Krispy Kreme Menu and Prices 2024

Krispy Kreme menu includes small appetizer or snacky items like you see in dunkin’s menu. This food brand is an American confectionary direct competitor to Dunkin Donut with the Philippines territory specifically built to snack at.

Krispy Kreme’s price range for their listed items are comparatively similar to Dunkin’s prices, but after coming from this restaurant you’ll not deny the unique and highly tasty doughnuts Krispy Kreme makes. Bear in mind that the main cause for its popularity is its doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme menu with the item prices may be little bit changed when you’re visiting the restaurant due to changing economics of Philippines.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Menu

Original Glazed Doughnuts (1 dozen)435 PHP
Original Glazed Doughnuts (2 dozen)780 PHP
Mixed Doughnuts (1 dozen)490 PHP
Mixed Doughnuts (2 dozen)835 PHP
Pre-Assorted Doughnuts (1 dozen)570 PHP
Pre-Assorted Doughnuts (2 dozen)915 PHP
OG Bites (45 pcs ina Bucket)435 PHP
krispy kreme donuts

Krispy Kreme 6 Pack Doughnuts Box Menu

6 Pack DougnutsPrice
Original Glazed Doughnuts (6 pcs box)225 PHP
Mixed Doughnuts (6 pcs box)285 PHP
Regular Pre-Assorted (6 pcs box)310 PHP
Premium Assorted (6 pcs box)340 PHP
krispy kreme doughnut box

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Overloaded Doughnuts

Choco DoughnutsPrice
Choco Overload Doughnuts (6 pcs box)409 PHP
Mixed Choco Overload Doughnuts (6 pcs box)339 PHP
Chocolate Overload DOUghnuts DOughnuts (6 pcs box)815 PHP
Mixed Chocolate Overload DUOghnuts (1dozen)679 PHP
Double Chocolate Overload DUOghnuts (1dozen)1,629 PHP
Mixed Chocolate Overload DUOghnuts (2dozen)1,355 PHP

Krispy Kreme Mystery Doughnuts 

Mystery DoughnutsPrice
Mystery Doughnuts (box of 6)380 PHP
Mixed Mystery Doughnuts (box of 6)325 PHP
Mystery Doughnuts (box of 6)759 PHP
Mystery Doughnuts Mix (box of 6)649 PHP
Mystery Doughnuts (2 dozen)1,519 PHP
Mixed Chocolate Overload Doughnuts (2 dozen)1,299 PHP

White Chocolate & Caramel Doughnuts Menu

Choco CaramelPrice
White Chocolate & Caramel Doughnuts (box of 1 dozen)380 PHP
Mixed White Chocolate & Caramel Doughnuts (box of 1 dozen)325 PHP
White Chocolate & Caramel Doughnuts (box of 1 dozen)759 PHP
Mixed White Chocolate & Caramel Doughnuts (box of 1 dozen)649 PHP
White Chocolate & Caramel Doughnuts (box of 2 dozen)1,519 PHP
Mixed White Chocolate & Caramel Doughnuts (box of 2 dozen)1,299 PHP

Krispy Kreme Cookies Butter Dougnuts Menu

Cookie Butter DoughnutsPrice
Mixed Cookie Butter Doughnuts (1 dozen)339 PHP
Cookie Butter Doughnuts (1 dozen)408 PHP
Cookie Butter Doughnuts (1 dozen)815 PHP
Mixed Dozen Cookie Butter Doughnuts679 PHP
Double Dozen Cookie Butter Doughnuts1,629 PHP
Mixed Double Dozen Cookie Butter Doughnuts1,355 PHP

Krispy Kreme Deals Perfect Together Menu

Doughnuts DealsPrice
Original Glazed Doughnuts + Brew Box Jr. (½ dozen)740 PHP
Pre-Assorted Doughnuts + Brew Box Jr. (½ dozen)825 PHP
Original Glazed + Brew Box Jr.dozen)920 PHP
Pre-Assorted + Brew Box Jr. (dozen)1,010 PHP

Krispy Kreme Original Cream Shakes

Dark Chocolate Creamy Shake175 PHP
Original Kreme Creamy Shake175 PHP
Salted Caramel Creamy Shake175 PHP

Krispy Kreme Iced Beverages Menu

Signature Iced Americano (473ml)130 PHP
Signature Iced Cappuccino (473ml)155 PHP
Signature Iced Latte (473ml)155 PHP
Signature Iced Kaffe Kreme (473ml)155 PHP
Signature Glazed Coffee Chiller (473ml)185 PHP
Signature Iced Mocha (473ml)155 PHP
Signature Iced Caramel (473ml)155 PHP
Signature Cold Brew (473ml)135 PHP
Signature Iced Glazed (473ml)145 PHP
Signature Iced Classic (473ml)105 PHP
Kremey Iced (473ml)125 PHP
Kremey Latte (473ml)125 PHP
Kremey Toffee (473ml)135 PHP
Kremey OG (473ml)135 PHP
Sea Salt Kreme Latte139 PHP
Original Lemonade75 PHP
Strawberry Lemonade85 PHP

Krispy Kreme Chillers Menu

Hershey’s S’mores Chiller169 PHP
Coffee Jelly Chiller169 PHP
Strawberry Kreme Chiller169 PHP
Strawberry Funfetti Chiller175 PHP
Original Kreme Chiller with Espresso (16oz)185 PHP
Iced Blend Chiller (473ml)175 PHP
Original Kreme Chiller without Espresso (473ml)185 PHP
Caramel Latte Chiller with Espresso (473ml)185 PHP
Caramel Latte Chiller without Espresso (473ml)185 PHP
Mocha Latte Chiller (473ml)185 PHP
Chocolate Chocolate Chiller (473ml)185 PHP
Froot Loops Cereal Milk Chiller169 PHP
Honey Stars Cereal Milk Chiller169 PHP
Koko Krunch Cereal Milk Chiller169 PHP

Krispy Kreme’s Celebs Menu

DIY OG Cake Tower (Board)2,530 PHP
DIY OG Cake Tower (Acrylic)4,140 PHP

Krispy Kreme RTB Beans

Ready-To-Brew Beans (Rich)480 PHP
Ready-To-Brew Beans (Smooth)575 PHP

Krispy Kreme Popcorns

Original Glazed Popcorn105 PHP
Chocolate Glaze Popcorn110 PHP

From decades Krispy Kreme is having a tough competition with Dunking Donuts, you can also choose something to meal from Dunking Donts’s menu for best international experience.

Krispy Kreme is a cafe restaurant that specializes in making high-quality, delicious, and very soft doughnuts. The brand was initially started in the US with the idea of selling doughnuts with unique taste and touch.

The cafe as a brand was founded in 1937, at the very starting days of this, the company started selling only doughnuts at regularly running grocery stores in the USA. Their unique taste and texture addition to the typical doughnut made them popular in an extreme way.

Now there are around 1400 branches of Krispy Kreme are operational including the Philippines and various other locations in the world. This doughnut brand is always on the top of the wishlist of people who are confectionary lovers especially doughnuts.

After Krispy Kreme got huge love from foodies all over the world, they started investing over many other different food items, now this brand is not merely selling doughnuts, but also many side drinks without which now having doughnuts is incomplete.

doughnuts were originally called oily cakes
doughnuts were originally called oily cakes

Top Favorites from Krispy Kreme Menu

Krispy Kreme is my personal favorite doughnut cafe. Every time I visit any shopping mall in the Philippines, sighting the Krispy Kreme logo at the food court of the shopping mall is the moment I make the decision of eating a doughnut. You know I loveeeeee doughnuts. 

Original Glazed Doughnuts:

Original glazed in one of the hottest-selling doughnut flavors of Krispy Kreme, there isn’t a single day in my life that I am visiting Krispy Kreme and haven’t seen this doughnut on the table of eaters there.

Cookie Butter Doughnuts:

The cookie butter doughnut is the most unique flavor doughnut I have seen at Krispy Kreme. This doughnut has a simple base as other KK doughnuts, has cookie butter over its top, it’s extra soft and fluffy. This cookie butter doughnut is best suitable for a cup of coffee.

Dark Chocolate Milkshake:

A dark chocolate milkshake is a cold drink in which thick cream milk and dark chocolate are blended. It’s very delicious if a drink with a KK doughnut has whipped cream over it. If you are a chocolate lover, you will be in love with this after having at least once in life.

Caramel Latte Chiller with Espresso:

After the dark chocolate shake, this is the most popular drink of Krispy Kreme especially among Filipinos. This drink is a straight deal of sweetness overloaded. Drinking shakes at KK without doughnuts or eating doughnuts without KK drinks is just an incomplete combination.

Why Try Krispy Kreme

  • An international US brand with all US taste standards.
  • Having doughnuts at a restaurant that is specialized in making only doughnuts should be preferred over a generic restaurant selling all types of dessert.
  • Krispy Kreme has a huge customer base all over the world because KK is selling quality only.
  • No taste difference on all branches in the Philippines and in the world, all their branches are working on same quality standards.
  • High class sitting areas and customer base.
  • Everytime you visit Krispy Kreme, the taste of each food item they are making will be the exact same as it was before.
  • Krispy Kreme as a food brand is constantly growing in the market, this can be an indication that the brand is serving quality for money.
  • You can find Krispy Kreme in most of the shopping malls in Philippines.
  • Very professionally working staff and kind behaviour with their customers.


Is Krispy Kreme offering home delivery in Philippines?

Yes, Krispy Kreme is offering home delivery service to only a limited radius around their branches in Philippines.

Do Krispy Kreme have Drive-Thru option in Philippines?

Yes, they are having very small sized Drive-Thru points at major road side, but remember these drive-thrus are at very selected or major areas of Philippines.

What is the most popular Doughnut of Krispy Kreme?

Cooke Butter and Original Glazed doughnuts are the most popular and wide being eaten doughnuts not only in Philippines but also in other countries.

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