Top Restaurants for Pizza in the Philippines

When it comes to food and cuisines, the Philippines will be on top of the list as this country has an old love for food and different types of dishes. In today’s date, almost every Filipino is a die-hard fan of food and culinary.

Today we will be revealing some top-of-the-list restaurants that offer quality and delicious pizza made all according to Filipino taste buds. There are hundreds of Pizza brands in Philippines, but we’ve only covered those which we’ve personally tied and think that are top in the market.

List of Top Famous Pizza Restaurants 

The list of restaurants we’ve discussed are mostly specialized specifically in making pizzas. All these restaurants are considered from famous for making high-quality delicious pizzas in town.

Angels Pizza 

Angel’s Pizza as the name suggests its a specialized restaurant in pizza niche. The Angel’s pizza menu includes mostly a range of different pizzas, and you will notice mostly in their menu on pizzas are listed with different flavors and sizes.

This is one of the widely known pizza restaurants in the Philippines due to its customized designed flavors according to taste buds of the people of Philippines.

S&R Pizza

The SnR menu is stuffed with different tyes and flavors of pizzas specifically designed for Filipinos of the Philippines. Its one of the local affordable restaurants getting famous rapidly in the territory due to the high quality and experience it’s providing to its customers.

If you look at their menu, you’ll not deny the wide range of pizza flavors and sizes they’ve listed. The very special about this restaurant is they are also specialized in making only pizzas, and pizza is the only product due to which they are known for.

Yellow Cab 

Yellow cab is a local Philippines fast food chain restaurant comes in the list of pizza specialized restaurants of Philippines. The Yellow Cab pizza price are wide according to pizza sizes, Yellow Cab is the one restaurant that offers a wide range of pizza sizes and flavors.

This is also one of the restaurants that is famous for being specialized in just making quality pizzas in Philippines.

Pizza Hut

This needs no prior introduction, we all know Pizza Hut menu is highly stuffed and rushed with only different types of flavors. Not in Philippines alone, bu Pizza Hut is high famous for only pizzas in the whole world.

This is the restaurant that launches the most pizza flavors throughout the year, and there are many restaurants that are looking to copy the flavor of its pizza.


If you notice Greenwich menu that also contains the high number of different pizza flavours which they listed over the period of time by studying their customer behaviours or acknowledgements to their pizzas.

Greenwich is also a pizza-specific food brand that is not only famous but widely being eaten by local Filipino due to its clean taste. If you eat their pizza, you’ll notice all their pizza flavors taste very consistent or suitable to the pizza name they’ve allocated.


The Wendy’s menu includes a small number of differentiated pizza flavors, also this brand isn’t yet very famous among the people of Philippines, but its a fact that the pizza they make is insanely delicious and highly satisfying.

There are high chances that this brand become widely famous soo in Philippines due to the high promising quality they are consistently delivering.

Papa Johns

Papa Johns is another international brand highly specialized in making pizzas only like Pizza Hut. The Papa John’s menu will also cater you with only wide range different flavor of pizzas mostly italian style.

Being an international pizza brand, this isn’t yet famous in Philippines because there are many other local brand fulfilling the quality and taste needs of local people, but a fact is this brand will not disheart you in delivering flavor.


If you see Shakey’s menu you’ll notice there aren’t enough number of different pizza flavors are listed. Its a fact that this isn’t merely a pizza specific brand, but in terms of taste and quality it is delivering upto the marke final product on your table. As an affordable and local fast food restaurant chain you can give it a try.

Final Thoughts

All these restaurants as a pizza brand fulfill the criteria of quality and taste which we personally have designed to judge a food brand. You can personally go there and test their pizza, we hope you’ll not be disappointed. Yet there are hundreds of other pizza brands to be covered.

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