Top Best Traditional Restaurants for Dine-in in the Philippines

Despite of being a third-world country, the Philippines do not lacs a number of local and international restaurants all because of the love people have for food. You can find any time of food and restaurant in the Philippines because of ots richness in the food market.

If we talk about traditional restaurants in the Philippines, there is a huge number of local  and international traditional restaurants in the Philippines providing high-quality food and services to their customers for a long time.

Top Traditional Restaurants in Philippines

Here are some best and famous traditional restaurants in the Philippines we’ve collected on the basis of their popularity and personal trials.

1. Jollibee

If you’re a Filipino or have lived in the Philippines for a long time, you will not deny the popularity of Jollibee as a both traditional and western food restaurant. The Jollibee menu includes a large range of foods that are traditional and not only this, the most important thing about this restaurant is that it’s providing high-quality delicious recipes in very affordable prices.

2. Jo’s Chicken Inato

The Jo’s Chicken Inato is also one of the most popular traditional restaurants all over the Philippines with a large network of branches in different areas of the Philippines. The speciality of this restaurant is that it this not into any Western traditional food, it only provides tasty traditional food of the Philippines.

3. Mang Inasaal Restaurant

If we talk about the affordability of this restaurant, Mang Inasaal menu price is comparatively lower than many restaurants but also higher than some traditional restaurants. You can find alot of traditional recipes at Mang Inasaal restaurant.

4. Monga

We all know Monga is famously known for its fried chicken made with the traditional style. This restaurant isn’t yet very famous like other restaurants but believe me you’r going to have the best experience if you try their traditional styled fried chicken. Their is a large number of Filipinos who search this restaurant with Monga Fried Chicken just because of its speciality in chicken.

5. Max’s

Max’s is another Philippines local food brand like Jollibee is famous for seling traditional as well as western recipes in affordable prices to the local market. Max’s is one of the fastest growing local food chain in Pjilippines that is now a talk of the town among many Filipinos. Max’s is currently working on its local exapnsion after its approval of business funds from many investors of Philippines.

Final Thoughts

All these restaurants are among the small market leaders except Jollibee, you can try all such restaurants comparatively affordable prices than many other international restaurant being operated in the territory of Philippines..

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