Peri Peri Menu and Prices 2024

Peri Peri menu deserves to the top notch in whole Philippines due to amazing combination of food types that Peri Peri have made over the period of time by keeping in mind the taste sense and budget of their customers.

Peri Peri as a food restaurant has achieved many milestones for their growth within Philippines, it now considered as one of the authoritative food brand in the country due to its exceptional taste and hygiene for food.

Peri Peri menu items with their prices are keep changing according to the changing economic conditions in the country, so may face a slightly different prices for their meals.

Peri Peri Salads Menu

Chicken Tender SaladPHP 251.00
Peri Sebastian SaladPHP 225.00
Peri Shrimpy SaladPHP 303.00
peri salads

Peri Peri Quesadillas

Cheese QuesadillasPHP 105.00
Barbequed Chicken QuesadillasPHP 125.00
Philly Cheese SteakedPHP 188.00
peri quesadillas

Peri Peri Rappa

ChickenPHP 168.00
FishPHP 150.00
BeefPHP 205.00
PerichonPHP 219.00
peri rappa

Peri Peri Pica Menu

Dynamite Pica (Reg)PHP 105.00
Dynamite Pica (Shareable)PHP 275.00
Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Skin (Single)PHP 105.00
Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Skin (Shareable)PHP 275.00
Salted Potato Egg Chips (Reg)PHP 105.00
Salted Potato Egg Chips (Shareable)PHP 275.00
Jalapeno Fries (Reg)PHP 105.00
Jalapeno Fries (Shareable)PHP 275.00

Peri Peri Pasta Menu

Chorizo Bolognese (Single)PHP 235.00
Chorizo Bolognese (Shareable)PHP 450.00
Carbonara (Single)PHP 268.00
Carbonara (Shareable)PHP 525.00
Shrimp Aglio Olio (Single)PHP 294.00
Shrimp Aglio Olio (Shareable)PHP 599.00
Pasta Tartufo (Single)PHP 315.00
Pasta Tartufo (Shareable)PHP 725.00
Cheese & Bacon Mac (Single)PHP 250.00
Cheese & Bacon Mac (Shareable)PHP 550.00
Beef Meatball Spaghetti (Single)PHP 268.00
Beef Meatball Spaghetti (Shareable)PHP 550.00

Peri Peri Chicken Menu (Charcoal)

Half Charcoal ChickenPHP 310.00
Whole Charcoal ChickenPHP 595.00
Whole Chicken + 4 SidesPHP 775.00

Delicious BBQ Ribs

Half BBQ RibsPHP 692.00
Half BBQ Ribs + 2 SidesPHP 797.00
Whole BBQ RibsPHP 1,311.00
Whole BBQ Ribs + 4 SidesPHP 1,490.00

Peri Plates

Quarter Chicken + 1 SidePHP 255.00
Quarter Chicken + 2 SidesPHP 299.00
Half Chicken + 1 SidePHP 399.00
Half Chicken + 2 SidesPHP 439.00
Quarter Ribs + 1 SidePHP 385.00
Quarter Ribs + 2 SidesPHP 455.00
Chicken & Rib Plate + 1 SidePHP 539.00

Special Platters

Plato PorcoPHP 278.00
Chicken & PastaPHP 285.00
Grilled Honey Porked BellyPHP 314.00
Fillet-o-FirePHP 299.00
BBQ Honey Chicken FilletPHP 299.00
BBQ Bourbon Riblet PlatePHP 326.00

Group Meals

Group MealsPrice
Chicken (groupo)PHP 820.00
Rib (groupo)PHP 1,499.00
Chicken + Rib (groupo)PHP 1,999.00

Side Dishes

Corns and Carrots (Reg)PHP 55.00
Corns and Carrots (L)PHP 140.00
Coleslaw (Reg)PHP 55.00
Coleslaw (L)PHP 140.00
Tortilla (Reg)PHP 55.00
Tortilla (L)PHP 140.00
Mashed Potato (Reg)PHP 55.00
Mashed Potato (L)PHP 140.00
Fries (Reg)PHP 55.00
Fries (L)PHP 140.00
Bacon Mac and Cheese (Reg)PHP 55.00
Bacon Mac and Cheese (Reg)PHP 140.00
Honey Glazed Marble Potato (Reg)PHP 55.00
Honey Glazed Marble Potato (L)PHP 140.00
Fruit Medley (Reg)PHP 55.00
Fruit Medley (L)PHP 140.00

Peri Extras

Spanish Rice BowlPHP 65.00
Java RicePHP 50.00
Steamed RicePHP 40.00

Soft Drinks

House Blend Ice Tea (Reg)PHP 70.00
House Blend Ice Tea (Bottomless)PHP 120.00
House Blend Ice Tea (Carafe)PHP 170.00
House Blend Ice Tea (1L)PHP 119.00
Cucumber Lemonade (Bottomless)PHP 70.00
Cucumber Lemonade (Carafe)PHP 120.00
Cucumber Lemonade (1L)PHP 170.00
Cocumber Lemonade (1L)PHP 119.00
Soda (Reg)PHP 70.00
Soda (Bottomless)PHP 120.00
Soda (Pitcher)PHP 170.00
Soda (Canned)PHP 79.00
Coke Soda (1.5 L)PHP 110.00
Drip CoffeePHP 70.00
Mineral Bottled Water PHP 53.00
Cucumber Lemonade (Reg)PHP 45.00

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softdrinks help digestion
tip:softdrinks help digestion

Top Picks from Peri Peri Menu 

There are alot more things to eat at peri peri, but some of them are very obvious and popular among people that visit Peri Peri oftenly. 

Shrimp Salad:

Shrimp salad is simple yet a tasty combination of roasted shrimps and green salad pieces. This salad is extremely healthy with rich protein present in shrimps. Doesnt matter how shrimps are consumed, but if they are consumed in salad they are both healthy and tasty at the same time. If you love to drink a softrank with this salad and dont want yourself to be harmed by extreme sugars in cold drinks, try to use sigar free carbonated drinks instead of high sugar.

BBQ Chicken:

BBQ chicken is no matter which brands of, Filipinos are always in love with this from decades of their love for chicken. Peri Peri’s BBQ chicken is also listed as Portoguese chicken in some branches of Peri Peri in Philippines.

This is a little bit spicy deal, if you eat this with a cold drink like cola or sprite, you will be amazed with the combination. 

BBQ Ribs:

BBQ ribs are beaf tendered ribs with juicy touch, some people in Philippines use to eat this in breakfast, some us to eat this alone or with rice bowl and a cold drink.

Why you should go to Peri Peri

  • Like most of the brands in the Philippines, Peri Peri is an international food brand that always maintains its food quality and hygiene.
  • The meat at Peri Peri is properly tendered, marinated and safe to eat that comes at your table after processing through different food processings.
  • A great list of items to choose from, they have listed dozens of food items on their menu and constantly brings new food recipes.
  • Mainly focused on fast food, so if you are a person that always dont like mealing boring stuff at home, Peri Peri is waiting for you always.
  • Prices are highly competitive due to increase competition in Philippines, you can avail their food in very minimal amount of money.


Is Peri Peri a Filipino brand?

Peri Peri is a South African fast food chain launched in Philippines in recent years.

Does Peri Peri offers home delivery service in Philippines?

Yes Peri Peri do offers free home delivery to their residential network in Philippines.

How many branches of Peri Peri are operational in Philippines?

There are around 60 successful operations Peri Peri branches in the Philippines.

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