Why Jollibee is Famous in Philippines: Success Story of Jollibee

In our opinion there isn’t a single reason why Jollibee is famous in Philippines. The food brand took a long time with hard-work and dedication in the industry to make its name breakthrough in the Philippines. Not only in Philippines alone, but now its getting famous throughout the world with a rapid pace as a multinational fast food chain.

If you notice the menu at Jollibee restaurant you’ll see a large number of food items listed there. All these food items listed aren’t launched at once, these took a long time to be listed as they launched open after one’s success in the market. Let’s look at some authentic reasons that made Jollibee a famous one and is continuously making.

Top Reason Why Jollibee is Famous

  • Data Driven Brand: Jollibee is a brand that is working highly on the principles of a good mannered business like other international food brands are working. After meeting with many professionals working at Jollibee we came to know that Jollibee is highly dependent on the data they collected and collected over the period, it means Jollibee is a data driven food brand in the industry.
  • Consistent Quality: many brands do offer a quality service when they newly arrive in the market, but the thing matters most is the consistently giving the quality and taste to the nation which most brands lack, but in case of Jollibee, it has for sure maintained all its quality metrics over time and making almost every customer happy.
  • Good Targeting: Jollibee is highly knowledgeable about their target market, so every time they launch their marketing campaigns, they must be sure about their target customer. In actual Jollibee has launched almost every dish in their menu according to the traditional taste bud of Filipinos. They have many dishes containing rice, and rice is the heart of every Filipino due to their strong cultural ties with rice.
  • Consistent Abandoned Dish Elimination: Jollibee always take care of their abandoned dishes or the dishes which people don’t but at Jollibee or don’t like due to certain reasons. The Jollibee is smart enough to eliminate all those dishes from their menu to replace with a high demanding dish which they may launch after certain experiments and feedback from their customer.
  • A Market Student: Jollibee always consider itself as a market student who always studies its competition to make improvements in its operations. It isn’t the brand who consider its competitors as threat but a best friend to learn new things according to fluctuating trends.
  • Honest Strategical Brand: Jollibee has survived many decades as a fast food chain in Philippines, there isn’t a single scandal on the record revealed yet that Jollibee used any type of mal practice as a black strategy to ditch its competition and making its name famous. Its always been a horse of long race throughout its journey from start.
  • Clear Promises: The Jollibee has always fulfilled its promises that it made over the period of time, no matter these promises are with their potential customers or with their other stakeholders. 

Final Thoughts

All such reasons can be the cause of Jollibee’s huge success in the market. Its always been a tough competition to KFC and McDonald’s and to many other authority brands in the market. In short, today stats reveals that there are 200% more people in Philippines searching for Jollibee than Mcdo and KFC.

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