Popeyes Menu and Price List 2024

Popeyes menu presents you all internationally know food items as its an American international food brands that recently came out as multinational fast food company. Popeyes is a chicken focused brand offering high quality chicken recipes in Philippines.

If you want to taste American taste fast food items by staying in Philippines, Popeyes will be you best friend in this regards. You can enjoy this brands in Philippine’s in very minimal prices as they are almost new to the Philippines market that’s why they are offering competitive prices.

Popeyes menu item prices might be changed slightly at the time you’re visiting them, its all due to changing economical conditions in Philippines.

Popeyes Chicken Piece Menu

Meal NamePrice
Chicken (3pcs) + Rice Bowl215 PHP
Chicken (3pcs) + Rice Bowl + Reg Drink230 PHP
Chicken (1pcs) + Rice + Cajun Rings + Reg Drink116 PHP
Chicken (1pcs) + Rice Bowl89 PHP
Chicken (1pcs)  + Rice + Reg Drink105 PHP
Chicken Spaghetti (1pc) 119 PHP
Chicken Spaghetti (1pcs) + Reg Drink135 PHP
Chicken (1pcs) + Fries +  Rice + Drink116 PHP
Chicken (1pc) + Biscuit + Spaghettis + Drink159 PHP
Chicken (2pcs) + Rice Bowl165 PHP
Chicken (2pcs) + Rice Bowl + Reg Drink179 PHP
Chicken (2pcs)  with Biscuit and Drink194 PHP
popeyes chicken menu

Popeyes Chicken Tenders Menu List

Meal NamePrice
Tenders (2pcs)  + Spagettis + Drink + Biscuit 159 PHP
Chicken Tenders (2pcs) + Drink + Spaghetti 136 PHP
Chicken Tenders (3pcs) + Biscuit + Drink149 PHP
Chicken Tenders (3pcs)  + Fries + Drink136 PHP
Chicken Tenders (3pcs)  +  Rice + Drink132 PHP
chicken menu list

Popeyes Chicken Buckets & Packages 

Meal NamePrice
Package A (6pcs)535 PHP
6 PC Package B (6pcs)529 PHP
One Chicken Bucket (6pcs)395 PHP
Package A (8pcs)755 PHP
Package B (8pcs)749 PHP
One Chicken Bucket (8pcs)525 PHP
popeyes chicken buckets

Popeyes Squad Packages Menu comes in Central Gift Box

Squad Package A (3 People)
Get 3 Shrimp-Burgers +
3 Popeyes Spaghetti +
1 Cajun Fries Jumbo Pack +
1 Box of 3 Honey Flavoured Biscuits +
3 Reg Drink +
A Free Kid Toy
714 PHP
Squad Package B (8 People)
4 Chicken Burgers +
4-pieces of Popeyes Fried Chicken +
4 Rice Bowls +
2 Cajun Fries Jumbo Pack +
2 Box of 3 Honey Flavoured Biscuits +8 Reg Drinks + 2 Free Kid Toys
1009 PHP
Squad Package C (8 People)
A Shrimp Burger +
1 Chicken French Quartered Burger +
1 Chicken Reg Burger +
1 Fish Reg Burger +
4 Pcs Popeyes Fried Chicken +
4 Rice Bowls +
2 Cajun Fries Jumbo +
2 Box Honey Flavoured Biscuits (3 each) +
8 Reg Drinks + 2 Free kid toys
1170 PHP
Squad Package D (8 People)
4 Shrimp-Burgers +
4pcs Popeyes Fried Chicken +
4 Rice Bowls
2 Cajun Fries Jumbo +
2 Box Honey Flavoured Biscuits (3 each)8 Reg Drinks + 2 Free Kid Toys
1254 PHP
Squad Package E (8 people)4 Chicken French Quartered Burgers +
4pcs Popeyes Fried Chicken +
4 Rice Bowls +
2 Cajun Jumbo Fries +
2 Box Honey Flavoured Biscuits (3 each)
8 Reg Drinks +
2 Free Kid Toys
1292 PHP
Squad Package F (8 People)
4 Reg Chicken Burgers +
4 Chicken French Quartered Purgers +
2 Cajun Fries Jumbo +
2 Box Honey Flavoured Biscuits (3 each) +8 Reg Drinks + 2 Free Kid Toys
1249 PHP
Squad Package G (8 people) +4 Devour Shrimp Burgers +
4 Chicken French Quartered Burgers +
2 Cajun Fries Jumbo +
2 Box Honey Flavoured Biscuits (3 each) +
8 Reg Drinks + 2 F Kid Toys
1479 PHP
popeyes squad packages

Popeyes Cookies Menu

Meal NamePrice
Honey Flavoured Cookies49 PHP
Hazelnut Cookies59 PHP
White Chocolate Cookies59 PHP
Box of Honey Cookies (3pcs)139 PHP
Box of Honey Cookies (6pcs)254 PHP
Box Assorted Cookies (3 pcs)165 PHP
popeyes cookies

Popeyes Chicken Burgers Menu

Crunchy Chicken Burger55 PHP
Chicken Burger + Drink + Fries99 PHP
Chicken French Quartered Burger126 PHP
Chicken French Quartered Burger + Drink + Fries180 PHP
Fish Piece Burger129 PHP
Fish Burger + Drink + Fries155 PHP
Shrimp Burger135 PHP
Shrimp Burger + Drink + Fries159 PHP
U.S. Spicy Chicken Sandwich + Drink + Fries181 PHP
U.S. Spicy Chicken Sandwich Ala Carte145 PHP
popeyes burgers

Popeyes Spaghettis

Spaghetti Ala Carte59 PHP
Spaghetti Bowl + Reg Drink70 PHP
popeyes spaghettis

Popeyes Signature Side Dish Menu

Cajun Rice Bowl39 PHP
Cajun Rings49 PHP
Reg Cajun Fries45 PHP
Cajun Fries (Medium)65 PHP
Cajun Fries (Large)79 PHP
Reg White Rice Bowl25 PHP
popeyes side dishes

Popeyes Drinks and Desserts Menu

Coke Zero (sugar-free)Price
Bottled Mineral Water34 PHP
Caramel Sundae31 PHP
Choco Sundae31 PHP
Coca Cola49 PHP
Coke Float40 PHP
Coke Zero (sugar free)49 PHP
Iced Tea (Drink)56 PHP
Lemonade Soft Drink56 PHP
Pineapple Drink56 PHP
Royal 49 PHP
Sarsi49 PHP
Sprite49 PHP
popeyes desserts

Popeyes Add-ons and Condiments 

Bold Bbq Dip12 PHP
Extra Gravy17 PHP
Honey Packet10 PHP
Hot Ranch Dip12 PHP
Mardi Gras Dip12 PHP
Ranch Dip12 PHP
popeyes addons

Within the Philippines Popeyes and The Max’s Chicken have a tough food market competition, which you can also try for experience.

Popeye is an American fast food chain with millions and billions of fans there in almost every tier 1 and 2 country. The Philippines is one of those countries in which its fans are available in greater amounts. Popeyes is no doubt a high-quality professional food brand specializing in chicken food products.

If you are one of the Filipinos that are hardcore American style lovers. Then you might be the one who is in love with all the food range that Popeyes offers on their table. The popeye from decades in the Philippines takes advantage by implementing highly professional food science and fermentation techniques in their food processes.

Not only this, Popeye is one of the leading international chains in the Philippines that is taking very seriously the health of their consumers by taking advanced steps in food hygiene in their kitchens. Popeye with food hygiene is a must doer of giving a great taste to your taste buds when you are in hunger and looking for a juicy layered bite that is going to quench your hunger.

One great thing I love about Popeye is the wide range of soft drinks they offer with their food packages. The drinks they put on your table are kept at a very optimal temperature that you are going to love and they have a range from caramel drinks to royal drinks that are quite unique in their taste.

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Top 4 Popyese items I love

As I am very much serious about selecting food items when I visit a food outlet with my friend or family. Most of the time when I travel with my friends, I usually chose to try some different brands that I never tested before which is why I am here.

Shrimp Burger

Their shrimp burger is a great deal of calories and taste side by side. The roasted shrimp in the buns Popeye offer is golden brown with juicy bites and will never stay for long in your mouth, it will quickly dissolve under your teeths when you start chewing it.

I personally love their shrimp burger because of the very unique taste they had for it which you might not get in any other food brand.

Chicken Tenders and Spaghetti

Chicken tenders are always my favorite as they are very soft to chew and how nicely the layers of the chicken break when you bite them. Popeyes chicken tenders are very made from compressed boneless chicken pieces and the spice on it they use is just wow.

Spaghetti you know is always a favorite of Filipino people and all other Southeast Asians. The reason why I specifically love popeye spaghetti is that they crunchy chicken mini bite they filled in every bite.

Caramel Sundae

Caramel sundae is a unique name they selected for their dessert which is a vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup as a topping. Popeyes caramel sundae is made with thick cream which is going to soothe your stomach when you are going to eat. 

Iced Tea

As I am a tea lover in my house and I love to take Popeye’s iced tea. Popeye iced tea is served in a very unique way in which you will notice a coal taste. Their ice tea is cooked on coal flame in which you will also get a cardamom and mint touch.

Why you should consider Popeyes for your next meal

Following are some reasons that I think you should consider reading before landing at the Popeye branch for your next heavy meal.

  • If you are an American-style lover like many other Filipinos even me, then you should choose Popeye’s as your next meal.
  • Popeyes is a quality and one of tier 1 international food brands in the Philippines with over 50 legal branches operating. You should consider this if you are an international taste lover.
  • Normally international brands offer a very limited number of meals, but Popeye has an extensive range of fast food meals in combination with chicken for their valued Kabayans. 
  • Their budgets are normally higher than some local food brands in Phillippines, but still, they are affordable and not so expensive for you to afford. You can easily eat with your friend and family without spending much.
  • If you are looking for healthy fast food that is cooked under highly qualified supervision and trained staff with extra cleanliness and international standards following hygiene, you must go to Popeye.
  • Popeye launched in 2018, but still, it’s considering new in the country because it does not spend a decade over here, so if you want a new environment, you must go here.
  • Each food item goes under highly maintained food science techniques in their kitchen which made each bite easy to digest.
  • The chicken used in each Popeye meal is grown in private poultry farms in the USA, and the meat is exported from the USA to every Popeyes branch in Phillippines. Their chicken taste is highly dependent on the poultry food they use to feed their chickens.
  • Their chicken is highly processed, safe, and healthy to consume. With this, the cooking oil they are using is heart friendly but you must try to take care of your health when you are consuming junk food.


What type of chicken Popeye uses?

The chicken used in all Popeyes outlets is grown in their private poultry farms in which all the chickens are being fed on a specialized poultry feed.

Does Popeys offer home delivery?

Yes but in very selected tier 1 regions in the philippine near their official branches only.

Is Popeye an international taste?

Of course, Popeye is an American brand officially launched back in 2018 in Phillippines, this brand always works on a systematic workforce for providing the same taste every time you visit. 

Can I have a halal meal at Popeye?

Yes, Popeye is offering halal food as most of their items are chicken-based instead of pork and beef.

How many Popeyes branches are there in the Philippines?

There are around 33 branches reported to be operational in the Philippines of Popeyes.

Is Popeyes a Filipino food brand?

It was originally started in Mexico, later expanded to Philippines, so its not a Filipino brand.

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