Chowking Menu and Prices 2024

Chowking menu is a menu specialized in delish chicken recipes for its crisp and unique taste in Philippines. This brand offers a wide range of Chinese single food items and combo items for high caloric mealing with dozens of other options to choose from.

Once you visit Chowking. you’ll not deny the unique taste blend they are making in Philippines. The Choking after its launch in Philippines might be the totally different experience for a large audience of Philippines that are food lovers.

All the listed items prices on the menu of Chowking might be a little bit different when you’re visiting this restaurant, its completely normal and due to changing economics of the country.

Chowking Popular Menu

Dimsum Chao Fan100 PHP
Dimsum Chao Fan + Drink118 PHP
Fried Chicken Chinese Style Lauriat190 PHP
Pork Chao Fan + Chinese Fried Chicken146 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken (1pc)95 PHP
chowking populars

Chowking’s Sharing is Good Menu

Chinese-Style Fried Chicken (6pcs)515 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken (8pcs)627 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken (Family Pack)353 PHP
Fried Chicken Pancit Family Bundle (Family Pack)739 PHP
Pork Chao Fan (Platter)212 PHP
Beef Chao Fan (Platter)280 PHP
Egg Fried Rice (Platter)196 PHP
Sour & Sweet Chicken (Platter)330 PHP
Pancit Canton (Platter)224 PHP
Lumpiang Shanghai (Platter)174 PHP
Buchi Platter151 PHP
chowking family

Chowking’s Chao Fan 

Dimsum Chao Fan + Drink118 PHP
Pork Chao Fan + Drink73 PHP
Dimsum Beef Chao Fan + Drink151 PHP
Beef Chao Fan + Drink112 PHP
Dimsum Chao Fan100 PHP
Pork Chao Fan55 PHP
Dimsum Beefed Chao Fan134 PHP
Beef Chao Fan95 PHP
chowking chao

Chowking Lauriat Menu

Chinese Style Fried Chicken Lauriat + Drink207 PHP
Chicken & Sauce Lauriat + Drink233 PHP
Lumpiang Shanghai Lauriat + Drink211 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken Lauriat190 PHP
Chicken & Sauce Lauriat213 PHP
Sweet &  Sour Chicken Lauriat207 PHP
Lumpiang Shanghai Lauriat190 PHP
chowking lauriat

Chinese Rice Meals

Chinese Style Fried Chicken +  Buchi (2pcs) + Drink157 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken (2pcs) + Drink202 PHP
Sour & Sweet Chicken + Drink160 PHP
Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Meal + Drink115 PHP
Pork Chao Fan + Fried Chicken + Drink162 PHP
Beef Chao Fan + Fried Chicken + Drink202 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken (1pc)95 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken + Buchi (2pcs)140 PHP
Chinese Style Fried Chicken (2pcs)185 PHP
Chicken & Sauce146 PHP
Sour & Sweet Chicken140 PHP
Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Meal95 PHP
Pork Chao Fan + Fried Chicken146 PHP
Beef Chao Fan + Fried Chicken185 PHP

Chowking Noodles Menu

Pancit Canton + Chinese Style Fried Chicken (1pc) + Drink179 PHP
Pancit Canton + Lumpiang Shanghai + Drink136 PHP
Pancit Canton + Lumpiang Shanghai115 PHP

Chowking Dimsum Menu

Chunky Asado Siopao50 PHP
Siopao Box (3pcs)146 PHP
Siomai (2pcs)44 PHP
Lumpiang Shanghai (4pcs)62 PHP

Chowking Sides Menu

Chicharap62 PHP
Buchi45 PHP
Extra Egg Fried Rice50 PHP

Chowking Soft Drinks

Coke56 PHP
Coke Zero56 PHP
Sprite56 PHP

Chowking Ready2Cook Menu

Buchi392 PHP

Chinese don’t repklace any other cusines, but Jollibee menu items also contains some Chinese foods that are exdptional.

Chowking as a company owned by Fresh & Famous Foods, is a Combinational restaurant of Filipino Chinese cuisines. The restaurant was founded in 1985 by Robert Kaun who started this restaurant only for selling chinese flavor noodles to the Philippines’ audience.

Later after its taste get popular among people of Philippines, the management team too further steps to scale the menu items gradually. After all this journey, the Chowking is now a competing brand among very famous alike brands in Philippines and various other international locations like UAE and other GCC countries.

The restaurants target audience is very clear and define which is only to serve Filipino in the world. The speciality of this restaurant is only in Chinese dishes, there is no any other food item you will find in Chowking menu that belongs to any other traditional than Chinese and Filipino.

traditional Chinese cuisine is dairy free
tip: traditional Chinese cuisine is dairy free

My Personal Top Picks from Chowking Menu

Chowking’s all menu items deserve to be on top due to their completely different taste from other Chinese Filipino restaurants. The specialty of Chowking in the Philippines is, it is serving blended taste dishes of Filipino & Chinese. Here are some of the favorite items I liked the most in my all-long journey of eating at CHowking.

Chinese Style Fried Chicken:

You might have noticed that many restaurants in the Philippines have fried chicken as a special or best-selling item on their menu, the reason for chicken popularity in the Philippines is the love of Filipino for chicken, no matter how the chicken is cooked, Filipinos will love to eat it.

Chinese-style fried chicken from the Chowking menu is really simple broasted chicken with Chinese spices marinated. This chicken is very light in taste as the Chinese cuisines are, deep fried with corn batter coating. The chicken used in this is not very basic, it is pressed under a critical pressure to make it more chewable after cooking. Dip in the sauce and bite it with a cold drink.

Egg Fried Rice Platter:

Fried egg rice is very simple fried rice with boiled egg pieces garnished over and various other vegetables mixed. This rice recipe in simple words is known as Chinese rice or Chinese pilaf.

Three main nutritional sources that are very healthy in this rice platter are carbohydrates in rice, lean protein in egg white, and a little bit of saturated fat in egg yolk. We know unsaturated fats in the diet are unhealthy, but this combination of egg yolk with protein and carbohydrates will give you all day essential macronutrients. 

Halo Halo:

Dont know why but in most of their branches Halo-Halo isn’t available, they might be planning to cancel this from their dessert menu, but in case you find it in any of their branches, must try this, it is not the same in taste as other brand’s Halo Halo.

It is one of their most regularly selling ice cream. Try this as a post-meal dessert. Having sweets after a meal is always love.

What Special in Chowking Restaurant

  • Always a welcoming and accommodating staff.
  • Wide area food courts in shopping malls and mega malls.
  • Rare restaurant in the Philippines that is serving a mix of Chinese and Filipino cuisines.
  • Comes in the list of tier 1 type food brands.
  • You will experience here of international environment because it’s multinational in many tier other countries than the Philippines.
  • It has a high-level customer service and customer base, no other customer of Chowking will notice you eating at the place.
  • Fast order delivery After you order, you have to take your food from their counter by yourself.
  • All their branches in the Philippines are operated on very similar KPIs and operational methods. All dishes taste the same in all their different branches.
  • One of the amazing things about Chowking is the cleanliness of their restaurant.
  • Something like homemade Chinese.
  • Cost-effective all food items that anybody can afford easily.
  • Most of the dishes included in the menu are not very typical Asian, but all are selected Asian Chinese with a Filipino touch.
  • You can easily find this restaurant in major places within the Philippines and also in any other country.


Is Chowking offering a home delivery service in the Philippines?

Yes, Chowking is actively and very swiftly offering home deliveries to their residential or commercial building networks in the Philippines. Keep in mind if you are interested in ordering their food for home delivery.

Is Chowking offering Drive-Thru service?

No, because the food type Chowking is offering is mostly liquid type, so this might be the reason they aren’t currently offering Drive0-Thru services.

What is the most popular cuisine of Chwoking in the Philippines?

Fried chicken in Chinee style is always their hot-selling item because of its unique Chinee taste.

Who is the owner of Chowking?

The owner and founder of Chowking Restaurant is Robert Kaun who found this food chain in 1985 with the simple idea of selling Chinese dishes to customers. The brand’s unique value is only its Chinese flavors.

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