Jollibee Yum Burger and McDonald’s Big Mac Meal Comparison

Jollibee and McDonalds both are leading and from the popular fast food brands in Philippines offering their services from a long period of time. Both these brands are giving tough competition to each other locally in Philippines.

Jollibee’s Yum Burger from the Jollibee menu is the often eaten burger by Filipino in Philippines. Similarly Big Mac Meal from McDo menu is a competitive meal to Jollibee’s Yumburger and very popularly being eaten by local Filipinos.

Lets look as some comparison points between these two meals which will help you decide which from both to order in case you are confused on your weekends.

Yum Burger and Big Mac Meal Differences

Yum BurgerBig Mac Meal
Jollibee’s Yum Burger just starts from 35PHP with a wider range of flavors and sizes.Big Mac Meals price fluctuate around 180PHP which and their are no variations of flavors of this meal, inshort, it’s costly than Jollibees Yumburger.
I had no cold drink with it, you have to pay more if you want a drink with it.You will get a cold drink within the meal for the same price.
The patty used in this burger is made from beef meat.The patty used in this burger is made from chicken.
All the ingredients used inside this are sourced within the Philippines.The ingredients used in this are sourced from their own country USA.
The basic plan of this burger contains only one patty.It have two patties in this price.
More healthier as it has red meat which is relatively higher in protein than chicken.It’s comparatively low in protein due to use of chicken.
It consists of two bun bases.It only consists of one burger base.
You have more topping options to choose according to your taste moods.In this you may have limited toppings options than Hollibee’s Yumburger.
You may be charged more for having a cheese close in this.Already have a melted cheese slice within the price.

Similarities Between Yum Burger and Big Mac Meal

  • Both are burgers that contain patties and a fried pack with them.
  • There is a great price difference between both, but somehow both are affordable.
  • Both contain lettuce inside.
  • Both are healthier as a cheat meal as both contain meat in them.
  • The bun used for making both these types of burgers are kind of the same nature.
  • Two are made under a highly precised and maintained environment as they both belong to two authoritative food brands.
  • Almost all have the same number of calories.
  • Are delicious and very popularly being eaten buy Filipinos in Philippines.

Final Thoughts

If you are a chicken love, must go with Big Mac Meal, but if you are beef lover and love to have bee patty inside your burger, then you must go with Jollibee’s Yum Burger. Both are highly competitive to each other, but in case you are a price sensitive person the you can choose Jollibee;s Yumburger as it is mor cost effective compared to Big Mac Meal.

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