Kuya J Restaurant Menu and Price List 2024

Kuya J restaurant menu is presenting you all Filipino traditionally cosines in very affordable prices and high quality taste. Kuya J is one of the rapidly popularizing fast food brand in Philippines with a number of combo and solo meals that can be eaten alone or with family in a great peaceful environment.

Kuya J offers a great deal of affordable meals with an exceptional taste that isn’t very common in the territory of Philippines. The Kuya’s main focus is tor provide traditional food items in an affordable price to local Filipinos targeting mostly Filipino families.

Kuya’s menu item prices might be little bit different from the time you’re seeing them, its due to constant occurring changings in economic conditions.

Kuya J Restaurant Solo Menu

Chicken Halang-Halang (Solo Meal)247 PHP
Sinigang Na Baboy (Solo Mea)258 PHP
Beefed Caldereta (Solo Meal)334 PHP
Kare Kare (Solo Meal)345 PHP
Kuya J Bulalo (Solo Meal)377 PHP
Beef Tadyang Sinigang (Solo Meal)334 PHP
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog (Solo Meal)334 PHP
Crispy Bangus Ala Pobre (Solo Meal)301 PHP
Sinigang Na Bangus (Solo Meal)258 PHP
Lumpia Prito (Solo Meal)215 PHP
Chicken Sisig (Solo Meal)247 PHP
Quarter Roast Chicken (Solo Meal)280 PHP
Chicken Barbequed (Solo Meal)259 PHP
Beefed Pares (Solo Meal)280 PHP
kuya j solo

Kuja J Singles Along with 4 Sides Menu

Lumpia Prito (Single)194 PHP
Chicken Sisig (Single)215 PHP
Chicken Barbecued (Single)225 PHP
Quarter Roasted Chicken (Single)247 PHP
Chicken Halang-Halang (Single)215 PHP
Sinigang Na Baboy (Single)226 PHP
Beef Caldereta (Single)302 PHP
Kuya J Kare Kare (Single)312 PHP
Kuya J Special Bulalo (Single)345 PHP
Beefed Tadyang Sinigang (Single)301 PHP
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog (Single)301 PHP
Beefed Pares (Single)247 PHP
Crunchy Bangus Ala Pobre (Single)269 PHP
Sinigang Na Bangus (Single)226 PHP
kuya j singles

Kuya J Salos Along with 4 sides

Lumpia Prito 269 PHP
Chicken Sisig 320 PHP
Chicken Halang-Halang 366 PHP
Sinigang Na Baboy 420 PHP
Beefed Caldereta 517 PHP
Kare Kare 625 PHP
Kuya J Bulalo 561 PHP
Beefed Tadyang Sinigang 517 PHP
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog 517 PHP
Crunchy Bangus Ala Pobre 409 PHP
Sinigang Na Bangus 399 PHP
kuya j salos

Kuya J Appetizers

Chorizo Dinamitas291 PHP
Grilled Scallops280 PHP

Kuya J Mixed Soups Salo

Sinigang Na Baboy Salo355 PHP
Kuya J Bulalo Salo539 PHP
Beefed Tadyang Sinigang Salo495 PHP
Sinigang Na Bangus Salo320 PHP
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog Salo485 PHP
kuya j soup

Kuya J Pork Meals

Kuya J Crispy Crunchy Pata (Fam)895 PHP
Kuya J Crispy Crunchy Pata (Reg)712 PHP
Lechon Kawali394 PHP

Kuya J Seafood, Chicken, and Beefed

Kuya J Fried Roasted Chicken (Full)582 PHP
Kuya J Fried Roasted Chicken (Half)323 PHP
Kuya J Roasted Chicken (Full)593 PHP
Kuya J Roasted Chicken (Half)323 PHP
Roast Chicken Quarter + Rice247 PHP
Kamote Fries + Lechon Baka Slab485 PHP
Bicol Express334 PHP
Lechon Baka Full Slab1295 PHP
Beef Ribs with Mushroom Gravy + Beef Ribs448 PHP
Grilled White Tuna Belly420 PHP

Kuya J Veggies

Kuya J Lumpia Presko118 PHP
Relyenong Talong193 PHP
Pinakbet245 PHP
Sizzling Tofu237 PHP
Ensaladang Talong139 PHP
Ensaladang Ampalaya139 PHP

Kuya J Rice and Noodles

Garlic Rice Cup54 PHP
Plain Rice Platter151 PHP
Danggit Rice237 PHP
Sotanghon Guisado259 PHP
Palabok (Shareable)259 PHP
Pancit Canton259 PHP
Plain Rice Cup49 PHP
Garlic Rice Platter172 PHP

Kuya J Salo Salo Combos

Crispy Pata Salo Salo (Reg)1919 PHP
Crispy Pata Salo Salo (Fam)2109 PHP
Fried Chicken Whole Salo Sa lo2039 PHP
Roast Chicken Whole Salo Salo2049 PHP

Kuya J Party Meal Menu

Lumpia Prito766 PHP
Beef Caldereta1814 PHP
Chicken Sisig917 PHP
Chicken Barbewues1090 PHP
Grilled Scallops848 PHP
Pancit Canton874 PHP
Sotanghon Guisado874 PHP

Kuya J Desserts

Kuya J Ube Halo – Halo Espesyal135 PHP
Kuya J Halo – Halo Espesyal135 PHP
Kuya J Mango Pandan107 PHP
Leche Flan75 PHP

Kuya j Merienda Espesyals

Choco Champorado107 PHP
Ginataang Bilo-bilo130 PHP
Ube Champorado107 PHP
Ginataang Bilo-Bilo130 PHP

Kuya J Cooler Drinks

Buko Pandan96 PHP
Ube Milkshake118 PHP
Mais Con Yelo118 PHP
Gulaman Espesyal107 PHP
Mango Gulaman107 PHP

Cold Drinks and Shakes

Riped Mango Blend119 PHP
Watermelon Blend119 PHP
Fresh Buko Blend119 PHP
Cucumber Blend119 PHP
Fruity Shake119 PHP
Coke Canned coke86 PHP
Bottled Mineral Water59 PHP

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Kuya J Restaurant is a Filipino national restaurant whose former name was Ang Kan-anan ni Kuya J that is now offering dozens of food dishes to Filipino people. The restaurant was founded back in 2012 by Winglip Chang who also previously owns iKitchen in the Philippines.

The idea behind this restaurant was simple which is to put quality and clean Philippines traditional dishes on the table of Filipino food lovers. The restaurant as a company isn’t that old, but it got success in very less time due to its planned target audience.

Initially, the restaurant was only selling very few dishes, but later due to the huge demand for different traditional food items the restaurant quickly expanded to many other food items which are now very perfectly selling like a hot cake, one amazing fact about this restaurant is, all their food items are regularly selling without a single abandoned dish.

dessert after a meal helps in longer calories retention
tip: dessert after a meal helps in longer calories retention

Favortites Picks from Kuya J Menu 

Kuya J Restaurant falls in one of my personal favorite restaurants that I really am in love with and enjoyed very much, so here are some of the top-picked food items that are my love and may be on the wishlist of many other customers of Kuya J.

Chicken Sisig Salo:

Chicken Sisig Salo is a salad type name according to Filipino name. It’s a mixed healthy salad that includes roasted but very lite chicken pieces and various other vegetables like onion, green chili, avocado, and fried egg over it.   

It’s a healthy deal of calories full of protein and healthy fats. Most people prefer to eat this salad with a shake or any other soft drink. Try to not eat this healthy meal salad with carbonated soda because of the non-matching combination.

Beef Caldereta Salo:

Beef Caldereta is a mixed tomato-sauced dish with lean beef cutlets and vegetables. Calderata is also available in goat meat and chicken meat as major ingredients, but the level of beef is always exceptional.

Its healthy if eaten with white rice, you can also drink a carbonated soda which is best suited to this amazing and unique dish from the Kuja J Restaurant menu. Rice isn’t compulsory with this, but you can ad rice as fillers with this.

Choco Champorado:

Chocolate Champorado is a Specialized Filipino rice-based porridge. It’s a dessert and high in carbohydratic calories. It’s mostly used as a post-meal dessert because it’s sweet and chocolaty. Don’t forget it’s healthy too.

Porridge will provide your body with essential carbohydrates that will long in your bloodstream providing you with an excess amount of energy.

Why You Should Try Eating at Kuya J Restaurant

  • One of the best Filipino traditional items serving restaurants.
  • Quality food items cooked under highly professional chefs and management.
  • The restaurant management is up-to-date and hygienic in all their matters.
  • Fast food delivery to your dining.
  • Neat, clean, and air-conditioned environment.
  • A large number of different dishes are listed on the menu.
  • Highly Filipino-focused restaurant.
  • Best suitable for family get together and party traditional meals.
  • One of the rare brands in the Philippines that offer vegan-based centric dishes.


Who owns Kuya J Restaurant in Philippines?

Jay in Cebu and Winglip Chang are the owners and founders of Kuya J Restaurant.

How many Kuya J restaurant branches are operational in the Philippines?

More than 40 branches of Kuya J Restaurant are operational in the Philippines, know more about their branches here,

Does Kuya J offer home delivery services?

Yes, Kuya J offers fast and reliable home delivery services within the Philippines, you can also order their food by using their official website.

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