Jollibee Delivery | How To Order Jollibee Online

Jollibee delivery is considered as one of the fastest and safely delivered services within the Philippines. The important thing to be noticed here is that Jollibee delivery is mostly free in many areas of Philippines, but keep in mind that jollibee isn’t free in some far areas from Jollibee’s branch.

The Jollibee is one of the famous fast food restaurant in Philippines constantly growing at a greater pace within the Philippines as well in other countries as an international brand.

Delivery Options for Jollibee

You can order any food item from Jollibee menu at anytime at ease of your home using the following means.

  • You can order Jollibee meals online using their private website as well as their android app.
  • They are also registered on third party apps like Food Pands, you can also order from their, you will get discounts as compare to direct orders from their private platforms if you order from any third party app like foodpanda.
  • The oldest and the traditional way is ordering by using Jollibee’s official phone number. 

How to Order Jollibee Online

To order Jollibee foods online, you first have to be sure about what food item you are going to order from them, follow the given steps below in order to order Jollibee online.

  • Open Jollibee’s official dedicated website they have for specifically receiving ordered online.
  • Click on ‘Start New Order’ and select your favorite meal.
  • Then click on finalize your order.
  • After finalizing your order, you will receive an SMS on your phone and a notification on your email you provided while ordering their meal.
  • Within half an hour your ordered meal will be at your doorstep, enjoy your meal.

Jollibee Delivery Payment Options

As Jollibee is offering online orders, they are also offering third party payment gateways for the ease of their customers, now you can pay jollibee at the time of placing order using third party cash apps like GCash app.

One of the most cost effective way of ordering Jollibee food at home is through the GCash app, you will not be charged any extra or hidden amount using this app. The GCash as a third party app cut very minimal commission for their service.

Sometimes using low quality and expensive third parties leads to low quality of food arriving, but no worries Jollibee isn’t doing this, it has maintained its name over the period of time by maintaining its quality for their customers.

We as third party can give you assurity that Jollibee can never compromise on their quality over money, they want only the satisfaction of their final customers.


Will I be charged more if I order Jollibee from their official app or website?
No, you will not be charged more than the actual price of the food in this case, but yes if you order their meals using any their party food app, then you must be charged a low price but might get a low food weightage of maintained quality.

What is the best and low cost way to order Jollibee online at home?
Ordering Jollibee using their website or their own android or IOS app, or ordering using their landline number is one of the most cost effective way to make an order at Jollibee.

What is the widely used method of ordering Jollibee in Philippines?
The widely used method for ordering Jollibee is ordering using their dedicated app and third party app like food panda.

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