Which is Better Jollibee or McDonalds | Comparison Between Food Giants

It is always hard to clearly state that which is better Jollibee or McDonalds as both are amongst top food giants in Philippines leading the market from many decades.

Jollibee was the first mover in the local Philippines market till now presenting high quality fast foods on the tables of international standards. It was first introduced in 1975 when there was very few to no fast food brands in the market of Philippines.

So far Jollibee menu is filled from top to button with all food items made according to FIlipino taste. They have made many changes to their menu items over the period of time all depending on their customers needs.

After the massive success of Jollibee in Philippines and rising trend of fast food among people, McDonalds took the opportunity to enter the market of Philippines. Noe McDo menu consists a number of burger types comparatively more than Jollibee

Comparison Between McDonalds and Jollibee

This comparison chart will let you identify the major differences between Jollibee and McDonalds in terms of food types and economics of the market.

Jollibee McDonalds
Jollibee is a local Ohilippine’s own fast food brand.Mcdonalds is an American US brand which launched later after Jollibee.
Almost all food types of Jollibee are designed for local FIlipino taste, in simple words they are designed for traditional taste.Mcdonalds isn’t really much designed for traditional taste, most of menu items are of American style.
Jollibee on their restaurant menus have listed a wide range of different items including types of burgers.Mcdonald’s main focus was only selling burgers, later they introduced other items.
All their ingredients are being collected from the local market and being sold to local customers only, in simple words it’s taking a great part in the local Philippines economy.Most of McDonald’s revenue from local market goes to their parent organization as it was franchised in Philippines from US.
Jollibee as a parent company have acquired and successfully running dozens of other food brands in Philippines.McDonalds as a parent organization have focused only on diversifying thei same name outlets.
Jollibee prices are comparatively low than McDonalds.McDonalds prices are higher compare to Jollibee as most of their ingredients are being imported from US.
Jollibee have captured the local market at a larger scale.McDonalds despite of having international name and resources haven’t yet captured a large scale market specifically in Philippines.
Their restaurant menu list is one of the greatest in terms of variety of items. It is considered as one of the largest items presenting restaurants within Philippines.McDonalds is still having a calculated number of items on their manu.

Common Things 

  • Both are presenting clean and quality foods on their customer’s tables.
  • Two are fast food specific brands in Philippines.
  • Despite of having differences, both are presenting a wider range items in Philippines.
  • Both have quality burgers.
  • Considered as food giants of Philippines market.
  • Industry leaders from long time.

Final Thought

To choose from both these is highly dependent on your taste and budget priorities. If you want your money to be float in the local Philippine’s economy then go with Jollibee, if you don’t have concerns with the economy, you can choose McDonalds.

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