Where Does Jollibee Get Their Chicken

Jollibee get their chicken for making their chicken recipes from themselves, they don’t involve any thirst party in all of their business operations.

Each and every chicken food product listed on Jollibee menu is made from their personally grown chicken on specific diet. Jollibee has claimed in some of their documents that their chicks are grown on special diet and that special diet decides the ultimate taste of the chicken.

THis doesn’t mean that Jollibee only making chicken for their white meat needs in their restaurant kitchen, they have separately made a child company as Cargill Philippines which take care of their chicken needs.

This chicken supplying company isn’t just limited supplying Chicken to merely Jollibee, but there are dozens of authoritative brands of this nature who outsource their Chicken needs to Cargill.

All such things can be the reason why jollibee is the best and why jollibee is famous in the Philippines as they take care of their care of core values and their customer’s taste needs.

Jollibee Chicken Processing

Jollibee as an authoritative brand in the Philippines is following international food tech standards and procedures to maintain their food quality. They process their chicken in a unique way which other chicken brands might not be following in the Philippines.

The chicken that is being used in Jollibee’s recipes is processed in a modern poultry technological ways. The chicken used in such meals is hand fed on vegan diet.

A vegan diet given to a chicken decides its finalized taste after cooking. Also the chicken used in is of special type, it is a broiler chicken which is special due to its great taste and safety to eat.

The section that grows chicken makes sure that all their chicken are healthy and don’t have any type of diseases. They most priorly focus on bird flu. They quality control team keep on checking the health of their chicks time to time and keep them in track.

In case they find any problem with the health of chicken and think its unrepairable, they immediately quarantine than chick for disposal. If they think the problem or the ailment with the chick is solvable, they immediately give it a treatment to bring its health back.

After the full growth of chicken the chicken gets slaughtered in a highly optimized, clean and quality controlled environment. After slaughtering and cross check of any problem with the chicken sample it reaches to the kitchen of Jollibee’s branches all over Philippines.

After reaching the kitchen it is first test cook whether it is producing the same taste as it was before, then it actually undergoes the recipe processing and ultimate cook.

An important thing about Jollibee;s Chicken you might haven’t heard before; all the Chicken used in Jollibee’s recipes is marinated through modern food technology techniques. 

The expert and highly qualified chefs at Jollibee marinate the chicken using syringe, they inject the spices into the lean mass of chicken for better taste. This technique will keep the chicken taste consistent in every part of the chicken.

Final Thoughts

Jollibee chicken is healthy and safe to eat, as they take care priorly the health of their ultimate customers by keeping the quality of the chicken controlled under high precision teams. Enjoy Jollibee.

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