Dunkin Donuts Menu and Prices 2024

Dunking Donuts menu is a snacky type of menu full of snacks mostly doghnuts and other delicious small items than can be consumed with a cup of tea or coffee. Its a international brand from USA now operating in Philippines with mostly small appetizer items like donuts to quench your midday hunger.

The Dunkin Donut after its launch in Philippines got huge popularity because before this, there were very few restaurants selling donuts.

The Dunkin Donut menu prices may be changed at the time you’re visiting their branch due to constantly changing economic conditions in Philippines.

Dunkin Donut Bunwich Menu

Tuna Bunwich70 PHP
Cheese & Bunwich70 PHP
Bacon, Coleslaw, & Tomato Bunwich70 PHP
bunwiches at dunkin donut

Dunkin Donut Croissants

Croissant (plain)40 PHP
Croissants Pack (plain)280 PHP
Cheesy Croissants70 PHP
Cheese & Ham Croissant85 PHP
Tuna Croissant85 PHP
Spanish Croissant Sausage85 PHP
Cheesy Mushroom Croissant with Bacon95 PHP
croissants at dunkin donut

DD Duncreation Menu

Hungarian Sausage90 PHP
Chicken Clubhouse90 PHP
Cheesy Tuna90 PHP
Cheese & Egg90 PHP

Dunking Donuts Doughnuts Menu

Classic Doughnut (1pc)23 PHP
Premium (1pc)37 PHP
Classic (6pcs)132 PHP
Premium (6pcs)210 PHP
Classic (12pcs)264 PHP
Premium (12pcs)399 PHP
Dream Deals (Family)299 PHP
Big Deals (for Big Family)349 PHP
dunking doughnuts

Dunking Donut Munchkins

Classic (1pc)7 PHP
Premium (1pc)10 PHP
Classic (little bunch)175 PHP
Premium (little bunch)250 PHP
Assorted (little bunch)220 PHP

Dunkin Donut Treats

Choco Wacko (1pc)45 PHP
Dunkin’ Yan55 PHP
Choco Bang60 PHP
dunkin treats

Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolate66 PHP
Brewed Coffee77 PHP
dunking beverages

Cold/Iced Beverages

Icy Chocolate71 PHP
Iced Brewed Green Tea77 PHP
Iced Brewed Black Tea77 PHP
Iced Latte110 PHP
dunking iced drinks

Popping Tea Menu

Mango Flavor Fruit Tea115 PHP
Strawberry Flavor Fruit Tea115 PHP
Classical Milk Tea137 PHP
Okinawa Milk Tea137 PHP
Taro Milk Tea137 PHP
Pearl Milk with Brown Sugar137 PHP
Pearl Milk Tea with Brown Sugar137 PHP
dunkin tea

There is another option for you to eat donuts, you can choose your favorite flavor donuts from Krispy Kreme menu these both brands are in competition to each other.

Dunkin Donut is a cafe that sells a spectrum of delicious donuts and coffees made with high-quality ingredients for exceptional taste. Dunkin Donuts states that it’s America’s favorite coffee, espresso, and donut brand which is true, almost every American in the US has eaten this donut at least once in their life. 

Dunking Donuts possesses a good look name Dunkin Donu LLC as an incorporation. The company was started to serve back in 1950 with the simple idea of selling donuts and coffee in the US market, when this brand was started, there was almost no donut coffee cafe brand working at the scale Dunking Donuts did.

This cafe as a company was initially operated as a single-person company by Bill Rosenberg. The company over the period of time has made many modifications to its food items in making them more personalized for the country people they are serving, in the Philippines, all products are custom and personalized according to the taste that Filipino love.

In today’s date, this brand isn’t just limited to selling donuts and coffee, this is a large range now that Dunking Donuts as a food chain is making to sell from its shelf.

take hot or cold drink with doughnuts
tip: take hot or cold drink with doughnuts

Top Picks  from Dunkin Donuts Menu

Almost all their doughed products cant be eaten alone, they always need a drink with them for better combinational taste.

Ham and Binwich:

This is a simple hamburger type with a super soft bun in which you will find rich folded ham, this is the best suitable snack with a cold drink or orange juice. Why this is on top because it has an amazing taste with just two or three ingredients in a bun.

Classic Donut:

Classic donut is the product that made Dunkin Donuts famous to this much. This donut is simple with shiny surface and soft touch. The fermentation acted upon the dough of this donut keeps this donut super fluffy and easy to chew and digest within seconds. 

Cheese Croissant:

Cheese croissants are another simple snack of Dunkin Donuts with a cheese layer inside the croissant dough. The cheese inside this is special that is put inside the dough when the dough wasn’t even baked. After the croissant goes through the baking process, the cheese inside this croissant gets melted due to high temperature and stuffed inside the bubbles of croissant dough which increases its overall taste.

Hot Chocolate:

This drink is a hot drink can be drunk with any snack from the menu of Dunking Donut. Most people at Dunkin Donuts choose this as a breakfast drink with classic donuts. 

Mango Fruit Tea:

This tea is another hot selling combinational drink with Dunkin Donut snacks more often as breakfast. There is no hard and fast rule in eating, you can choose any drink or any food item at any time without any problem. 

What Special in Dunking Donuts

  • The beauty of Dunking Donuts is, almost all their food items are made through a minimalist approach. Their snacks aren’t stuffed with so many ingredients, they are simple yet very tasty.
  • Highly processed and safe to consume meatish items in their snacks.
  • A cafe mainly focused on snacky items that are consumable easily with just a drink.
  • The American brand with a spectrum of snacky items.
  • One of the best food brands that are implementing food technology in their baking operations.
  • All American taste food items.
  • Almost 50+ different donut varieties, this isn’t common in other donut cafes. 
  • One of the world’s leading international food brands in the domain of bakery items.
  • Not only their donuts are delicious, but their coffees are too competitive in their taste.
  • Worth mentioning that they have a very clean dn peaceful sitting environment with A class customer base.


How many total branches of Dunking Donuts are there in the Philippines?

There are around 700 official Dunking Donuts branches operational in the Philippines in different states.

Do Dunkinh Donut offer home delivery?

Yes, DD delivers food through its official smartphone app. DD also has tied up with companies like Grabhub, Ubereats, and Doordash, You can also order their food using these third-party apps to your home. 

Does Dunking Donuts have Drive-Thru option?

Yes, Dunking Donuts offers a drive-thru option at only selected outlets in the Philippines.

Is Dunkin Donuts a Filipino brand?

No, it was originally started in America, later after expansion into different countries it reached in Philippines with a very positive feedback.

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