Pancake House Menu and Prices 2024

Tired of busy schedules and not having breakfast at the right time in the morning? Pancake House menu is mostly breakfast oriented for Filipino that are extremely busy in their work schedules and even forget to breakfast. Eat their deliciously made healthy breakfasts to stay energetic throughout your work day.

Pancake house is now famously known for its high quality and delicious food items specifically designed for breakfast, once you eat any items from Pancake House menu, you’ll not deny the joy of its taste.

Menu items and prices of Pancake house might be little bit different when you’re actually visiting the restaurant.

Waffles and Pancakes for Breakfast

Classic Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  205.85
Classic Pancakes (3pcs)PHP  246.10
Cheese Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  240.35
Cheese Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  269.10
Banana Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  240.35
Banana Pancakes (3pcs)PHP  269.10
Chocolate Marble Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  240.35
Chocolate Marble Pancakes (3pcs)PHP  269.10
Chocolate-Chip Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  249.35
Chocolate-Chip Pancakes (3pcs)PHP  269.10
Walnut Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  246.10
Walnut Pancakes (3pcs)PHP  286.35
Blueberry Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  246.10
Blueberry Pancakes (3pcs)PHP  286.35
Banana Caramel Walnut Pancakes (2pcs)PHP  246.10
Banana Caramel  Walnut Pancakes (3pcs)PHP  286.35
Classic Pancake MedleyPHP  356.50
Cheese & Bacon Pancake MedleyPHP  396.75
Golden Brown WafflesPHP  228.85
Chocolate Marble WafflesPHP  251.85
Cheese WafflesPHP  251.85
Bacon WafflesPHP  269.10
Caramel Banana Walnut WafflesPHP  269.10
pancake house waffles

Pancake House Starters

Mushroom SoupPHP  113.85
Best Taco in TownPHP  113.85
Caesar SaladPHP  281.75
Best Tuna Macaroni SaladPHP  218.50
Potato SaladPHP  218.50
Fiesta Taco SaladPHP  356.50
pancake starters

Pancake House Filipinos Favorites

Chicken or Pork TocinoPHP  310.50
Daing na BangusPHP  408.25
Smoked Golden TinapaPHP  431.25
Beef TapaPHP  356.50
pancake Filipino specials

International Delights

Cheese & Ham OmelettePHP  258.75
Mushroomy OmelettePHP  235.75
Spanish OmelettePHP  258.75
Cinnamon ToastPHP  143.75
French ToastPHP  201.25

Pancake House Special Sets

Spaghetti Club (Special Set)PHP  345.00
A. House Specials Set PHP  373.75
B. House Specials Set PHP  373.75
Pan Chicken (Special Set)PHP  373.75
Hamburger Steak (Special Set)PHP  373.75
Roast Beef (Special Set)PHP  408.25

Pancake House Pastas

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce (Reg)PHP  253.00
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce, (Large)PHP  385.25
Classic Mac Baked PHP  286.35
CarbonaraPHP  356.50

Pancake House Main Course

Classic Pan Chicken (2pcs)PHP  264.50
Classic Pan Chicken (3pcs)PHP  345.00
Classic Pan Chicken + Golden Brown Waffle (1pc)PHP  310.50
Classic Pan Chicken + Golden Brown Waffle (2pcs)PHP  408.25
Fish RollPHP  333.50
Pork ViennaPHP  345.00
Special Salisbury SteakPHP  345.00
Spicy Chicken with Brown Rice PilafPHP  322.00
Crispy Chicken FilletPHP  286.35
Hot Roast BeefPHP  402.50
Spicy Maple DanggitPHP  286.35
Pan Grilled Pork BellyPHP  345.00
Chicken ParmigianaPHP  286.35
Corned Beef HashPHP  322.00
Eggs & SteakPHP  632.50

Sandwiches and Burgers

Jumbo House BurgerPHP  396.75
Grilled CheesePHP  235.75
TunaPHP  241.50
Tomato, Bacon, and LettucePHP  293.25
Clubhouse SandwichPHP  402.50
Cheese & Grilled HamPHP  264.50
ChickenPHP  287.50

Kids Breakfast Meals

Kids MenuPrice
Mini Pancakes Classic PHP  138.00
Mini Classic Pancakes + Sugar-coated Chocolate BitesPHP  155.25
Children’s Spaghetti ClassicPHP  138.00
Slice N’ ShinePHP  258.75

Takeouts and Classic Favorites

Make Your Own Taco Box of (5pcs)PHP  458.85
Classic Pan Chicken (6pcs) + 3 rice bowls PHP  684.25
Classic Pan Chicken (6pcs)PHP  603.75
Classic Pan Chicken (8pcs) + 4 rice PHP  879.75
Classic Pan Chicken (8pcs)PHP  787.75

Ready2Cook Meals

Ready to CookPrice
Fish Rolls + Lumpia SaucePHP  411.70
Salisbury Steak + Gravy SaucePHP  926.90
Pork Vienna w/ Breading + Polka SaucePHP  463.45
All Meat Spaghetti SaucePHP  661.25
Beef TapaPHP  1288.00
Country SausagePHP  284.05
Daing na BangusPHP  239.20
Smoked Golden TinapaPHP  284.05

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Pancake House was founded in the USA back in 1953 with the main idea of putting a wide range of breakfast items on the customer’s table. Now Pancake House isn’t just limited to selling pancakes, there are dozens of items you can choose from their menu. 

In 1974, Pancake House took its first launch in the Philippines and reached massive heights of success in sales as Filipinos tried this. People of the Philippines always have a love for American foods, so this might be the reason for its success in the Philippines.

It’s one of the oldest breakfast food chain brands with a large customer base and positive reviews. As Pancake House experienced positive customer feedback, they started investing on many other different fast food items in order to expand their operations.

breakfast improves concentration and focus
tip: breakfast improves concentration and focus

Top Picks From Pancake House Menu

Classic Pancake:

Classic pancake is the breakfast items that made this brand a famous breakfast brand. Till today this item is one of their hot-selling items, this pancake really just selling like hotcakes from all their branches.

You will get sweet syrup with this pancake to pour over and eat. This pancake with sweet syrup is high in carbohydrates which give you all-day energy. The pancake has egg and butter inside, this will give you proteins that are going to fill up your all breakfast needs.

Cheese Pancake: 

Cheese Pancake was just wow, with cheesy bites, and high breakfast calories. This pancake due to cheese, isn’t that much sweet as a classic pancake. You can have this pancake with a cup of tea.

A caffeinated drink always suits a pancake that is not much sweet, if you want to enjoy this pancake to its fullest, don’t drink a carbonated cold drink with this, instead take tea or a cup of coffee with low sugar.

Beef Tapa:

Always favorite of Filipino all over the Philippines. Beef tapa if eaten in breakfast, can provide all the protein requirements from red meat that you need in a week. Pancake House’s Beef tapa is juicy according to Filipino taste.

Why You Should go at Pancake House

  • Pancake House is specific in selling breakfast items, so if you ever need a restaurant that serves mainly breakfast, go here.
  • All food items are cooked according to Filipino taste buds with an American touch.
  • Quality food is served here with proper hygiene and is safe to consume.
  • Dozens of different breakfast items to choose from.
  • An international-level brand mainly originated in the US.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Up to the mark customer support.


Is Pancake House providing home delivery service in Philippines?

Yes, They are providing home delivery services from all their branches to their nearest areas only.

Does Pancake House offer Drive-Thru?

Pancake House isn’t offering drive-thru option due to the food type, as pancakes and breakfast items are suitably served on dining.

How many pancake house braces are in Philippines?

There are around 94 official branches of Pancake House that are successfully operational across the Philippines.

What are Pancake House opening hours in the Philippines?

Pancake House opens at 7:30 sharp morning and closes at 12 am. to know more, you can visit their site.

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