Jollibee Breakthrough: How to Fame Your Food Business

Jollibee is no doubt now an authority brand and competing various international brands like Mcdonald’s, but have you think how it became so great in past years? Jollibee has maintained its quality over the period and has added so much to jollibee’s menu.

Jollibee’s marketing strategy was only relying on word of mouth, but this only works when you truly have a great product to deliver. Yes, it contributed a lot to Jollibee’s making a brand.

Jollibee after some years realized that only word of mouth isn’t the thing, there is so much to give a try. After the advancements of internet technology, Jollibee has built a great team of IT professionals working day and night to market the brand worldwide.

This is the time Jollibee felt the need to go international, and Jollibee has brilliantly used this opportunity by selling its franchises. 

Jollibee first sold its franchises locally in the Philippines, maintaining the same quality, taste and standards in all branches. This opened some new horizons of opportunity for Jollibee, and many overseas Filipino people started demanding it in their countries.

Then Jolliobee also started selling its branches internationally, and now you can see Jollibee in almost all tier 1 countries where Filipinos reside. Ultimately a time came when Jollibee is an authority and a potential competitor of giant food companies.

There is no wrong in saying that Jollibee didn’t merely make its marketing strategy, but highly focused on its food taste and most importantly the health of their customers creating a long-term brand goodwill.

In building a brand where the health of customers is most prior, making goodwill is the most important factor. When a company works to only deliver quality and value to its customers, it ultimately ends up succeeding.

The biggest takeaway from this for you, if you are a food business owner, is to establish your brand through goodwill first and marketing second. If you decide to market your brand, don’t only rely on one channel, instead use omni-channel marketing.

It is important to know the difference between marketing and business growth, to grow your sales in the market, you have to do more than just launch new products, you can use franchising your business at a later stage to increase multidimensional sales.

A local expansion of your food business will be relatively easier than international expansion, as in international expansion you need to get government approval from the country in which you are expanding.

You must first expand locally, then you can think about expanding in other countries, and make sure when you expand in other countries, you first thoroughly research that market, it will help you customize your products according to that country’s customers.

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