Paotsin Menu and Prices Philippines 2024

Spending money on different types food is an investment to your taste buds, Paotsin menu in Philippines is presenting you high quality fast food filled with clean calories and nutrients. Paotsin have all the delicious food types that you need to quench your hunger.

Paotsin is one of the rapidly growing food brand in the territory of Philippines with an exceptional happy customer base. Most of their public reviews are positive as people enjoy their food which is made of pure ingredients.

before you see pricing for Paotsin listed food items, note that due to changing economic conditions in Philippienes, you may see different prices when you’re visiting their restaurants.

Dumpling Menu

Dumplings (Solo)PHP 47.00
Dumplings (Fried)PHP 47.00
Dumplings (Steamed)PHP 47.00
paotsin dumplings

Rice with Dumpling

Rice + DumplingPrice
Hainanese Rice w/ DumplingsPHP 65.00
Lemak Rice w/ DumplingsPHP 65.00
paotsin dumpligs rice

Rice with Asian Chicken

Rice ComboPrice
Hainanese Rice w/ Asian ChickenPHP 85.00
Lemak Rice w/ Asian ChickenPHP 85.00
paotsin asian rice

Rice and Crackling Pork

Rice + PorkPrice
Hainanese Rice w/ Crackling PorkPHP 90.00
Lemak Rice w/ Crackling PorkPHP 90.00


Laksa w/ DumplingPHP 75.00
Laksa w/ Asian ChickenPHP 90.00
Laksa w/ Crackling PorkPHP 100.00

Paotsin Extras

Hainanese RicePHP 30.00
Lemak RicePHP 30.00
Buko Pandan (12oz)PHP 27.00
Buko Pandan (16oz)PHP 30.00
Buko Pandan (22oz)PHP 32.00
Pandan Coolers (12oz)PHP 28.00
Pandan Coolers (20oz)PHP 30.00

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chinese food is healthy
paotsin menu

In the fast-food industry,Paostin is one of the top brands established in 1995. Paostin’s has been serving a diverse and unique variety of Asian dumplings and dishes for the past 23 years. Even after so many years of service, the caliber of their products is still unmatched. In the Philippines, some of the most popular dishes of Paotsin menu are:

My Top Picks from Paotsin Menu

Following are some top picked items that i personally enjoyed eating as Paotsin, there almost each item I have eaten there, I loved. You can try from the following told, but still you are not bound to try nly these, you can try different meal and can share your experience with us.

Steamed Beef Wanton

There are many different varieties of paotsin dumplings available. Steamed beef wantons, also known as dumplings, are one of the best sellers. They are unique, aromatic, genuinely flavorful, and healthier than Pork Wantons. 

Lamek Rice

Paotsin’s Lemak Rice is inspired by Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak, which uses coconut milk and pandan leaves, and topped with crispy toasted garlic. There is a hint of traditional Filipino garlic rice flavor in Paotsin’s Lemak Rice. Its velvety richness pair exquisitely with seafood dumplings such as prawn puffs and scallop wontons. Additionally, the meal also complements the Asian Chicken brilliantly, making a harmonious fusion of flavors. Try Paotsin’s Lemak Rice for a delightful blend of familiarity and allure.

Hainanese Rice

Paotsin’s menu most well-known dish is Green Hainanese Rice. Hainanese rice is originated in the Southern China where it was developed by immigrants based on the Wenchang Chicken dish.

The appetizer that is most commonly linked with Singaporean cuisine is currently finding its next iteration on the menu at Paotsin.  The leaves of Pandan are infused into Paotsin’s Hainanese Rice to provide it its instantly recognizable green hue. It goes surprisingly well with a variety of dumplings, especially meat-based ones like beef wantons or pork dumplings, as well as Asian chicken. Hainanese rice is soft, fluffy, and delicious.

Laksa Soup

Laksa, a Malaysian noodle soup that is also popular in Singapore and Indonesia, blends coconut milk with seafood broth to create a flavour that is slightly creamy, sweet, and spicy.

Although there are variations, the most well-known Laksa in Malaysia impresses guests with a strong curry flavour absent of coconut broth.

Traditional laksa is blended with a Filipino flair in Paotsin’s Laksa Soup. It delivers a gentler spice level and might not be as creamy as the well-known variants because it has been tailored to local preferences.

Why Paotsin should be your next meal stop

  • Paotsin prioritizes the use of high-quality ingredients, resulting in delicious and authentic flavors.
  • You can enjoy in Paotsin Menu Philippines’ mouthwatering cuisine at a great price thanks to their alluring deals.
  • It offers a cozy and welcoming ambiance that makes a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal.
  • Whether you enjoy rice dishes, dumplings, or noodle soups, Paotsin has a variety of unique and mouthwatering choices that will have you wanting more.
  • Paotsin traditional dishes make your dining experience special.


Is Paotsin a Philippines local food brand?

Yes, Paotsin is a Philippines local food brand.It serves a variety of foods that are Asian-inspired but with a special twist.

Does Paotsin offers home delivery service?

Yes, Paostin provides free home delivery to their Filipino residential network.

How many total Paotsin branches are there in Philippines?

There are around 20 Paotsin branches all over Philippines, this number is growing as the time is passing.

What is the best and famous food item from Paotsin menu in Philippines?

Hainanese Rice is the best and famous food item from Paotsin menu in Philippines

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