Goldilocks Menu and Price List 2024

Goldilocks menu is cakious menu as it one of the widely known bakery shops in Philippines providing high quality, clean, and delicious bakery items at the same time. Not only they are limited to bakery items, but also a range of other meals and snakcs.

The specialty of Goldilocks is their fluffy delish flavored cakes made from fresh ingredients and fruits of all sizes. Their cakes prices are not low as other bakeshops in the country because they are providing quality and value for money.

All menu prices of goldilocks might be changed when you’re visiting the shop due to volatile economic conditions.

Goldilocks Cake Menu

MangoLuscious Cake759 PHP
Celebration Round Cake 9″ (4in1)506 PHP
Celebration Cake 8×12 (4in1)770 PHP
Strawberry Chocolate Premium Cake825 PHP
Goldilocks Yema Cake795 PHP
Cherry Choco Torte682 PHP
Royal Fudge Toblerone682 PHP
Pastel Blooms Ube 8×12770 PHP
Round Pastel Blooms Ube 9”506 PHP
Round Pastel Blooms Strawberry 9”506 PHP
Strawberry Pastel Blooms (8×12)770 PHP
Princess Cake for (Birthday)539 PHP
Minnie Cake for (Birthday)539 PHP
Mickey Cake for (Birthday)539 PHP
Spiderman Cake for (Birthday)539 PHP
Avengers Cake birthday()539 PHP
Round Pastel Blooms Mocha 9”451 PHP
Round Pastel Blooms Marble 9”451 PHP
Round Pastel Blooms Chocolate 9” 451 PHP
Pastel Blooms Marble (8×12)682 PHP
Pastel Blooms Mocha (8×12)682 PHP
Chocolate Pastel Blooms (8×12)682 PHP
Unicorn Cake (8×12)649 PHP
Unicorn Cake (8×12)858 PHP
All About Chocolate (8-inch round)792 PHP
Luscious Caramel Cake (9-inch round)638 PHP
Chocolate Whole Roll Overloaded352 PHP
Rounf Black Forest 8”682 PHP
Brazo de Mercedes Whole Roll451 PHP
Round Chocolate Mousse 8”682 PHP
Greeting/Celebration Cake (8×12)682 PHP
Balloon Cake (8×12)649 PHP
Dulce de Leche Whole Roll352 PHP
Classic Mocha Whole Roll352 PHP
goldilocks cake4s

Goldilocks Snacks and Pasalubong Menu

Ube Cheese Puto121 PHP
Cheesy Taisan94 PHP
Cathedral Window264 PHP
Cheesy Ensaymada Hugs121 PHP
Classic Puto (12s’)99 PHP
Monay77 PHP
Raisin Oatmeal Biscuits55 PHP
Chocolate Chip Biscuits55 PHP
Classic Brownies (4’s)55 PHP
Butter Macaroons (12`s)66 PHP
Mongo Hopia (6’s)77 PHP
Pork Hopia (6’s)77 PHP
Caramel Popcorn (85 grams)39 PHP
Ube Loaf (275 grams)66 PHP
Classical Brownies275 PHP
Cheesious Ensaymada33 PHP
Fluffy Mamon25 PHP
Cream Polvoron and Cookies154 PHP
Wheatened Bread88 PHP
Milk Bread and Eggs88 PHP
Sandwich Bread (550 grams)77 PHP
Pinipig Polvoron154 PHP
Cashew Polvoron154 PHP
Classic Polvoron187 PHP
Assorted Polvoron231 PHP
Egg Pie (cake)275 PHP
Butter Macaroons (28`s)132 PHP
Butter Sliced Cake29 PHP
Chocolate Sliced Cake 29 PHP
Butter Puto (12s’)99 PHP
goldilocks snacks

Goldilocks Greeting Cakes menu

Greeting CakesPrice
Goldilocks with BT21 RJ Greeting Cake390 PHP
Goldilocks with BT21 Mang Greeting Cake390 PHP
Goldilocks with BT21 Chimmy Greeting Cake390 PHP
Goldilocks with BT21 Van Greeting Cake390 PHP
Goldilocks with BT21 Cooky Greeting Cake390 PHP
Goldilocks with BT21 Shooky Greeting Cake390 PHP
Goldilocks with BT21 Koya Greeting Cake390 PHP
Goldilocks with BT21 Tata Greeting Cake390 PHP
goldilocks greeting cakes

Goldilocks Merienda Menu

Puto with Pork Dinuguan153 PHP
Puto with Palabok142 PHP
Sotanghon with Puto142 PHP
Fresh Lumpia fresh109 PHP
Chicken Flavor Popcorn Ala Carte109 PHP
Puto with Pancit Malabon142 PHP
Arroz Caldo109 PHP
Sotanghon Soup109 PHP
Egg and Fried Veggie Lumpia109 PHP
Chicken Adobo Pie (on demand only)65 PHP
Tuna Sisig Pie (on demand only)65 PHP
Pork with Chorizo Bilbao Pie (on demand only)76 PHP
Spicy Beef Pie (ODO)76 PHP
Chicken Pie (ODO)65 PHP
goldilocks merienda

Goldilocks Regular Meals Menu

Rice with Chicken Flavor Popcorn131 PHP
Rice with Breaded Porkchops208 PHP
Rice with Lechon Paksiw219 PHP
Rice with Barbequed Pork186 PHP
Rice Barbequed Boneless Chicken208 PHP
Rice with Pork Sisig164 PHP
Rice with Rellenong Bangus197 PHP
Rice Beef Kare kare219 PHP
Rice with Beef Caldereta219 PHP
Rice with Pork Dinuguan153 PHP
goldilocks regular meals

Goldilocks Combo Meals

Combo MealsPrice
Rellenong Bangus1,099 PHP
Palabok769 PHP
Sotanghon769 PHP
Barbequed Pork (12pcs)769 PHP
Pancit Malabon769 PHP
Lumpia Fresh(16pcs)769 PHP
A: Sotanghon, Barbequed Pork, Lumpia Shanghai 879 PHP
B: Palabok, Barbequed Pork, Fresh Lumpia879 PHP
C: Malabon, Barbequed Pork, Lumpiang Shanghai879 PHP
Egg and Fried Veggie Lumpia (16pcs)769 PHP
goldilocks combo meals

Goldilocks Pinoy Deli Menu

Pinoy DeliPrice
Pinoy Deli-RTE-BBQ (10pcs)439 PHP
Pinoy Deli-RTE-Dinuguan 494 PHP
Pinoy Deli-RTE-Caldereta549 PHP
Pinoy Deli-RTE-Kare Kare549 PHP
Rice with FS Pork Dinuguan120 PHP
FS Laing + BBQ Chicken BBQ +  Rice120 PHP
FS Beef Kare-Kare +  Rice120 PHP
FS Beef Caldereta + Rice120 PHP
Caldereta Pouch109 PHP
Dinuguan Pouch87 PHP
Laing Pouch76 PHP
goldilocks pinoy deli

Goldilocks Beverages

Beverages Price
Iced Latte (16oz)65 PHP
Iced Coffee (16oz)65 PHP
goldilocks drinks

Goldilocks Desserts List

Guinumis Iced87 PHP
Buko Pandan Iced87 PHP
Ube Macapuno Iced87 PHP
Mais Con Yelo87 PHP
Iced Sago’t Gulaman Iced54 PHP
goldilocks desserts

Goldilocks BT21 Fondant Cake Menu

Goldilocks with BT21 Cooky Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
Goldilocks w/ BT21 Tata Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
Goldilocks w/ BT21 Chimmy Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
Goldilocks w/ BT21 RJ Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
Goldilocks w/ BT21 Shooky Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
Goldilocks w/ BT21 Koya Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
Goldilocks w/ BT21 Van Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
Goldilocks w/ BT21 Mang Fondant Cake1,200 PHP
goldilocks fondant cakes

Within the Philippines’s terriotory, something similar brands included Pancake House, JD Bakeshop, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, and Conti’s Bakery shop.

Goldilocks is an old and well-known Philippines bakeshop mainly dealing in fast foods including cakes, rolls, and sandwiches by their specialized names. This bakery brand was developed and established 47 years ago from now in Makati Phillippines by Chinese Filipino sisters as business stakeholders.

The brand tagline is ‘You Are The One Goldilocks’ and was created to deliver quality and clean confectionary and bakery items to Filipino people who love American-style bakeries. Initially, this startup was started with 10 employees and it has now reached hundreds of employees working in different intranational branches.

Goldi’s Bakeshop is currently planning to increase its sales globally after great success in the USA. Every Filipino expats in the USA has tried this brand due to its delicious sweet bakery items. After the USA launch, this brand got extreme popularity among Filipino people around the world due to its business operations in such a large international American market.   

One of the main reasons for its popularity is its unique way of self-serving style of traditional Filipino desserts like we do in some very popular international brands. Another big cause of their success is the cleanliness and up-to-the-mark ingredients and secret recipes which is making their food items stand up in the Philippines market by taking over some other bakeshops of this level.

cakes are high in calories
tip: cakes are high in calories

My Personal Favourites from the GoldiLocks Menu

In my total experience at Goldilocks, all their products are of exceptional taste and quality, but some that are really close to my heart are following. If you are new to this brand and feel confused about what to eat, try the following items which are also of them hot-sellings. I noticed that 90% of the Goldilocks Bakeshop menu includes only sweet items and 105 are others.

I noticed that 90% of the Goldilocks Bakeshop menu includes only sweet items and 105 are others, but it’s normal because this brand’s priority was to sell sweet bakery items to local Filipino customers.

Mango Luscious Cake

Mango Luscious is a soft mango flavor creamy cake with a bulk of cream topped. This cake is made using fresh ingredients like fresh mango slices and fresh whipped ice cream. There are about 3 to 4 thin puff layers inside this cake that are very soft and can be broken with a hard touch.

The whipped cream used on this cake was high volume and extremely tasty with a mango touch with light yellow color. A normal-sized Goldilocks’ mango luscious cake can be easily eaten by ⅔ people.

Butter Sliced Cake

Sliced butter cake is nothing but a simple butter flavor cake best suitable for breakfast with a cup of tea. It is fully loaded with healthy calories as it has butter, egg, and milk inside which are the best ingredients to give your body a boost of energy.

It’s a fluffy and soft yellowish color cake with a great texture and taste. It is highly safe to eat and processed through expert food technology techniques and sealed in a printed polythene branded bag giving the look of a mini wheat bread. This is a cake that one person can easily eat to full.

You might make fun of me, but let me tell you, sometimes I blend this cake with a chocolate shake and drink that, I love this combination.

Cheesy Taisan

Cheesy taison is a specialized name for a specific cheesecake type that is garnished with crushed coconut. It’s a deal of deliciousness and healthy calories which includes cheese and all other cake ingredients batter.

This cake isn’t extremely sweet as other typical cakes because of the cheese as the main ingredient. You can have this cake with a cup of hot or cold coffee, try to eat this cake with cold coffee in the summer season and with hot coffee in winter.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is also a particular chocolate cake type that is fully loaded with dark chocolate. The first taste impression I got eating this cake was just the same as I am eating an ice cream, but it’s not.

Normally it looks like other chocolate round cakes with a normal white cream, but in taste, it is completely different. It is the softest chocolate cake I have ever eaten in my life. Its internal layers even include chocolate as the high in quantity ingredient. It’s a variant of double chocolate cake with a totally different flavor style.

Why You should try GoldiLocks for Shopping Bakeries 

  • An international taste bakeshop with a vast range of bakery items.
  • Successfully operating its branches in America and Canada, can be a reason for its expertise mainly in the bakery.
  • One of the premium and safest food items to eat in the Philippines.
  • Ranks in the bakeshops that use international taste, hygiene, and baking standards using highly professional baking tools.
  • Goldilocks is a cake specialist bakeshop, you can consider if you are a cake lover, you will find different categories of cakes here.
  • If you are looking for premium-level bakeries to bring a party or wedding in, it will be the best choice for you to show your class. Their party packaging is extremely of premium quality.
  • The company is having a great experience of more than 4 decades in the industry, their experience is proof of their expertise.
  • Up to the mark customer service and behavior with their customers.


How much does Goldilocks cake cost?

All Goldilocks cakes are of different price tags, but the average cake price is around ₱150.

Is Goldilocks halal in Philippines?

Goldilocks is a Halal Certified food brand offering halal food items to their specific customer base in the Philippines.

How many totals of Goldilocks Bakeshop branches are operating?

More than 415 official Goldilocks Bakeshop branches are operational including the USA, Canada, and the Philippines, but the headquarters origin is mainly in the Philippines.

Is Goldilocks offering a home delivery service?

Yes, they are currently giving home delivery services to their nearest areas and also taking online orders through their website.

Is Goldilocks an American Bakeshop?

Goldilocks is a Philippines national brand but later franchised to USA and Canada. It was mainly started by two Filipino Chinese sisters in Philippines back in 1966.

Is Goldilocks a Filipino food brand?

Yes, it’s a completely Filipino food brand that originally started in the Philippines and now converted to a huge local fan-based brand.

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