Taco Bell Menu and Prices 2024

Taco Bell menu presents you amazing offers with all delicious items made with high quality ingredients and processes theta re being under supervision of highly qualified and expert cooking staff in their niches.

We all know Taco Bell is an international brand launched around 2 decades back in Philippines. The brand after its local launch got a huge fan base in a matter of some years as before it there are vey few to no tacos restaurants available in Philippines.

Taco Bell menu and prices will be slightly different from the prices listed down below when you’re visiting the restaurant, all this because of changing economic conditions in the country.

Taco Bell’s Tacos

Soft/Crunchy Tacos89 PHP
Crispy Potato Beef Taco129 PHP

Taco Bells Burritos

Beef Burrito and Potato139 PHP
Beef Burrito149 PHP
Chicken Duo Crispy Grillers149 PHP
Beef Shawarma Burrito159 PHP
Stuft Grilled  Burrito169 PHP
Naked Burrito175 PHP
Crunchywrap Supreme179 PHP
Grilled Stuft Grilled Burrito XL199 PHP

Taco Bells Cravers

Cinnamon Twists55 PHP
Nachos Sprinkles59 PHP
Cheesious Jalapeno Roll Up79 PHP
Cheesious Potatp Fiesta 95 PHP
Cheesy Quesadilla135 PHP
Nacho Bucket149 PHP
Beef and Cheese Quesadilla169 PHP
Nachos Bell Grande179 PHP
Beef and Cheese Quesadilla199 PHP
tacoc ravers

Taco Bell Combinationals  

Crunchy Combo Taco – (with cheesy fiesta potatoes + 473ml soda)199 PHP
Soft Potato Taco Beef Combo199 PHP
Beef Burrito Combo209 PHP
Crispy Chicken duo Grillers Combo219 PHP
Naked Burrito Combo229 PHP
Grilled Stuft Burrito Combo239 PHP
Combo Chicken Quesadilla 239 PHP
Crunchywrap Supreme Combo239 PHP
Taco Burrito (Meal)299 PHP
Meal for 2: Supreme (Meal)509 PHP
taco combinational

Taco Bells Bundles

Party PacksPrice
6 Tacos(6’s of signature Crunchy or Soft tacos) 509 PHP
5 Cheese Quesadilla
(5’s of classic Cheese Quesadilla)
649 PHP
9 Tacos
(9’s of signature Crunchy or Soft Tacos)
749 PHP
Family Trio Pack
(2 Tacos, 2 Beef Burritos, 2 Cheese Quesadillas)
739 PHP
6 Burritos
(6’s of Signature Beef Burritos)
889 PHP
8 Cheese Quesadilla
(8’s of Classic Cheese Quesadilla)
999 PHP
9 Burritos
(9’s of Signature Beef Burritos)
1,329 PHP

Wanna try something similar but different in taste like Taco Bell? must try once from Subway menu in your life.

Taco Bell is a tacos-specific food chain started in America back in 1962 by Yum Brands Inc. The company started its operations in the Philippines in 2004 which reached to massive sales just after its launch because of its famous name.

Today there are dozens of branches of Taco Bell in the Philippines successfully operating to serve Filipino people for their love for tacos for a long time. Taco Bell’s tagline or slogan is ‘Live Mas’ which means Live More. This food brand has very much friendly relations with their customers as the slogan is indicating.

The only reason for the success of Taco Bell is only their delicious taste and their friendly relationship with their clients. Taco Bell is more like a custom food brand in such a way that each customer can pick his/her favorite fillers or toppings for tacos.

tacos can be a good source of protein and fiber
tip: tacos can be a good source of protein and fiber

Top Picks from Taco Bell Menu

Taco Bell’s menu is very defined in which you will find almost all tacos of different types and flavors with many other combinational small food items. Almost all their meals are very delicious, following are some of the best picks you can choose at Taco Bell.

Crunchy Taco:

Crunchy taco is Taco Bell’s most famous item that every Taco Bell customer once eaten in their life. This taco is crunchy but you can also take the same shape taco in soft. This is the hot selling item of all time and this item made this brand famous in the world.

You can have multiple filling options available at Taco Bells for this crunchy wrap. You can fill this chicken or with beef and salad all according to your choice. 

Beef Shawarm Burrito:

This beef sharma will include a pita bread wrap over grilled beef pieces and with sauce and a little bit of salad. The grilled beef slices in this shawarma are normally spicy and are salt juicy. This combination of beef in soft pita bread is going to fill you with lots of calories.

CrucnhWrap Supreme:

This comes with a hollow or an empty space pita bread in which you can put beef or chicken pieces according to your choice. You will also have the option to fill this bread up with salad and special sauces that Taco Bell offers. This can be a full meal that you can have with a carbonated soft drink.

Chicken Quesadilla:

Chicken quesadilla is a cuisine that includes two slices of pita bread in cone shape between which you will have a cheesy layer with chicken, jalapeno sauce, and various other ingredients. This is a spicy thing that cant be eaten alone, you must have a sweet drink with this in order to enjoy this in full.

Why You Should Try Taco Bell

  • It’s an international brand, very few restaurants are still there in the whole world that serves specifically in tacos.
  • Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant that offers you a range of tacos in different styles and tastes.
  • Pita bread or a taco-specific fast food chain, you will not be confused of so many food items listed on their menu.
  • The Philippines’ top trending food brand these days.
  • A completely different food experience, as tacos, aren’t very common yet.


Does Taco Bell offer home delivery in the Philippines?

Taco Bell offers free home delivery to particular areas around their branches in the Philippines. If your place of stay is far from their branch, you still can order their food by paying extra delivery charges. You can call their official number to place an order 8911-11-11.

Does Taco Bell offer drive-thru service in the Philippines?

Taco Bell doesn’t offer any type of drive-thru service within Philippines.

How many Taco Bell branches are in the Philippines?

There are around 10 operational Taco Bell branches in the Philippines, more are on the way to come. You can check their branches here https://tacobell.com.ph/locations/

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