 PHP
shack flat dogs

Shake Shack Crinkle Cut Fries Menu

Fries (reg)135 PHP
Cheese Fries190 PHP
shack crinnkles and fried

Shake Shack Shakes and Frozen Custard Menu

Featured Shake240 PHP
Classic Hand-Spun Shake220 PHP
Floats210 PHP
Cups & Cones Single150 PHP
Cups & Cones Double180 PHP
shack shakes

Shake Shack Woof

Poochini155 PHP
Bag-O-Bones365 PHP
shack woof

Shake Shack Manila Exclusives

Ube Shake220 PHP
shack manila exclusives

Shake Shack regular Wines

White-Wine  (177ml)260 PHP
White-Wine Bottled (750ml)950 PHP
Red-Wine (177ml)260 PHP
Red-Wine Bottled (750ml)950 PHP
Prosecco bottled (750ml) 1500 PHP
shack wines

Shake Shack Beers

ShackMeister Ale (473ml)180 PHP
ShackMeister Ale (710ml)260 PHP
Lager 330ml bottle125 PHP
Premium Malt Bottled (330ml) 110 PHP
shack beers

Shake Shack Concretes

Shark Attack (Single)250 PHP
Shark Attack (Double)350 PHP
Mega Mangga (Single)250 PHP
Mega Mangga (Double)350 PHP
Coconut Pie Oh My (Single)250 PHP
Coconut Pie Oh My (Double)350 PHP
shack concretes

Shake Shack Beverages

Shack-Made Lemonade (Small)135 PHP
Shack-Made Lemonade (Large)165 PHP
50/50  (Small)135 PHP
50/50 (Large)165 PHP
Shack2O Bottled Water40 PHP
Sparkling Water125 PHP
Organic Brewed Iced Tea (Small)135 PHP
Organic Brewed Iced Tea (Large)165 PHP
Fountain Soda (Small)55 PHP
Fountain Soda (Large)75 PHP
Abita Root Beer190 PHP
Organic Apple Juice105 PHP
shack drinks

Shake Shack Kit

Vanilla Frozen Custard Pint220 PHP
Chocolate Frozen Custard Pint220 PHP
shack kits

Shake Shack Retails

Auro Dark Chocolate Bar95 PHP
shack retails

Shake Shack Addons

Applewood Smoked Bacon130 PHP
Burger Patty160 PHP
Chicken Patty160 PHP
Shroom Patty280 PHP
Cheese Slice40 PHP
Cheese Sauce80 PHP
shack addons

In case you’re looking for something similar, you can also try burgers from Burger King’s, Army Navy and Tropical Hut menu.

Shake Shack is just a two-decade-old fast food chain brand started in New York City America back in 2001. The brand was just started by a hot dog selling on a cart and later launched many other items, now famous for burgers, but in just two decades it got huge popularity across the world. Currently, this food brand is serving its delicious burgers along with many other items to about 155 different countries.

Shake Shack’s owner and founder is Restaurateur Danny Meyer, later after the brand’s high popularity and scalability leads to many other CEOs and directors in many different countries.

Most of the people that buy a burger at Shake Shack, buy a shake with it. There are dozens of flavored shakes available of Shak Shak. Shake Shak is one of the burger brands that introduced the combination of burgers with shakes. But the store doesn’t end here, they are also selling little sides and fries. 

If we talk about the Shake Shack brand’s pricing, this brand is little costly but still falls in the medium place in terms of their prices compared to many other brands in competition to this.

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My Top Picks from Shake Shack Menu

It was a completely different experience at Shake Shack. All the stuff that i had was really in a different taste. 

Shak Burger Single: 

shak burger is the most regular and famously eaten item in the Philippines and many other countries. This burger does include a single beef patty with an amazingly delicious cheese slice and salad with sliced tomatoes. Another thing this include is some small bacon slices.

This burger is juicy, tasty, and healthy because of the salad inside. The bun used in this burger is custom-made and very much different in taste and texture from many other typical buns.

Shark Attach Double:

This is a bun burger, and why they named this ‘shark attack’ is I think because of its reddish-brown look. It’s a double patty beef burger with some extra white cheese topping and salad like in other burgers. The bun used for this burger is very different from another burger bund from Shake Shack. This burger bun looks a little bit dwarf than other buns.

Don’t underestimate this burger in terms of taste. It is true that shark attack burger is a little of high in cost than other burgers, but it’s really a total deal of high calories served deliciously.

Shake Shack Organic Apple Juice:

A burger is always incomplete without juice or any other drink of your choice. This organic juice is simpler and free from preservatives. Not very extraordinary in taste because it’s organic, but a burger with apple juice is a bombastic combination according to my taste buds. 

Most of the time people get constipation after having a heavy burger. But remember, if you combine any burger with apple juice, it will greatly helps in better digestion and smooth bowel movement.

Apple-wood Smoke Bacons:

Applewood smoked bacon are named because these bacon Shake Shack roasts these little bacon on apple wood. Applewood smoke gives it a little bit of a unique taste. As I told above that this brand is really of a different taste than others, this might be because of their different cooking techniques.

But remember, this is a addon if will completely depend on your choice, whether you want to have it in a burger or with fries. In my opinion, if you have some extra money and want to add some more calories to your beef burger, then choose this bacon in a burger of your interest.

Why You Should Give a Try to Shake Shack

  • If you are bored of the same taste of burgers, again and again, must eat at Shake Shack.
  • They own completely different cooking and roasting styles.
  • All the beef or meat used in their items is completely their own grown,
  • All things are neat, clean, and very impressive at the international level.
  • A limited number of food items in their menu will help you save from decision fatigue.
  • All things are cooked under high safety and organic methods.
  • The sitting space is very much of high-class and clean.
  • Self-serve and also waiter service are available at their outlets.
  • A little bit expensive but really budget-friendly.
  • Free home delivery service is available through their Android and IOS apps.
  • Shake shack is making all their items custom to local Filipinos in the Philippines.
  • Burgers are the speciality of Shake Shack, so f you are always looking for some new burger brands, Shake Shack is waiting for you.


Is Shake Shack a Filipino brand?

No it’s an American international brand but franchised in the Philippines with all products according to local Filipino taste buds.

Is Shake Shack offering a home delivery service?

Yes they are, you can order the food using their official app from the Play Store or Apple Store.

What is the most popular item of Shake Shack?

Shakburger single and double, both are their most famous and very regularly selling burgers from all the menu items. Most people eat this burger with their custom crafter cheese fries.

How many Shake Shack branches are there in the Philippines?

There are around 4 official Shake Shack’s branches are operational in the Philippines territory, but more to come sooner or later due to its high demand and positive reviews from all over the world.

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