Pepper Lunch Menu and Prices Philippines 2024

Feeling Hungary and don’t want to wait further? no problem, Pepper lunch menu is full of delicious chicken and beef items and healthy small to large family meals in all prices ranges according that will likely suit your pocket.

The popularity of Pepper is lunch in Philippines is growing as time passing due to its Keep going in order to get more information about this restaurant that is delivering quality in the territory of Philippines.

Before you see the pricing for each items in the menu of Pepper Luch, please note that pricing for each items keeps changing, so may face a different pricing when you’re visiting the restaurant.

Premium Steak

The Giant SteakPHP 717.00
Tokusan Ribbed Eye SteakPHP 665.00
Pepper SteakPHP 625.00
Chicken Steak + Pepper SteakPHP 717.00
Mixed Upgraded Pepper RicePHP 60.00
pepper lunch steak

Teriyaki and Yakiniku

Teriyaki Beef + eggPHP 360.00
Beef YakinikuPHP 335.00
Pepper Chicken Steak w/ EggPHP 360.00
Teriyaki Doubled SalmonPHP 425.00
pepper lunch teriyaki

Pepper Rice

Jumbo Beef Pepper RicePHP 345.00
Beef Pepper RicePHP 245.00
Chicken Pepper RicePHP 245.00
Salmon Pepper RicePHP 310.00
Curry Beef Pepper Rice w/ CheesePHP 260.00
Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice w/ EggPHP 275.00
Garlic Beef Pepper RicePHP 255.00

Combo Special

Meat Trio DeluxePHP 390.00
BBQ Beef + SausagePHP 350.00
BBQ Beef + Chicken SteakPHP 375.00
Salmon + Chicken SteakPHP 395.00
Barbeque Chicken Steak + SausagePHP 350.00

Cheesy Omelets

Cheesy Omelet with Beef (curry sauce)PHP 450.00
Cheesy Omelet with Beef (brown curry sauce)PHP 450.00
Cheesy Omelet with Chicken Steak (curry sauce)PHP 450.00
Cheesy Omelet with Chicken Steak (brown creamy sauce)PHP 450.00

Cheesy Sizzling Rice

Beef (cheese curry sauce)PHP 455.00
Beef (cheese creamy brown sauce)PHP 455.00
Beef & Sausage (cheese curry sauce)PHP 455.00
Beef & Sausage (cheese creamy brown sauce)PHP 455.00
Chicken Steak (cheese curry sauce)PHP 455.00
Chicken Steak (cheese creamy brown sauce)PHP 455.00

Teppan Pasta

Beef Aglio OlioPHP 300.00
Chicken Aglio OlioPHP 300.00
Chicken Tomato PastaPHP 340.00
Salmon Cream PastaPHP 429.00

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healthy breakfast is a daily gift
tip: healthy breakfast is a daily gift

Pepper Lunch is one of the well-known Japanese fast-food chains in the Philippines. Their
motive is to serve tasty and best quality steak. The popularity of Pepper Lunch can be attributed
to the high quality of ingredients they use in their items. Over the years, they keep their
consistency in taste and quality. In fact, every food they prepare tastes amazing and is reasonably
priced. One of its all-time favorites is the Beef Pepper Rice.

Top Picks from Pepper Lunch menu

You should put some of these products in your next order, either you are trying out the fast food
first time or you’re a frequent customer of Pepper Lunch.

Beef Pepper Rice

The Beef Pepper Rice stands out as a favorite among Filipinos and a signature dish at Pepper
Lunch outlets across the country. A satisfying supper is created by frying the rice while putting
the meat, butter and corn. If you’re starving, put an egg to this rice or upgrade it to the Jumbo

Salmon Pepper Rice

If you are a fish eater then don’t need to worry because Salmon Pepper rice is another popular
dish at Pepper Lunch. Salmon can be cooked in sauce and butter or on a low grill for a more
intense flavor. Try some miso soup or Kani salad to complete your Japanese supper.

Reasons Why You Should try Pepper Lunch

  • Pepper Lunch uses a high-quality ingredient.
  • Pepper Lunch offers a unique and interactive dining experience.
  • You have the freedom to customize your meal according to your preferences.
  • Despite its premium ingredients and distinctive dining experience, Pepper Lunch is
    nonetheless affordable, making it available to a variety of people.
  • A variety of foods, including different kinds of meats, fish, and vegetarian selections, are
    available on the menu at Pepper Lunch.


Is Pepper Lunch a Filipino food brand?

Pepper Lunch is not a Filipino food brand, it is a Japanese fast-casual restaurant chain that originated in Japan in 1994.

Do Pepper Lunch offer home delivery?

Yes, Pepper Lunch offers a free home delivery to their Filipino residential network.

How many Pepper Lunch branches are there in Philippines?

There are around 59 branches of Pepper Lunch in Philippines.

What is the most famous dish in Philippines from Pepper Lunch menu?

Beef Pepper Rice is the most famous dish in Philippine from Pepper Lunch menu.

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