Red Ribbon Menu and Prices 2024

Red Ribbon menu is mostly breakfast centric with amazing textured cakes, cookies, and rolls of a diverse flavors. This is a bakeshop famous for its quality fresh confectionary that will instantly dissolve in your mouth and will be easily digestible.

Red Ribbon is continuously putting high quality food on their shelves for their values customers, for this reason the time might not be very far that this bakery brans will be start considering as a multinational brand with a massive authority.

The menu prices of Red Ribbon might be changed when you’re visiting the shop, it’s all normal and happens due to non-rigid economics conditions.

Red Ribbon Dedications Cakes Menu

Rainbow Cake (8×12)690 PHP
Cream & Cookies Dedication Cake 8×8575 PHP
red ribbon dedicated cakes

Red Ribbon Popular Round Cakes Menu

Round CakesPrice
Black Forest Chocolate Cake506 PHP
Ube Mousse Crown Cake679 PHP
Mango Flavor Sunrise Cake598 PHP
Yema Caramel Round Cake598 PHP
Chocolate Mousse Round Cake506 PHP
Chocolate Indulgence Round Cake575 PHP
Mango Graham Mousse Cake (Reg)679 PHP
Rocky Road Cake748 PHP
red ribbon round cakes

Red Ribbon Roll Cakes

Roll CakesPrice
Tripple Chocolate Roll Cake230 PHP
Ube & Cream Roll (Full414 PHP
Mango Roll Cake (Full)414 PHP
Mocha Roll,= Cake (Full)414 PHP
Chocolate Caramel Cake  (Full)299 PHP 
Brazo De Mercedes Roll Cake345 PHP
red ribbon rolls

Red Ribbon Loafs/Bread Menu

Cheese Ensaimada34 PHP
Ube Cheesy Ensaimada46 PHP
Classical Bread Rolls (16s)81 PHP
Classical Bread Rolls (8s)46 PHP
Raisin Bread Rolls (4s)41 PHP
Asado Bread Rolls (4s)75 PHP
Chicken Floss Bread Rolls (4s)75 PHP
Spicy Chicken Floss Bread Rolls (4s)75 PHP
Yema Bread Rolls (4s)64 PHP

Red Ribbon Pastry Menu

Cheesy Mamon PastryPrice
Cinnamon Roll Pastry33 PHP
Ube Mamon29 PHP
Mocha Mamon29 PHP
Chicken Empanada41 PHP
Brownie Pastry41 PHP
Brownie Pastery29 PHP
Choco Crinkles (3s)35 PHP

Red Ribbon’s Sliced Cakes Menu

Sliced CakesPrice
Moist Choco Sliced Cake29 PHP
Ube & Cream Roll (Full)29 PHP
Mango Roll Cake  (Full)110 PHP
Choco Sliced Cake35 PHP
Chiffon Sliced Cake 35 PHP
Ube Marble Sliced Cake 35 PHP
Double Dutch Sliced Cake 35 PHP
Red Velvet Sliced Cake 35 PHP
Mocha Marble Sliced Cake 35 PHP

Red Ribbon Other Delicacies

Butter Puto (10s)98 PHP
Classic Polvoron75 PHP
Pinipig Polvoron (8s)75 PHP
Peanut Polvoron (8s)75 PHP
Assorted Polvoron (15s)144 PHP
Macaroons (10s)92 PHP
Macapuno Balls (12s)87 PHP
Pastillas de Leche (12s)92 PHP

Red Ribbon Bundle Packs Menu

Cheesy Ensaimada (4s)133 PHP
Cheesy Ensaimada (8s)265 PHP
Brownies (8s)230 PHP
Chicken Empanada (6s)242 PHP

Red Ribbon is great in Philippines, but items from Goldilocks menu have their own place in local Filipon people.

Red Ribbon is a bakeshop chain that originated in the Philippines and being successfully operated since 1979. This bakery shop was working as the sole company in the Philippines market, but later it was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation.

The founders of Red Ribbnon are Renato Mercado and  Amalia Hizon Mercado who took the step in early times to produce and sell high-quality delicious bakeries to Filipino people. The Red Ribbon is among those bakeshops in the Philippines’ that took very early step in launching the brand in the country when the country was in the developing stage. 

Yet Red Ribbon is now around 4 decades old, at this stage the company is now highly equipped with modern bakery and confectionery techniques with a high professionalism in operations. This bakeshop is very famous for its cakes within the Philippines, they are experts in making unique taste cakes from other cake sellers in the country.

This brand is now the level of Jollibee, Chowking, Mang Inasaal, and Greenwich within Phillippines local market.

bakeries are high in sugar calories
tip: bakeries are high in sugar calories

Top Picks from Red Ribbon menu

It’s a fact that Red Ribbon menu has a middle range of items in terms of quantity compared to other bakeries in the Philippines.

Tripple Chocolate Roll:

Tripple chocolate roll is a cake type fully loaded with chocolate and chocolate syrup, even the dough is chocolate flavored. The reason why it is called triple chocolate is that chocolate is used at three places, one place where chocolate is used is the dough or the base of this cake (puff), the second is under layers of this cake, and the third is chocolate syrup all over.

Tripple chocolate roll cake is among the fastest-selling items of Red Ribbon. Filipinos are chocolate lovers by birth, this might be the reason for the popularity of this cake.

Cheesy Mamon (pastry):

Cheesy mamon is a pastry or a small one-person cupcake of cheese flavor. This cake is very best with a tea or coffee cup in the morning. If you eat this cake with every sip of dar coffee, I am sure you will be in love with this cake.

This cake is a mini cake and only one person can eat this as its weight is just around 20 grams.

Mocha Marble Cake:

Mocha marble is a coffee flavor breakfast cake. This cake has a dark coffee layer within the surface if you cut it which exactly looks like a marble piece that’s why this cake is known as mocha marble cake.

This cake is another one-person or small-sized cake suitable for coffee or tea. If you have this cake, at the end you will have a lot of calories in your body to utilize in your whole day.

What Special in Red Ribbon

  • Most of Filipino people prefer Red Ribbon for regular breakfast items.
  • Red Ribbon is a local Philippines bakery brand, this bakeshop is taking a great part in country’s local economy.
  • This bakery isn’t typical, all the KPIs this bakeshop is using are of multinational standards.
  • It’s an international bakery making all items under 100% accurate standards and high professional supervision all over the world.
  • All their international branches are making the exact same taste. Every time you visit RR you will not see a taste difference.
  • The chefs of cooks behind Red Ribbon are highly professional and work according to food science laws and techniques.
  • The food safet team is highly responsible of their tasks without compromising on their customers health.
  • Easily digestible food and very easily breakable in the mouth due to the use of enzymes.
  • Very managed inventory of baker items, because Red Ribbon is always focusing on making quality instead of quantity, this is the reason you may see few bakery items in their menu than some other bakeshops.


Is Red Ribbon an international bakeshop?

Yes, red ribbon is an international Philippines bakeshop brand with over 400 operational branches, there are around 450 branches locally operational in the Philippines while 50 branches are internationally operational in the US. Check their branches

Does Red Ribbon offer home delivery in the Philippines?

Yes, Red Ribbon offers a fast home delivery service but they might not be deliveruing to some far areas around their branches. Ro some far regions they are charging some extra money for home deliveries. Check more here

Do Red Ribbon have a Drive-Thru facility?

Bakery items are hard to serve using drive-thru because these items must require a time for packaging, due to this reason Red Ribbon isn’t yet offering drive-thru.

What is the most popular bakery item of Red Ribbon?

All cakes are the most popular and widely eaten bakery item in the Philippines.

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