Burger King Menu and Price List 2024

Burger King menu is a stack of burgers of different flavors of chicken and beef made with high precision methods under supervision of highly professional cooks. This is another international brand and industry leader specifically in burgers after McDonalds.

The Buger King’s range is different from McDo menu as they offer a range or burgers and other food types in terms of base including chicken and beef which is not in the case of Mcdo as it offers mostly of chicken made products.

The menu of Burger Kings in prices might be changed from now at the time you’re visiting the restaurant.

Burger King’s Burger Menu

Whopper Burger140 PHP
Whopper Jr69 PHP
Whopper (3 Meat)185 PHP
Meat Whopper Jr (3 Meat)140 PHP
Whopper 4-Cheese170 PHP
Whopper Jr 4-Cheese99 PHP
Bacon Whopper 4-Cheese245 PHP
Bacon Whopper Jr 4-Cheese159 PHP
Bacon King240 PHP
Bacon King Jr170 PHP
Barbequed Bacon King Burger240 PHP
Barbequed Bacon King Jr Burger170 PHP
Barbequed Bacon Cheese Burger125 PHP
Bacon Cheesef Double Barbequed 175 PHP
Mushroom Swiss Burger120 PHP
Double Mushroom Swiss burger170 PHP
Grilled Cheeseburger (flamed)69 PHP
Grilled Double Cheeseburger (flamed)130 PHP
Grilled Triple Cheeseburger (flamed)185 PHP
Grilled Quadruple Cheeseburger (flamed)230 PHP
Grilled BBQ Hamburger (flamed)59 PHP
Grilled Hamburger (flamed)59 PHP
burger king burgers

Burger King Burger Meal Menu

Whopper Burger Meal170 PHP
Whopper Jr Burger Meal109 PHP
Whopper Meal (3 Meat)215 PHP
Whopper Jr Meal (3 Meat)170 PHP
Whopper Meal 4-Cheese199 PHP
Whopper Jr Meal 4-Cheese150 PHP
Bacon Whopper Meal 4-Cheese270 PHP
Bacon Whopper Jr Burger Meal 4-Cheese205 PHP
Bacon King Burger Meal270 PHP
Bacon King Jr Burger Meal200 PHP
Barbequed Bacon King Meal270 PHP
Barbequed Bacon King Jr Meal200 PHP
Barbequed Bacon Cheese Meal150 PHP
Double Barbequed Bacon Cheese Meal200 PHP
Mushroom Swiss Burger Meal150 PHP
Double Mushroom Swiss Burger Meal200 PHP
Grilled Cheeseburger Meal (flamed)109 PHP
Grilled Double Cheeseburger Meal (flamed)160 PHP
Grilled Triple Cheeseburger Meal (flamed)215 PHP
Grilled Quadruple Cheeseburger Meal (flamed)260 PHP
Grilled BBQ Hamburger Meal (flamed)99 PHP
Grilled Hamburger Meal (flamed)99 PHP
king burger meals

Burger King Tender Chicken Menu

Tender Price
Chicken Nuggets59 PHP
Chicken Nuggets Burger59 PHP
Chicken Nuggets Burger Meal99 PHP
King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice
120 PHP
King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice Meal (1pc)130 PHP
King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice (2pc)180 PHP
King’s Crunchy Chicken with Rice Meal (2pc)190 PHP
Ex-Tra Long Chicken Sandwich99 PHP
Ex-TraLong Chicken Sandwich Meal150 PHP
Chicken Nuggets with Fries Meal (4pcs)99 PHP
Chicken Nuggets with Rice Meal (4pcs)99 PHP
Chicken Nugget with Fries Meal (6pcs)140 PHP
Chicken Nuggets with Rice Meal (6pcs)140 PHP
tender chicken

Burger King Menu for Squad

Squad BundlePrice
Bestsellers Value Bundle (3 packs)289 PHP
Bestsellers Value Bundle (4 packs)389 PHP
Specialty Burger Bundle (3 packs)399 PHP
Specialty Burger Bundle (4 packs)499 PHP
king squad menu

Burger King Little Sides Menu

Onion Crafted Rings39 PHP
Thick-Cut Fries39 PHP
burger king sides

Burger King Desserts and King Menu

Caramel Sundae39 PHP
Chocolate Sundae39 PHP
Cookie Avalanche Caramel Sundae49 PHP
Cookie Avalanche Chocolate Sundae49 PHP
Coke in Can40 PHP
Minute Maid Fresh Apple52 PHP
Coca Cola47 PHP
Minute Maid Fresh Orange52 PHP
Sarsi47 PHP
Apple Float49 PHP
Lipton Iced Tea47 PHP
Coke Float49 PHP
Mocha BK Joe Frost75 PHP
BK Joe Coffee55 PHP
Sarsi Float49 PHP
Mineral Bottled Water35 PHP
king desserts

If you wanna try something different in the same budget, you can select Army Navy, Shake Shack, and also from Teriyaki Boys menu.

Burger King needs no introduction, but it’s a complete deal of deliciousness and healthy calories packed between two-piece buns. Their specialty exists in burgers with little crunchy but juicy and spicy meat kebabs with toppings of some green salads and sliced tomatoes and a cheese slice.

Burger King was started back in 1953 in America, it’s a hamburger fast food chain which is about 7 decades old. According to 2021 stats, this burger brand is currently operating in 19247 different locations in the world.

If we look into the history of Burger King, it started back in 1997 very first time in the Philippines and got viral popularity among Filipino people due to their craze for meatish kebabs burgers. When it was first launched in Quezon City, there was not any international burger brand available in the whole Philippines territory of tier 1 level.

There is not a single person involved in the overall stake of Burger King in the Philippines, along with foreign investors, many Filipino local but popular brands took a stake in local Burger King launch and made it one of the successful international burger brands within the country over the period of time.

burger and salad nutritional combination
health tip: burger and salad nutritional combination

Most Popular and Hot Selling from Burger King Menu

I’ve only tried one of their items which you will find below, but I’ve also listed their most popular items which are loved by many Filipino people including my friend Bayani who is an old Burger King fan.

Burger King’s Whopper:

Whopper is a special name for the signature hamburger decided by Burger King. Its a juicy kebab burger and its kebab is made from beef and grilled with a light smoke taste. Its kebab is placed under a layer of salad in which you will find tomatoes, onion rings, and green leaves. 

In my opinion, it’s a deal of superfood in which you are having buns made with grains, meat with protein, and vegetable salad for essential vitamins. An addon with this burger is a cheese slice which they will only place on your demand and extra charges.

BBQ Bacon King Meal:

If you are thinking that this meal will include some traditional foods with curry and gravy, then you might be wrong. BBQ Bacon King Meal is a deal that includes a delicious hamburger with roasted beef bacon above the beef kebab, salad is also included in this same as in Whopper.

With this burger, you will get a handful of french fries, chicken nuggets, and a chilled cold drink, cheese slice is also optional here.

Flame Grilled Cheeseburger:

Round bun, with a brownish grilled beef kebab, a cheese slice, and salad topped over kebab within a soft round fluffy bun. The reason why this burger is different from other Burger King burgers is that this is grilled over direct flame, this grilling technique makes this burger unique in taste from all other burger cateries.

There are two types of flamed grilled burgers you will find in the burger king menu, a double and a single burger, The double burger includes 2 flamed kebabs, 2 yellow cheese slices, and a single layer salad, but in single one, you will get all these only one layered. The double cheeseburger normally costs 10-15% higher than the single one.

Chicken Nugget Burger:

The chicken nugget burger of Burger King is a burger in which they used their typical chicken nuggets which you get in some other meal deals. There is no special patty types used in this but just their simple nuggets.

In this burger, you will get 6/7 nuggets same in each burger, and a salad layer. The cheese they are using in this burger is a little bit different compared to their other yellow cheese slices. They are using light yellow or off-white color cheese which is extremely delicious and very much unique in taste.

Best things about Burger King in Philippines

Some best things about Burger King as an international and high-quality brand are here which you can consider before visiting any of their local branch in the Philippines.

  • All of Burger King’s local branches in the Philippines make custom food items according to Filipino taste bids. 
  • Its main focus is burgers as the brand name speaks, so if you are a fast food locker mainly in burgers and love to try different burger types, then must visit Burger King.
  • Their delivery service is very much different and unique in style, when you order a meal at their desk, they will give you a buzzer wristband to wear, wearing this band, you can freely visit other areas in the food court, it will buzzer when your order is ready, now you can have your meal without waiting for it.
  • The cleanliness and safety standards are highly professional and up-to-date. All staff members are very frank with their customers.
  • Sitting spaces are good and clean as it international brand.
  • Beef burgers are their identity, if you love to eat beef burgers, go here.
  • On-time home delivery service without any extra or hidden charge.
  • Their branches and customer service can handle a mass-level customer at a time.
  • Parking spaces are always available to all their local single branches, suppose you are visiting any of their branch which is located inside the food court of a shopping mall, you will get the parking of that shopping mall easily.
  • A large range of burgers to choose from.
  • This is a multi-national brand, but very budget-friendly, all their meals are very affordable


Can i order from Burger King using my mobile?

Yes, you can order food using their official mobile app with free home delivery service under their delivery radius.

How many total branches of Burger King are operational in the Philippines?

Currently, there are 63 official BK branches are operational in the Philippines.

Is Burger King offering Drive-Thru option?

Yes BK is offering Drive-thru but only to their selected branches. You can see their drive-thru branches here.

Is Burger King a Filipino fast food brand?

No, its an American brand with main focus on burgers, later it started into Philippines with various local branches in different areas.

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